Latin & Skulls & Shades, Oh My!

Caveat lector, let the reader beware, is what Nick the Geek’s sign should say. I’m never shocked when Batominc fails to deliver on a narrative promise, so please imagine the next sentence in Truman Capote’s voice: Nick the Geek doesn’t look like a geek; he looks like a member of the Hell’s Angels.

I know, I know, that makes me a beady-eyed nitpicker. After all, what’s more important—narrative continuity, or a weak pun?

See? My superannuated references are to guys who died only 3 decades ago.


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9 responses to “Latin & Skulls & Shades, Oh My!

  1. I have to give TomBat credit, just when I think this storyline can’t get more stupid, he depicts a comic book geek as a hardcore biker with a Hulk Hogan mustache.

  2. Saturnino

    “I have to give TomBat credit, just when I think this storyline can’t get more stupid, he depicts a comic book geek as a hardcore biker with a Hulk Hogan mustache.”

    But unlike the Westview comic book wonder, this guy is probably conversant in Edmund Burke, Thiomas Paine, Immanuel Kant and others………………..

    And I don’t see any pubescent boys hanging around his shop………..

  3. Epicus Doomus

    So “Nick The Geek” is a terrifying, menacing sleazebag who runs a comic book shop, because purchasing comic books isn’t just a fun hobby, it’s an ordeal one must endure that’s just fraught with danger and weirdness. That makes sense. I still don’t understand why Holly couldn’t call ahead and ask about the issues she needs, but that would conflict with our “the pursuit of comic books is weirder than anything IN the comic books” narrative, I suppose.

    Now of course it will turn out that “Nick” is a swell, helpful guy and etc. because having a huge biker-esque scary looking dude be a “nice guy” is so darned FUNNY! Ha freaking ha.

  4. Sgt Saunders

    TomBat is obviously overcompensating for the stereotype uber-geekified comic book store owner/enthusiast by drawing him as a manly biker type instead of the sociopath/schlemiel normally associated with such establishments. Like Dead Skunk Head.

  5. Nick the Geek seems like a cool guy. I’ll bet he has tattoos of his favorite superheros somewhere on his person. In any case he’s gone two whole panels without smirking or saying something insufferably stupid, which puts him above most of the FW regulars.


    That’s a pretty nice Venom statue Nick’s got there. It’s actually one of the better things drawn in this strip.

    The derping skull in the back…not so much.

  7. batgirl

    Perhaps Nick is a geek in the old-school way of being willing to bite the head off a live chicken?

  8. I wonder if Nick’s sunglasses narrowed in panel two to indicate his skepticism of Holly, or if they’re just badly drawn.

  9. Charles

    It is a pretty interesting contrast with how Batiuk thinks he’s portraying Gross John as sympathetic but decides this guy is unsympathetic and mean. It’s a window into his soul.

    Besides, unless Holly needed biker-comic-guy to order her stuff specially, which, you know, Gross John could have done, it’s not buying where you get ripped off. It’s when you’re selling your $20k comic book that the guy will rip you off. But then, Batiuk has shown that he doesn’t understand what “lowball” means.

    If I were to go into a store where none of the stuff for sale has a listed price on it, I’d walk right back out. Or maybe I’d lowball the guy right back.

    “That’s not Mint Condition, you swindler. F— you.”
    “I think that signature’s stamped.”
    “Too bad for you Pete Rose has signed a million of these things since he got banned from baseball.”