School Board > Scoreboard

Lest Alex ‘n’ Owen’s relationship story gain any momentum, today the scene switches back to football. Their new quarterback is nowhere to be seen as the ‘Goats listen to their coach once again throw in the towel before the coin toss.

From Wikipedia: The game is supposed to be an “easy win” and thus weaker schools will sometimes play lower division schools.

Not Westview! The weakest school imaginable schedules their homecoming vs. Big Walnut Tech, who has for decades bested Westview in every sport (including robotics). The football coach should complain to the athletic director…oh wait


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9 responses to “School Board > Scoreboard

  1. The Scapegoats did try to schedule a game against an easily-beaten opponent, but the peewee league parents wouldn’t let their kids stay up that late.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I guess TheAuthor figured he couldn’t deprive his readership of this bit of “our team sucks” hilarity. Or perhaps he assumed we needed to be reminded that the zombie dance isn’t just any old stupid school dance: it’s the stupid HOMECOMING dance, thus football is involved. Whatever, it’s just mostly sort of jarring and pretty annoying, too. After that recent WHS football onslaught we could all use a break from Bull and his always-tiresome antics. A lengthy break.

  3. merrypookster

    I can’t believe Batiuk isn’t including #’s 5 & 27 in this locker room scene…..unless those guys are still in the showers making up a # 32

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Or you could save money by cutting back on football helmets, which are probably about as effective as the airbag in the Griswold Family Truckster, anyway.

  5. flappy

    Jrods having his pregame cig butt


    Panels 1 & 2….

    Now that Black Cayla and pre-ESB Luke Skywalker have also joined their can they lose?

  7. Orbiter

    Why is Ben Franklin delivering the pre-game talk in bank vault?

  8. bobanero

    So I guess the best that Bull can do for motivation is to point out the fact that, since the electric scoreboard is not operating, they will not be able to look up and have a constant reminder of how badly the team is getting pounded.

  9. If the third-panel dialogue of every Funky Winkerbean strip ended with a character saying, “God, what a miserable world we live in,” I think that would be an improvement.