Turkey Meltdown

“Sitting on my mind” is a rather odd turn of phrase, and it’s a rather odd perspective in panel 1 that makes it appear that Cory’s face is smooshed into Funky’s backside. Today’s strip gives the answer to those of us puzzled by how a middle aged man who jogs regularly and goes to the gym manages to maintain the physique of a couch potato. He’s beaten booze, only to replace that addiction with one to food: he eyeballs that leftover turkey the same way he contemplated that leftover bottle of bubbly a few New Year’s Eves ago:


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10 responses to “Turkey Meltdown

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Isn’t “melted off”/”melting back on” the same exact “joke” as “died down”/”died back up”?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    It’s a total eclipse of the ass. What the hell is going on with Cory in panel three? It’s like a Popeye homage.

    So last week we were supposed to smile along with Funky after his ambiguous “medical test” came back clean and today we’re supposed to chuckle along with Funky as he destroys his already tenuous health with another slovenly late night eating binge? Come on, TomBat, is he a tragic figure who merits our sympathy or are we supposed to be rooting for him to die? I wish he’d be more coherent and clear with these things.

  3. Nathan Obral

    “This turkey has been sitting on my mind all evening.”

    Like this guy?

  4. Turkey is one of the healthier meats a person can eat. For someone who subsists almost entirely on pizza, it can only be an improvement in his diet.

  5. I’m going to ignore the awfully lame “joke” in panel three. I’m just mad that Cory has officially become a smirker/last-panel-grinner with the rest of them! (*Facepalm*)

  6. Great. Not only is he a glutton who uses regionalisms like sitting on my mind, he’s turning into Ed Crankshaft.

  7. So many thoughts ran through my mind when I saw that first panel and sadly, I’m ashamed of all of them.

  8. This must mean that his ambiguous test had to do with his cholesterol levels. The idea of not being able to (as Lynn Johnston would put it), shove grub into his gut would obviously have ruined Christmas.

  9. Nathan Obral

    @trekbaroque: “I’m just mad that Cory has officially become a smirker/last-panel-grinner with the rest of them! (*Facepalm*)”

    Brace yourself for when Batom® does the same thing to Dick Tracy next month. Ye Gods.

  10. Charles

    So Cory’s come home and all they can talk about is:

    How happy Holly is.
    How Funky is an alcoholic who called his AA sponsor.
    How Funky is a fat ass who blows off his diet and exercise regimen by gorging himself on leftover turkey after hours.

    Not one panel devoted to how Cory’s doing or how he is.

    Not that it matters. If we were over at the Moore house, the focus would be on some dumb thing involving Les instead of Summer or Keisha, home from college. If we were at Crazy Harry’s house, it’d be something stupid about superheroes or Tarzan rather than how Maddie’s doing now that she’s back in town. If we were at Gross John and Becky’s house, it’d be about comic books, pizza diets, the damn band or that damned retired band leader Harry Dick Harry Dinkle.

    You’re not helping Batiuk, when someone points out that Boomers are the most self-absorbed generation in history.