Nice Talking to Me

March 12, 2013 at 3:24 am
Tom…. Dude… Just… You don’t know how to do jocular teasing. Just stop right now.

This is why every single one of your characters is an asshole.

Jocular? Jerk-ular is more like it. Yes, we fellas like to engage in good-natured ball busting with our buddies. In fact, the closer the friendship, the more outrageous the kidding. But it’s supposed to be reciprocal. Sleepy-looking, mopey Pete is always on the receiving end of Darin’s zingers.Even saying hi to the folks at home is too much trouble for Darin. And that twisted smirk on his face for the last three days makes me want to reach through my monitor and Pete’s to punch Darin’s lights out.


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21 responses to “Nice Talking to Me

  1. Rusty

    Worst round of chatroulette ever.

  2. S.P. Charles

    Pete wants to hang up because he suddenly realized the Lord of the Late is a brilliant inspiration and he’s going to draw him as Superman’s newest nemesis.

  3. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Thursday on Funky Winkerbean: Darin plays Minesweeper.

  4. Beanie Wanker

    Can anyone remember the last time Mr Breakfast Pizza App, MBA, was seen at Montoni’s? Would be better to have him say hi to everyone down at the stroke ward, or in Kerry’s hotel room.

    In BatDick’s pointy, formerly ponytailed head, this is that cool, swingin’ male bonding Guy Banter between a couple real hep cats. To the rest of us, it’s a couple losers trying to out-douche each other.

  5. flappy

    so ends phone call that took 3days of strips ,come on batcrap u could of drug it out couple more days,way to earn your paycheck

  6. sourbelly

    So Mopey Pete tells Darfur to say ‘Hi’ to the Montoni’s folks (i.e., the entire populace of Westview as far as we know). But, turns out, he meant it sarcastically. And Dustinthewind replies metasarcastically that he never would have granted Pete’s wish, regardless. Or something. And there was much smirking. And then, more smirking.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    So Fred having that stroke was pretty much THE main event of the early 2013 FW season. It inspired the creation of (ahem) “Kerry”, much witty banter at the Korner and even led to a visit from our old pal Pete, who’s still in The Big City writing for “Superman” and (zzzzzzzzzzz).

    And speaking of (zzzzzzzzzz)’s, there Boy Lisa, the flavorless gelatin cube of comic strip characters, more generic than a bottle of Family Dollar cough suppressant. Take away his “groundbreaking” birth (retconned) and what do you have? Nothing but a smirking asshole content to settle in amongst the other smirking assholes, making dumb wisecracks and smirking, always smirking, even when there’s precious little to smirk about. A character no one missed, no one wanted to see and who has nothing significant to say or do…yeah, FW was just crying out for another one of those. And all because of that unbelievably needless “Lisa is his mother!” arc near the end of Act II…one of the most utterly shameless (and hilariously drawn-out) things you will ever see.

    And Pete………uh, yeah.

  8. BeckoningChasm

    Today’s strip is really dull. I think Tom Batiuk was visited by the Lord of the Lame.

    Anyway, here’s something that isn’t current, but then I’m lazy.

  9. Helskor

    “Say hi for me to all the creepy, depressed, pompous, grizzled and/or obese middle aged men who hang out in Montoni’s all day waiting for death to claim them next.”

  10. Beanie Wanker

    BeckoningChasm – That second link made BatPoop’s cat nervous. Tommy Tantrum has kicked his furry butt for less.

  11. billytheskink

    This strip is possibly the most boring thing that has happened in 2013. It’s one “Psych!” away from being the most boring thing that happened in 1993.

  12. “Don’t actually talk to the people at Montoni’s; I have no interest in their welfare and I know they couldn’t care less about mine.”
    “Don’t worry, I had no intention of ever fulfilling the basic level of courtesy you asked of me, anyway.”

    God, these people are horrible.

  13. This strip is starting to make THE LOCKHORNS look like LOVE IS…

  14. You know what’s never interesting? Watching still photos of someone else’s Skype conversation.

  15. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$

    Man this is the worst session ever!! And none of them has pulled their penis’ out yet!!!!

  16. BeckoningChasm

    It’s a good thing Darin won’t pass on Pete’s “Hi,” because the conversation would probably go like this:

    Darin: “Hey everyone, Pete says, I may have diabetes!”
    Funky: “Well, tell him I have high cholesterol from me!”
    Harry: “Yes, and pass on that my left hand is numb!”
    John: “And my wife is cheating on me with another woman!”

  17. Charles

    Man this is the worst session ever!! And none of them has pulled their penis’ out yet!!!!

    And yet, that would’ve been the greatest Winkerbean strip ever.

    “Darrin, why are we naked?”
    “I don’t know, man. The site said that’s the way we’re supposed to do it.”
    “Oh, well then.”

    All right, I can use that superlative because it’s a pretty damn low bar.

  18. Merry Pookster

    And in any NYC bar… if Petey suggests to some gal that they should get it on before the Lord of Late claims another victum…
    Ya I just see another Law & Order or CSI episode flashing in front of me.

  19. John

    Pete: “Well, I’d better go before the combined totality of my neurotic loathing of my own chosen vocation chooses to manifest itself as a senitent, malevolent recurring hallucination!”

    Darin: “….*….um, yeah. You do that.”

  20. Epicus Doomus

    Merry Pookster: “Lord Of The Limp”….the possibilities are endless. It’d sure beat the hell out of the usual LOTL idiocy.

  21. Merry Pookster

    @EP: Lord of the Palm and his five minions