Old 'n' Sad

So whose second-fiddle status is more pitiable: Cayla, who recently committed to spend the rest of her life never quite filling the shoes of the late Lisa, or Donna the Hutt?

At least Cayla’s rival is (was) another woman. Also, Mrs. Moore is finally showing some backbone, and hey: if worse came to worse, she’s relatively young and occasionally attractive, and wouldn’t have too much trouble finding another man. Mrs. Crazy, on the other hand, not only meekly concedes her husband to his beloved old comics, but even offers Crazy Harry an apology, which he magnanimously accepts. Donna relinquishes her husband’s affections and instead must settle for “love on paper”.


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18 responses to “Old 'n' Sad

  1. Epicus Doomus

    And, as a great snarker once said, “FW is ink on paper”. This one is too funny. After years of compulsive comic book collecting, Harry finally realizes why he does it: pointless nostalgia. Such cutting insight. As if wallowing in old comic book nostalgia hasn’t been adequately covered in this strip through the years.

    Panel two, four, six and seven….Funky in drag. (Shudder).

  2. Smirks 'R Us

    The missing panel 8:

    Donna: And it’s like Andy, the kid behind the counter at Krispy Kreme, always says, “so, that’s your usual Mrs. Crazy Harry? 3 dozen glazed? Is that to go?” And I always say, “no, I’ll eat them here”

    Harry: Wow, that’s messed up.

  3. BeckoningChasm

    Can I take back my liking for Crazy Harry? I’m sorry. Wow, am…am I sorry.

    Well played, Tom Batiuk. I thought some positive noises might show some helpful light into some comfortable dusty corners. Little did I know that the light’s purpose was not to enlighten, or entertain; it was to find those lost elements which did not conform and annihilate them.

    I am so sorry. At least Kili the Kitten and the Pumpkins of Dread are still safe.

    For now.

  4. sourbelly

    “It’s like the great cartoonist* Mort Meskin once said, “Art is love on paper.” Whereas, you’re just a fat fuck in my attic. GTFO, bitch!

    *Really? TB can’t suss out the difference between cartoons and comics whilst lecturing us all on the supreme greatness of…comics? Christ, what an asshole!

  5. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    Point 1 – Give me a good reason why this strip had to be seven panels. The entire strip could have been done in one panel.

    Point 2- Has any artist ever spent so much time yet so little artistic talent drawing some of the most ugliest characters in cartoon history?

    Point 3 – Does this strip really need THREE comics obsessed characters (mopey pete, crazy harry, john).

  6. flappy

    just get out Donna,can’t u let me masturbate in peace

  7. Charles

    So TB drew Saturday’s, thought Donna was too mean and Harry didn’t smack her down enough, so he drew today’s to rectify that. Plus, he got to defend the notion that Crazy Harry’s not some silly old goofball who still gets his kicks from reading stories geared toward preteens.

    And Jesus, Donna: even her hand is bloated. Maybe she’s taking that medication that blimped up Jerry Lewis. That might explain it.

  8. Flummoxicated

    I’m surprised this wasn’t a week-long arc. Thanks goodness for small favors.

  9. Beanie Wanker

    Looks like Lyndon Johnson has been brought back to life in the last panel. Ugh. And I’m totally creeped out by 80 year old Crazy leering at Golden Lad in the title panel. He’s on Skunk Head’s turf with that one!

    Hard to believe such a scholar, such a wit, such a poet is a lazy-ass mailman who spends most of his workday loitering at Montoni’s and haunting second hand book shops. He could have been a Full Professor at K*nt State by now if they offered a Comic Book Major.

    Unseen last panel, after patiently pretending to listen to this old fool ramble about FUCKIN’ COMIC BOOKS for an hour and a half, The Blob pulls out a large kitchen knife and butchers his sorry ass. Puts him AND his goddam comic books out by the curb for the trashmen.

  10. Duane

    Hard to believe such a scholar, such a wit, such a poet is a lazy-ass mailman who spends most of his workday loitering at Montoni’s and haunting second hand book shops.
    Unfortunately, having grown up in a small town, I’ve seen many people who never escaped and led lives like Harry, right down to the obese spouse. Thankfully I escaped my small PA town and its Funky like despair.

  11. If art is love on paper, than Funky Winkerbean is a drunk, sweaty pity f*ck with the last guy in the bar at three AM.

  12. Rusty

    That Golden Lad (talk about innuendo) comic came out in 1945. In order for Harry to have nostalgic memories regarding it, he should be in his 70’s now. Sounds about right based on how he and Funky are drawn.

  13. If Tom Batiuk Ruled the World:

    (Hat tip B. Kliban)

  14. Merry Pookster

    This is getting creepy on oh so many levels….sounds like we’re working our way into a child fantasy porn story arch. Holly will play the role of the passive spouse who let’s things go on without alerting the authorities.
    Ready for a friendly game of spin the pickle?

  15. John

    Harry: “It’s like the past has come alive!!!”

    Donna: “Harry, if you really enjoy the past so much, would you like to help me make and organize a memory scrapbook for Maddie? Ever since our other children vanished without a trace. she’s been my only comfort in my long battle with yo-yo crash dieting and morbid obesity. She…she means a lot to me. I just…just want her to kn-”

    Harry: “Comical books! Pizza! Coffee! o/`”

    Donna: “Harry?”

    Harry: “Welp, enough of making the past live again with my amazing comics reading skills! Time to go hang around a second hand book store! Ssssay, maybe I’ll run into Les! Or find ANOTHER comical book about TARZAN!!!”

    Donna: “…*….Harry, I’m drowning. I’m trying to reach out to you for help. I just…Harry!”

    Harry: “Comical books! Oooooh, comical books! They make me crave PIZZA! Montoni’s, here I come!”

    (Harry swaggers off. Donna sheds a single, perfect tear.)


    Again we see Tom’s messed up, outdated and frankly scary views on marriage, gender relations, and appropriate communication between spouses.

    Again we see that any female character in this strip not named “Lisa” or “Summer” is a mere prop, a toy, a plaything, existing solely to passively approve and support everything the oh-so-wise males do.

    ____ you, Tom Batiuk.

  16. George in Indiana

    And next Sunday we’ll see Les saying,

    “I know why I love these old videos so much. Because when you view them in your VCR again…the past suddenly comes back to life.”

    I’m wondering if “past suddenly comes back to life” is a TB reference/hope that FW will go on like Peanuts.

  17. S. P. Charles

    Flummoxicated, are you positive it’s over?

  18. Sgt. Saunders

    Today’s entry is the most self-serving bullshit I’ve seen since….well, in a couple of weeks, anyway.