Shipping Out

Where are they going? Corporal (!) Cory and Holly are dressed up to go somewhere. To the airport? Cory’s going back already? And we’ve never seen him interact with Wally, his uncle/cousin and fellow soldier. “We have to wait for your father.” “Dad?” No, the milkman, you idiot.

TFH here; time for me to take a little respite from all things FW. Epicus Doomus begins a guest stint starting tomorrow. Happy New Year everybody!


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15 responses to “Shipping Out

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but aren’t those corporal stripes on Cory’s uniform? Is that realistic and or plausible? Fill us in here, current or former military peeps!

  2. Flappy

    think there going to church where Lisa an Les are worshipped

  3. Since when do any of these people go to church? Nobody expresses any sort of spiritual philosophy, beyond “the universe hates happiness and is out to get me.”

  4. John

    Come to think on it…was Funky Senior visited this holiday season?

    On the one hand, we’re spared another tin-ear, tone-deaf, bumbled and botched message about caring for aged parents with special needs.

    On the other, neglect, loneliness, and palpable contempt for the sick and afflicted is something seen as wrong in the real world. In the Funkiverse, it’s practically a sacrament!

  5. A corporal already! And from the looks of things, he’s only 15!

  6. Gyre

    Yep, he’s definitely gone to church. Why, he does it every single Sunday and on weekdays he spends more time there than the pastor! Don’t you remember all those times he went to church after Cory enlisted? What, you don’t? What about that time he and the priest… or that one time he helped at the church bake sale… or… okay I got nothing.

  7. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Also, this is the one Sunday of the month when the church dispenses free coffee and donuts after the sermon, so…..

  8. Charles

    I love Funky’s head balefully staring out at us in the masthead. Batiuk certainly never stops trying when it comes to making his characters unlikable.

    And we’ve never seen him interact with Wally, his uncle/cousin and fellow soldier.

    That’s okay, because we’ve never seen him actually interacting with his family, either. He’s given one punchline and then fed his parents two straight lines and that’s all the interaction we’ve seen.

    It is rather amusing though how Wally and Cory seem to be from different realities. Aside from Wally making sidelong glances at Cory as Cory did pull–ups for an army recruiter, we’ve never seen any indication that either of them knows the other exists. It’s especially egregious when Batiuk has Wally’s ludicrous mineclearing sequence up on his website, but doesn’t make any mention of that unfortunate incident when Cory announces he’s joining a mineclearing unit.

  9. Really? Church? Really? What sense does church make where everyone fears the malevolent Universe? Joy to the World, but don’t tell the Universe‽ Go Tell It On the Mountain, but only inside the lead-lined cabin‽

  10. Sgt. Saunders

    ““We have to wait for your father.”
    “No, the milkman, you idiot.”
    “Same difference.”

  11. bayoustu

    Dang- it really chaps my hide how Corley has been transformed into a perfect little angel!

  12. Epicus Doomus

    Cory is sort of like the anti-Wally. Wally’s military service was marked by a lengthy series of woes (as was pretty much his entire life) while Cory’s is completely positive in every way. I guess TB felt he needed to “balance the scales” a little bit. I suppose the whole SJ thing would have made more sense of Holly had completed the collection as a Xmas gift, but then he wouldn’t be able to do another month of comic book geek gags (lucky us).

  13. This one has an incredible sequence of facial expressions. Except for the upper-rightmost panel, where Cory and Holly are smiling, every other face looks miserable.

    The bottom panels show Holly horribly depressed, while Cory goes from surprise to bitter acceptance, finally ending with bland acknowledgment of the abyss.

    That’s some quality storytelling right there.

  14. The Dreamer

    Why is Funky referred as ‘dad’? Are we supposed to forget that Corey has a biological father who is very much alive isn’t he? Funky’s the stepdad. Or are we not supposed to remember Holly was divorced when they started dating?

  15. I almost like what Backache is trying to convey here, it would have just been told a lot more effectively as a 3-panel comic. That “Dad?” panel really throws off the beat.

    Panel 1: Corey: “I’m ready to go.” Holly: “Let’s wait for your father.”
    Panel 2: Corey: “Since when does dad go to chuch?”
    Panel 3: Holly: “Since the day you shipped out.”

    BOOM. Clean, simple, to the point.