Honor Thy Anger

Scouring “Fleabay” for a decoder ring. Buying advertising space “in papers around the country” to run an encrypted invitation to fans. Booking an Art Deco palace for a reception and bringing in enough Ovaltine to float a  spaceship. The lengths that a major studio will go to in promoting a movie, right? Albeit a movie that’s still in production (and hell, we never even saw them delivering the finished script). Nope! Turns out this whole shindig was staged by Pete Regenbogen just to cheer up ol’ Cliff.


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13 responses to “Honor Thy Anger

  1. HeyItsDave

    Well, now that Cliff has been rehabilitated, maybe he’ll change his name to Cliff Slightannoyance, buy a cute little bungalow in Westview for himself and Vera, and live happily ever after.

    Happily ever after:

    Or, maybe not.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Today for no apparent reason Cliff begins to channel Beaver Cleaver…”I guess so. Gee Wally, maybe life’s not such a crummy deal after all”. I’m surprised no one thought to tousle Cliff’s hair in the last panel. Cliff’s not just one-dimensional, he’s no-dimensional. The whole thing is embarrassingly childish, literally like something a child could have written.

    “He’s an old movie star and everyone forgot about him then these people who love comic books find him and they put him in a new movie and have a special party for him. And then his old girlfriend comes out and he’s happy and he’s glad everyone remembers him and he says “I guess life isn’t so crummy after all” the end”.

    A somewhat peculiar and possibly troubled child. But a child nonetheless. If I didn’t know any better I might assume that someone broke into the studio and filled in the word balloons with this drivel as a joke to make BanTom look bad or something. And what word describes the look on Vera’s face in panel three? Medicated? Dumbfounded? Oblivious?

  3. Pete Rottenhat was the guy who didn’t want to see the old serial in the first place. For him to claim that Cliff Anger meant so much to him is really poor planning on someone’s part. At least coming from Mason’s mouth–the guy who suggested tracking Cliff down, after all–the words might make a bit of sense.

    Of course, the real idiot here is me, expecting this to make sense…

  4. I wonder if Batiuk sees himself as the dedicated comic book fan letting his heroes know how important they are, or as the forgotten veteran who deserves to be appreciated for all he’s done for everybody?

    Meanwhile, Vera has fallen into the traditional Funky female role of standing by silently and occasionally smirking at her male counterpart’s wisdom.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    Wow. That last panel sounds like what someone would say right before something pushes them that last little bit over the edge and they kill themselves.

  6. The only rational response is “And you’d have figured that out a lot sooner IF you hadn’t spent most of your life living like the Unabomber because one tiny little thing didn’t go your way, you stupid old man.”

    Meanwhile, on Crankshaft, Cranky doesn’t LIKE the idea of one of his victims fighting back and winning.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    I’m of two minds on this one – The fact that the story is complete (misanthrope Anger redeemed by fans of his serial) rather than left hanging is something, but there are a number of gaping plot holes, not the least of which is “What the heck did Cliff do during the 40+ (or is it 50+) years between the filming of the last episode of the famous yet obscure serial that Pete knew nothing about and had to be dragged to by Mason and his reemergence with the help of Cindy?” News flash: You don’t last long on a diet of Ovaltine and resentment.

  8. Happy ending? No way; this is the Funkyverse…

  9. Oh wait, what was I thinking? Mopey Pete has shown exactly zero ambition, so to say he created an elaborate scam to publicly humiliate an aging has-been actor is to give him far more credit (that would be more a Les thing). Unless, of course, it’s part of a plan to evade doing any real work, which seems to be Pete’s whole purpose in life…

    What we have here, comics fans, is the Beetle Bailey of screenwriters…

  10. Better late than never: I found myself fascinated by Mason Jarr’s appearance in yesterday’s strip. Couldn’t figure out why, but it seemed that his over-the-shoulder smirk and arrogant silhouette were trying to convey… something.

    Think I finally figured out what it was:

  11. “Maybe life isn’t such a crummy deal after all.”–Did Batiuk actually say that? If so, I’m deeply disappointed!

  12. Wow, here’s an event with Cindy’s fiance and the subject of her documentary, and she’s nowhere to be seen. Big things happening, too, what with the reunion with the old co-star. I guess her documentary is going to concentrate on the important stuff, like self-satisfied smirking and idiotic wordplay.

  13. Professor Fate

    So on sunday does he have a stroke?