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Here’s something you don’t see every day: wimpy, prissy Les doing some actual, physical labor. Even more than the physical effort, query what the psychic toll must be for Les as Cayla helps him transform what once had been his and Lisa’s conjugal chamber.

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  1. Rusty

    “Back to collecting a paycheck for just showing up! Whoo hoo!”

  2. sourbelly

    So we go from ArmaGAYdden (a term I coined that never caught on, but to heck with all of you!) to the unwelcome return of Les & Cayla, peeling off wallpaper. Yayfullness. I guess we can look forward to a week of wallpaper removal, spackling, and grouting from our two favorite smirkers. Let us let those good times roll, shall we?

  3. Epicus Doomus

    It must have taken months to haul all those old videotapes out of the Shrine Room. Looks like the new Lisa shrine will have to be in the attic or the basement or something. I’m surprised at how Les allowed the old Moore place to go to hell like that, but I suppose that’s what happens when you waste fifteen years sitting on the front porch moping.

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Take away the word balloon in the first panel, and I’d swear Les was contemplating homicide or, at the very least, a little DIY plastic surgery on his bride-to-be.

    Tomorrow: Les complains to Funky about his rough weekend peeling wallpaper, and how a second marriage may not be worth this much trouble.

  5. Flummoxicated

    This home makeover displeases the Ghost of Lisa! I’m surprised Les is permitting it, considering he whined when Cayla didn’t make a sandwich the way Lisa did.

  6. Does this mean Lisa’s desiccated corpse is now in the fruit cellar?

  7. Rusty

    A tip of the Funky fedora to anyone who recognized that as their old bedroom. I assumed it was an extra guest bedroom that was never used, hence needed remodeling for Cayla to use.

  8. Merry Pookster

    Today Comic Strips “Fort Knox” and “Wizard of ID” pay respectful homage to those who served.

    These strips are not ones with biting social issues a 1/4″ from reality. As a ‘Nam, Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom Vet, I was touched.
    Now TB with 2 main veteran characters which he uses for his convenience,
    (Nate the ‘Nam Vet and Wally the longest held POW in US History)
    we get douche-bag Less spending this Memorial Day fixing up Casa El Moore (aka Bates Manor). Holy Chris Sake… that “room ” looks like it hasn’t been touched since 1938.

    To the rest of us …..Memorial Day is closer to our hearts then 1/4 of an inch.

    All Gave Some
    Some Gave All

  9. Some what OT: In today’s PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, the strip is disguised as ZITS. I thought Pastis should have disguised it as FW. Rat and Pig could have been the gay couple and one of the crocs could have been Mrs. Blackburn. That would’ve given the strip some attention.

  10. Sgt. Saunders

    You said it Pook. Ex-PO2 Sarge (USN) here to offer a hand salute to all the vets, a sock in the kisser to TomBouy and oooooo I wish I could punch Les!

  11. Riff Chick

    This time, the saying “reading this strip is like watching wallpaper peel” is not a metaphor.

  12. Beanie Wanker

    Seems to be some sort of Federal Comic Strip Regulation requiring women doing ANY kind of house or yard work to wear a rag on their head. When Cayla does it, I fully expect her to forget she’s in a Hot And Edgy Interracial Relationship with Goatee Boy and call him Massa Les. I remember when she wore a rag when transitioning from her snake hair to her soccer mom hair, and I felt uneasy about that too. Gives Goatee Boy a little too much of a Thomas Jefferson vibe.

    No doubt this is the beginning of a “purge everything that reminds you of Dead Lisa” movement orchestrated by Cayla. Will be interesting to see what sort of sparks fly from this. But I’m not expecting them to break up over any of this — BatDick is definitely going through with the wedding. He has already stated that he “picked out Cayla’s dress.” Heeyeah, and after seeing him speak several times, I’m pretty sure he has tried it on a few times. Just sayin’.

  13. Helskor

    Rusty, I think that’s what Batiuk says when he sits down at his drawing table every morning.

  14. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    How do we know that Les is doing any physical labor?? The only one I see actually doing anything is Cayla. I think Les is just “supervising” her.

    Also, is Cayla wearing Les’ jockey shorts on her head???