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Ouch! I just got narrative whiplash! For a strip that usually proceeds with the pace of a slow IV drip, it’s really unexpected to go from zombie prom, back to football for a day, and the very next day to Lisa’s Legacy Run. Has our favorite auteur suddenly decided to add cinematic flash cuts and literary techniques like simultaneous parallel subplots? Or is he just doing something incomprehensible like the time he teleported Les off of Kilimanjaro for a day to name Funky’s car?

Ah, Westview! Think of the tropes we’ll see today!

  • ¼-inch from reality.

    Check! Lisa’s Legacy Run, an event that briefly leaked out into reality, exists no more in Real Ohio, but persists like sciatica in Funky Ohio.

  • Being a “reality-based comic strip that depicts contemporary issues affecting young adults in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.”

    Check! Cayla’s daughter and Lisa’s daughter are back from college, to help organize the race. In October. During midterms, I’d guess. Of course, we don’t know what’s been going on in these young women’s college lives, because all we’ve seen of that is them moving into a dorm room. You know: the most interesting, most sensitive thing young people do in college—move their stuff into a small room.

  • Cayla’s existence subordinated to Lisa.

    Check! She’s literally holding Lisa’s name before her.

  • A falling leaf.

    Check! Can you find it? Panel 2, center of window pane. It’s tricky, because the auteur and the colorist couldn’t be bothered to discuss how the falling leaf should be red or yellow, not green.

Hi! As the great Steve Martin once said (approximately): “I know it sounds insincere to say, ‘Hey! It’s really great to be here!’ But hey! It’s really great to be here.” I hope I shall snark entertainingly during my guest stint!


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21 responses to “Lisa’s Legacy ’Lash

  1. Epicus Doomus

    “So how are things going as you prepare for the Annual Lisa’s Legacy Memorial Cancer Fun Run that Les holds every year in Gazebo Park, which is where Lisa first noticed the lump that eventually became the cancer that killed her?”

    “Where are we?”

    “Uh, at our parent’s house, Summer. Stop asking stupid questions.”

    “My mother, Lisa Moore, died of cancer. I have become a fine young woman.”

    “Shut the f*ck up, both of you, and help me load this shit in that thing Les calls a car, will ya?”

    Summer has always been Act III’s “bizarro” character. Every other Westviewian teenager (except maybe Keisha, but we won’t really know until she gets an arc or any sort of discernible personality) is a drooling, sullen, triviality-obsessed moron who the adults are forced to barely and grudgingly tolerate. But Summer is exactly the opposite: she’s there to save the day for her idiotic, hapless, bumbling father while simultaneously participating in a charitable event for a good cause. No, she’s no Alex or Maddie, she’s a confident go-getter with her head on straight, even in spite of the fact that she was apparently raised by a combination of Les, secret journals and old videotapes. She’s not going to throw her life away over a guy like Jessica did, nor will she get knocked up in the back of a van like….ooops, scratch that last thought.

    I never could stand her, just seeing her there in that hoodie cracking wise with her wry little “the parents just don’t understand” attitude makes me want to retch. Such a snotty little twit.

  2. Merry Pookster

    Not to fret… Batiuk will drop these two girls faster then one of Jarods passes.
    Such are the signs of ADD that tom is obviously suffering from with his revolving door of cast characters.


    Point 1: They’re home?/ For what? Columbus Day break? Does Kent State give a week for Yom Kippur? Boy, how conveniently they are able to get time off to participate in this storyline.

    Point 2: So Cayla was going to do all this work herself if the kids hadn’t shown up? I really can’t think of anything more soul crushing than having to single-handedly work on a tribute to your spouses dead wife.

    Point 3 – I’ll say this again, till I’m mauve in the face…why couldn’t we see what these girls are doing in College??? Answer….because Les Moore can’t be featured in those storylines.

  4. Panel one is the most awkward attempt at exposition since…well, probably since the last time Batiuk tried to write exposition.

  5. flappy

    next weeks arc will be Les invents telephone from Kent St to batville ohio

  6. Gyre

    Let’s look at this from all four relevant views.

    From the perspective of continuity, weren’t they home earlier back when that “bio-dad” debacle was happening? Couldn’t they have helped then? In the present, don’t they have classes and sports?

    For the story, weren’t we looking at high school football and a zombie-themed party?

    For characters, Cayla, Summer and Cayla’s daughter (who is so minor who can remember her name) are here specifically so they can do something related to Lisa?

    And for the purpose of this strip on its own what does she mean “barely a dent”? They have posters, t-shirts, what looks like flyers and those number-things people wear.

  7. Rusty

    Not to mention that fictional Westview is about a 20 minute drive to the Kent State campus. These two could be commuting students, and not wasting space in the athlete’s dorm. Nice hoodie, Summer, book store had a clearance sale?

  8. Didn’t he already do a Lisa’s Legacy arc this year?

  9. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Lisa’s Legacy has gotten so big in this fictional universe, that it’s now granted as a week-long holiday, thus the girls getting time off from college. And not that I’m anxious to see him, but where the hell is Les? This is supposed to be his big thing, yet he’s got all these girls doing the work for him? Must be in the middle of another private conference with Lisa’s ghost.

  10. O.B. Dan

    Batiuk’s women -the definition of pencil-necked…

  11. Interesting, isn’t it, that in a strip supposedly focused on “young adults” that all the young adults thus far portrayed are hateful morons…but then, suddenly, we have two who show up who are competent and focused…and they both happen to be Les Moore’s daughters.

    Welcome aboard, WH, and nicely done!

  12. Epicus Doomus

    You have to wonder what Cayla is doing there in panel one. There’s the numbers the runners wear, the banner and the T shirts. Not really all that complicated, yet she’s rooting through the boxes in total confusion, throwing stuff around the living room for no real reason, getting all exasperated. Then in panel two, she’s staring at the back of a LL T shirt in total stunned bewilderment, like she’s examining an ailen relic of some kind. It’s peculiar behavior to say the least, but hey, screw her, this is about Lisa and Summer’s undying love for her, not Cayla and her second-rate replacement problems. Perhaps Keisha could look into it after Summer relieves her of her sidekick duties for the day.

  13. Gyre

    Beckoning, remember that these two characters exist solely so that they can be involved in something related to Lisa. That is why they exist. The moment they graduated from high school the strips about the two all disappeared because they weren’t teenagers anymore and so they couldn’t be connected to the high school anymore. And if they can’t be connected to the high school then Batiuk can’t use them to pretend he’s writing a series for young adults. So naturally they’re only brought back for Lisa-related projects.

    Seriously, what are the first words out of Summer’s mouth? She’s there to work on something about Lisa. That tells you all you need to know.

  14. MKay

    Hopefully, Cayla’s daughter can be of use by preventing her mother from leaping from the roof, after writing LISA all over the walls in her own blood.
    But who will stop the rest of us?

  15. Schools in the Big 10 have Fall Break, which is usually two days off (normally Monday and Tuesday). Just checked, Kent does not have Fall Break, so I guess the girls are skipping school.

    Hard to believe it’s been a year since they’ve been in college. Sure would be interesting to hear about how they are doing. What’s it like being a student athlete? How are classes? What are their majors? Nope, none of that, just drag them out of character storage when you need someone that isn’t Les to do some telling, not showing.

  16. Orbiter

    Seriously after all these years they’re still wasting syllables and speaking out the words “Lisa’s Legacy Run?” A normal family would say something like “Hey I’m home! Ready to help with the race (the run, the ‘Lisa’, the whatever)! Jeez look at all this shit in the living room!” But the family’s only role this week is for shameless promotion of a fictional charitable event.

  17. Professor Fate

    OH good a weeks worth of Lisa’s Legacy trunip squeezings.

  18. Shouldn’t they be starting basketball practice now? It’s not as if the KSU ladies’ hoops team doesn’t need it.

  19. Katia

    @Flummoxicated My big 10 school didn’t have fall break! Aw, man! 😦

  20. billytheskink

    It’s been so long since we’ve seen Summer, I had almost forgotten what she looked like. And then I remembered… it was John Roche.

  21. John

    Keisha: “We’re home and ready to help with the Lisa’s Legacy run! As you know, we are your daughters, Summer and Keisha, currently attending college under what may or may not be a full scholarship. Despite living relatively close by and in an age of social media, we hardly ever turn up or are mentioned in between these rare cameos!”

    Cayla: “…um, hello to you too. Gee, that was…thorough.”

    Summer: “So, where are we?”

    Cayla: “…the Taj MOORE Hal. Summer, you used to -live- here! What gives?!?”

    Summer: “I am an evil, stupid teenager who does not understand or appreciate the suffering of the adults around me. Note that my moral corruption is displayed by my Black Hoodie of Darkness.”

    Keisha: “…um…y’think maybe instead of telling the readers about the same ol’ Lisa’s Legacy Run we’ve been harping on about for several years now, we might explore new territory? Like, well, just what the HECK Summer and I have done with our lives in between acting as props for Les?”

    Cayla and Summer: “Don’t be ridiculous!!!”