Mirror Star

The theme of today’s strip is a recurring one in the Funkiverse: an improbably ideal situation (your book’s been optioned for a movie/ you’ve attained your dream job as a comic book writer/ you have a dinner date with a movie star) leads not to excitement and anticipation but dread and self-doubt. With so much invested in this date, you think Cindy might treat herself to a Beverly Hills spa visit, thus maximizing her attractiveness and maybe settling her nerves a bit. Instead, we see her fretting out loud before the mirror before resignedly settling for a passable result.



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18 responses to “Mirror Star

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Thought bubbles, Tom, thought bubbles. They’re the ones that look like puffy clouds. You use them when a character is thinking as opposed to regular word balloons that you use when characters are speaking. Unless you WANT the characters to look like raving lunatics, that is, in which case carry on.

    Batom’s whole “getting into Cindy’s head” thing is really getting creepy and weird now. Other than the obvious chew-toying going on here, what is the point of this exactly?

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    Seriously, this is really creepy now. There is pretty much nothing to this except “the popular hot girl in high school is stressed and frantic because she’s no longer hot and desirable”. And the guy she’s losing her mind over is famous because of comic books, which is even weirder. I honestly can’t picture Batiuk writing these strips without a lot of maniacal cackling and screaming things like “That’ll show her!”, “Take that, cheerleader!”, “Won’t go to prom with me, will you?!” and “Who’s laughing now?!”.

  3. bayoustu

    OK… what form will Cindy’s humiliation take on this alleged date? I’m going with “Mason brings his fiancée” to meet Cindy… his MUCH YOUNGER (we gets it already, Tom or Tim or whatever your name is!) fiancée!

  4. Epicus Doomus

    He just keeps burying that premise in her back like a butcher knife and the funniest thing is that she looks way better than 99% of the usual gang of regulars, so what’s the “funny” part here? That’s she’s incredibly insecure about her age (hilarious) or that she’s delusional and maybe suffering from some sort of body image disorder or something (yuk-yuk)? It’s almost like the character suffered some type of complete emotional breakdown off-screen and now it’s being played for laughs. It’s sick is what it is, and so is Ban, Ton & Inc.’s weird man-crush on Mason Jarr. But that’s fodder for another day.

  5. Does anybody in this strip ever look forward to what should be an enjoyable event? I remember Les dreading going to Hollywood as another example.

  6. So, when men suffer the ravages of age, we’really supposed to pity them, but when women deal with it (even if they look better than said men) they deserve to be mocked. Got it. Maybe the reason Batiuk hates Hollywood so much is because he can’t stand being outdone on repulsive gender issues.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    Honestly, tomorrow’s strip should be Holly kicking down the door and yelling “You’re bitching about your faded youth?! Look at me!!! I used to be as hot as you, and now I look exactly like Funky wearing a wig!”.

  8. Batiuk impresses me as being someone who’s never met a woman but had one described to him. Ineptly. By a member of the Taliban.

  9. For the phrase “babe up,” I’m going to go ahead and nominate Tom Batiuk for the Nobel Prize for feminism. He can reserve a space for it on the shelf next to the Pulitzer he hasn’t got.

  10. Jimmy

    Mike Judge handled the topic of an aging, vain TV personality in “King of the Hill.”

    Anyway, if the last arc involving Mason Jarr the Actor is any indication, this is not so much a date as it is a booty call.

  11. billytheskink

    Preview of tomorrow’s strip:

    “Mason! You look great!”

    “Cindy! You look… like Daffy Duck’s neck…”

  12. DOlz

    @SpacemanSpiff85, “… and “Who’s laughing now?!”.”

    It’s still her TB not to mention sighing with relieve on the bullet she dodged by turning you down.

  13. captaincab

    Well, at least Cindy doesn’t look like someone from “the shallow end of the gene pool”! hur hur Just catching up from last week’s debacle/”finale” of Mopey Pete. What a wholesale insult that was not just to his critics but to comic fans in general. And not being able to bother remembering his own character’s last name, wow.

    Also, what on earth is up with Darin’s nose mutating into the blunk Funky hawk style from its old pointy carrot-gnome form?

    And baby Durwood looked like a fat baby Funky instead of a real baby.

    Anyways, onward and downward, TB!

  14. Jim in Wisc.

    SpacemanSpiff85 wrote: “Seriously, this is really creepy now.”
    Epicus Doomus wrote: “It’s sick is what it is, and so is Ban, Ton & Inc.’s weird man-crush on Mason Jarr.”

    What’s also creepy and sick is that he named his fictional Hollywood hunk after a real-life gay porn actor from Toledo.

  15. Jim in Wisc.

    Correction: Mr. Jarr is from Dayton, not Toledo.

    And here’s his IMDB entry:

  16. The irritating thing is knowing that Mason will end up looking like something you’d have to use a bathyscape to see and Cindy will still be anxious about her looks. I wonder how it is that Batiuk compares wondering why these people would react to making every green light and saving minutes off their commute with wailing, gnashing of teeth and howling about how a loving God would allow such a tragedy to the ravings of madmen.

  17. You know what would be funny? If Cindy and Mason got married, and after his film career tanks, they move back to Westview so Mason can get a job at Montoni’s, and–the funny part–when Mason & Cindy meet Holly & Funky, it’s like they are looking into a mirror.

    Then maybe they could do that “people in a doorway pretending it’s a mirror” thing, and this strip might provide a bit of amusement

  18. Gyre

    Being fair to Batiuk, I probably wouldn’t bother to look up every punny name I create to see if an adult video actor shared it. Though I’d also try to just use Mason instead of his whole name.