We Win, Chapter Whatever

The Ridger
January 7, 2012 at 2:46 pm
…Is TB gearing up to tread on Pat Summitt’s turf with his craporiffic “storytelling”?

A tip of the SoSF tinfoil hat to The Ridger for that very prescient comment from over two months ago! Today’s strip is also notable in that the girls’ roster has expanded from seven to eleven or twelve (the girl to Bull’s right wears a shirt with no number and might be the equipment manager).

Don’t forget to check out TB’s latest blog post on the official FW site!


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  1. Jimmy

    So, the trophy did magically change from Division III to Division I. That’s quite a population growth spurt.

    What the frack does Pat Summit have to do with this. Was Anal a stand-in for Summit, or is TB saying he’s to cartooning what Pat Summit is to basketball?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Now perhaps TB can devote a blog post to what happened to Summer’s “flu”. I see he used the Funky felt tip to fix the trophy today. See, he DOES pay attention sometimes!

  3. sourbelly

    Good thing Westview High is such a loser school. It leaves plenty of room in the Westview High trophy case for all sorts of Lady Goats memorabilia. I just wonder why the strip was framed so as to cut off the top of the “Westview Girls” lettering. Odd artistic choice.

    Say, didn’t someone here the other day opine that TB uses a felt tip? First the Pat Summitt prediction, now this. You guys are starting to freak me out! Tinfoil hats for all!

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Of course, when we do the pullback to the full view, we discover that this scene actually takes place at the local Westview Goodwill outlet. (The memorabilia is thrown in for free if you buy the bookcase)

  5. flappy

    whats Andy Warhol doing next to fat coach guy??

  6. smartjock

    What the school doesn’t know was that this was take 27. The first 25 photos had Summer throwing up on the trophy. Photo 26 was Summer throwing up on Les and Bull.

    That’s the one I would have like to have seen!

  7. Beanie Wanker

    Okay, so I had to Google Pat Summitt to find out who he/she was. Found a rather mannish looking coach of the LADY (there goes that “Lady” qualifier again!) Vols basketball team.

    So I guess she doesn’t really inspire us “all.”

    Didn’t take the time to read her bio, but may I guess? Cancer survivor? Don’t know, but would have to expect so much.

    I’d be inclined to go a LITTLE easier on BatBoy for his silly, improbable, maudlin storylines if he could just keep his shit consistent. The link to the seven-member team with 39 year old Anal Fairgood reminded me of how ridiculously inconsistent Tommeh was in drawing her from day to day. I mean, is that really such a hard thing to do?? And where DID all those extra players in the photo come from? It’s true — we had never seen more than seven.

    I know the self-congratulatory victory lap goes on at least one more day. Maybe Les can use this all-year-so-far girls basketball arc in his class to teach the meaning of the term ad nauseum. No pun intended. Honest.

  8. Beanie Wanker

    ***UPDATE*** I see Pat Summitt has early onset Alzheimer’s. That’s GOT to give Batboy a woodie. I mean, if you can’t get cancer, Alzheimer’s is the next best thing! Anything that gradually robs you of your life until you are a wasted-away shell of your former self is a major turn-on up in the penthouse executive suite at Batom, Inc. Worldwide Corporate Headquarters.

    And that fact that she coaches Tommeh’s favorite sport is just icing on the cake.

  9. Sgt. Saunders

    What the hell does a “tip of the felt tip” to anyone mean anyway? The tip if his pen? It’s not like a tip o’ the hat, which is normal. Is he intending to jab Summit in the eye with his tip of his felt tip? I’ll bet it’s some nasty fap reference. Ew. Just Ew.

  10. Charlene

    Batiuk isn’t even to cartooning what Pat Summitt is to heavy equipment maintenance.

  11. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Not just a “tip of the felt tip”, Sarge… a tip of the funky felt tip. Which, I guess, means when he’s not drawing bricks and goatees, he doubles the use of his felt tip pen as a drain unclogger.

  12. Epicus Doomus

    LOL…”tip of the felt tip”. You become so jaded after reading this thing for a while that you just totally overlook stuff like that. And I didn’t really notice the new anon-o-Goats either. But expecting things to be coherent at this point is just plain silly, there’s no sense to be found here. All the different stupidity just rolls up into a big indistinguishable blob, like when you were a kid and mixed all your different Play-Doh colors together.

    “Summitt”…he sure has that mountain on his mind, right?

  13. billytheskink

    Translation: “A tip of the funky felt tip to the first name that came up when I googled ‘women’s basketball coach’…”

    If TB really knew women’s basketball, he would not have been able to resist name-dropping Kay Yow. He doesn’t, hence the translation above.

  14. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    Like a demon removing his mask, Tom Batiuk reveals his true intentions. This supposedly “happy” story line was all a setup to exploit a real life person’s terrifying ailment…namely Pat Summit’s enroaching Alzheimer’s. You see Tommy Boy;s gotten tired of creating character misery, he’s now moved on to using real life people’s misery to exploin his sadistic need.

  15. Flummoxicated

    TomBat’s blog entry makes him seem like a real tool, he’s basically saying that people who find glaring errors in his work are nearsighted assholes. Also all that blah-blah-blah about the Fairgoods…”this will be so much easier when all of you buy my overpriced books! I won’t have to bother to look up all the crap I’ve forgotten!”

  16. sourbelly

    Wait! There’s one thing to love about today’s strip:

    BRICKS! And lots of them!

  17. Sgt. Saunders

    I just read the blog post. A dismissive wave of the ol’ bayonet to Tomboy who manages to reaffirm his Lesitude in a short paragraph or two. What a dick. He just blows off the Div. I/III matter – don’t worry about it – he says. Hey, Batboy, it’s called inconsistent writing. Further, this marriage mishap with the Fairgoods is Oh-So-Zany, what? So this so-called educator forgot to get a marriage license? Then it’s all A-OK because someone or something called “the Eliminator” hacked into courthouse records and fixed the problem. La-de-da. Holy Felony, Batboy! Plus, query when the Fairgoods got married and what was the state of computer use and hacking then? Discuss. I’ll leave the abject pandering for books sales to another. After reading that blog post, I’ve got to take a shower.

  18. From the blog: …they became engaged and were later married even though Fred neglected to get a marriage license. It all worked out when the Eliminator hacked the courthouse records and obtained a license for them.

    “The Eliminator” was an Act I character: a kid wearing a face-concealing fighter pilot helmet who ruled the Space Invaders game at Montoni’s. At some point the Eliminator took off the helmet and was revealed to be…a blond chick! Who we know today as pathetic, lumpy Donna Klinghorn! (Source: the FW page at TVTropes.)

    The wedding reception, of course was at Montoni’s

    Of course.

  19. Chyron HR

    Christ, what a Bathole.

  20. Jimmy

    Thanks to those who endured BatHack’s online bloviating and summarized here. I couldn’t bear it.

    Seriously, why do I keep reading in places that he seems like a pretty nice guy in person? As a card-carrying member of the asshole club, I can spot our own.

  21. Helskor

    In an old collection of FW strips from the early 80’s I bought for $2 at Half Price Books (I think I got gypped), the Eliminator is explicitly referred to as “he” in at least one strip. It’s not as if Batiuk consistently kept his/her identity a mystery and then decided to unmask her/him as female, he just changed his/her gender to avoid having to think up a new character to mate with Crazy Harry. Does Batiuk think no one reads his dumb little strip?

  22. seanman

    @ Helksor – you mean they didn’t pay you to take the book??

    And hey, last Sunday’s strip showing Fishstick Annie gazing with a stupefied, imbecilic expression at the trophy – was that a “foreshadowing” of her own unavoidable descent into the hell of Alzheimer’s? What a classy artist/writer!

  23. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Apparently, I have now read EVERYTHING that the Internet has to offer, because I can find so other explanation for clicking the link through to the Bat-Blog. He’s got brass ones, that’s for sure, stressing that he doesn’t see the problem with his strip’s discrepancies and that, basically, we’re the idiots for noticing (well, you guys anyway, as I only noticed after you all pointed it out!)

    But that’s not even the dickiest part of his post. Anyone catch this near the end:

    “…in going over the early strips, I found that Fred had actually been married before, and so some serious retconning is currently under way.”

    Serious retconning! Batiuk’s stealing Lynn Johnston’s moves! So, retconning what, exactly? That earlier marriage will be erased from existence with help from The Eliminator?

  24. TFHackett

    “[Tom Batiuk] creates, in agonizingly self-conscious fashion, ART. He’ll produce three weeks of strips with no dialogue just to prove he can. Makes me crazy.”

    I won’t be getting drunky with Funky

  25. Beanie Wanker

    See, cartoonists shouldn’t blog. It’s better not to blog and be thought a total pompous arrogant asshole, than to blog and have your assholedness displayed, billboard size, in living color, for all to see. Lynn Johnston – same thing.

    Look, if you screw up the continuity in your story, just say, “Whoops, my bad! Got distracted! Forgot! Sorry!” Placing the blame on those who noticed and questioned it is lame. He referred to his critics as “beady eyed.” I immediately had this image of Les after he fouled a softball off his glasses. His eyes, sans specs, are the size of pencil points. Ya want beady eyed, look in the mirror, Batboy.

    I thought Anal’s husband, Fred, was the one with Alzheimer’s. So Anal gets it too? Good idea! They’ll always forget their fights before bedtime!

  26. Jeffcoat Wayne

    “The Ohioana Book Festival is coming up in May, but I believe I’ll give it a miss this year. Actually, I give it a miss every year. Actually, I’d never heard of it before Monday.”

    First paragraph in, and BOY AM I HOOKED!!