Turn and Face the Strange

“At times, it’s as if nothings changed around here…and then, at other WHOA when they start admitting 40-year-olds?”


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12 responses to “Turn and Face the Strange

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, these f*cking kids today with the “goth” and the chullos. It’s appalling. And speaking of appalling, “THIS guy!”…f*ck you Les and f*ck your wide variety of smug obnoxious smirks too. What a dick. He hasn’t been this punchable since the last time I saw him.

  2. “At times it seems like nothing has changed….until I remember that as Boomers we are the pinnacle of civilization, and every generation that follows is a devolution from our perfection.”

  3. Wait…didn’t Cindy show up for Les and Cayla’s wedding? Doesn’t she know Cayla is a Dead Lisa replacement? ‘Cause her few words to Cayla sound like, “I’ll take a Big Mac and side salad” rather than “How’s married life treating you, wife of my ex-husband’s best friend?” Or maybe I’m no longer surprised by TB’s lack of internal continuity.

  4. Merry Pookster

    Righty-O Mr. Bill…..Cindy doesn’t even know who Cayla is. Douchebag Les equally doesn’t introduce his wife.
    Cindy wishes that she were still embedded by that young Lt..

  5. louder

    I love how someone who spent years as a reporter in New York, is all shocked, absolutely shocked!!! by some idiot wearing a chullo, and some teenager in Goth make-up in High School. Yeah Windy, err Cindy, It’s OUTRAGEOUS! Gosh, you never see that in the Big City.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Yes, things were far more normal at WHS in Les and Cindy’s day, back when the band director would let the baton-twirlers set themselves on fire and Crazy Harry listened to pizzas in his secret locker fortress.

    Look at Les, you can tell that he’s absolutely delighted to see Cindy sliding down that “ladder of success”, as he loves seeing the popular and cool kids from high school fail as adults. Such a smug, spiteful jerk.

  7. Charles

    So now we know why the Westview High’s news channel is so abysmal. Les is the guy teaching them the craft.

    I wonder if Batiuk came up with this joke, realized that none of the students he’s introduced would really work for it, but decided to just go with it anyway because no retread idea will ever be wasted EVER, or if he really does think that Owen (seriously, “Owen”) and the 49 year-old, Metamucil-swillin’, comic-book-chillin’, chain-smokin’, tattoo-stokin’, little-person-token Alex are bad-ass, “street”, or hardcore.

  8. John

    Les: “Thanks for coming to speak in my JOURNALISM CLASS, Cindy!”

    Cindy: “I was so certain that you taught English. Mostly by asking pointless trivia questions between heated rants about how all of your students are evil technology loving cheaters.”

    Les: “W-what are you talking about?!? I’m a journalism teacher! I’ve ALWAYS taught journalism!”

    Cindy: “Sssssure, Les.”

    Les: “Though you’re right. My students ARE innately evil and stupid, because they JUST ARE! HAW! Just look at them over there, with their HAIR and CLOTHING! Ewwww!”

    Cindy: “You’re telling me you’d prefer to see teenage boys bald and naked?”

    Les: “Yes! …I mean no! I mean….AAAAAUGH!”

    Cindy: “Today might be more fun than I thought.”

  9. Charles

    I hope this week is another bandwagon-jumping anti-bullying sequence where we’re told that the bully jockos are terrible for making fun of what a pair of loser weirdos Owen and Alex are.

  10. John

    Don’t forget Tom depicting food fights, wedgies, and mild horseplay as being the absolute worst things bullied teens go through, Charles. As opposed to the more physically and emotionally damaging nightmares -actual- bullying victims go through in high school.

    And to have every bullying arc ultimately be about reformed bullies apologizing to the High and Holy Saint Les.

  11. bigd1992

    He’s not the most hated man in comics for nothing

  12. I’ll bet Cindy’s address to the class goes something like this–

    “Hello. I was an anchorman, or newsreader. I read things that others had written out for me, except when I told the world that Les Moore was writing the teleplay for his own book. That was an exclusive of mine.

    “I got my job because I was young and pretty. When I got older and less pretty, I got fired. So if you go into newsreading, prepare to be fired on a whim. There’ll be nothing you can do about it.

    “In conclusion, thank you.

    “(Wait for applause).”