Don’t Try and Con ‘er

170601I don’t know about you, but man, RB’s art is still giving me the heebie jeebies. Today it’s that second panel, where Linda is looking right at us with her beady eyes, beady eyebrows, and weird bottom teeth. Her shoulders and elbows are all weird, undulating contours…don’t her arms appear bony? And there’s a ominous, diagonal black shadow behind her: why? And when did she start wearing her ID badge so prominently? Detective Lopez of the Westview PD.


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12 responses to “Don’t Try and Con ‘er

  1. billytheskink

    Maybe it’s the Flavor Flav ID badge playing tricks on my eyes, but it looks like Linda may have contracted at tapeworm since December.

  2. Jimmy

    I don’t get the joke. Also, I would think cheating would be a violation of the student code of conduct and therefore require reporting at the very least.

    “Oh, you cheated? No prob. I’ll just give you a chance to get an A. All those suckers who tried honestly and failed? Screw ’em!”

  3. In the real world, his ass would be suspended. Then again, we’re living with the end result of a three-decade long mistake in which someone whose job is to produce a depressing clone of Archie thinks that he’s Mister Important Message….so what’s another minor fuck-up?

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    More boring characters introduced to get us ready for next Fall’s reboot of the strip.

    Mary Worth is more interesting these days as she lists all of the fun things you can do on a cruise.

  5. sgtsaunders

    Confess your transgressions or we put out your eyes.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, you can really see the difference in the artwork today for sure. Same old shitty “writing” though, as this one a) isn’t even a joke and b) makes no sense whatsoever. I hope this high school infatuation draws down soon, as these “jokes” are absolutely ancient, just stuff he’s digging out of the bottom of the filing cabinet and dusting off. And shouldn’t “Ms. Lopez” be “Mrs. Bushka”? Did Bull die off-camera or something?


    Um, couldn’t that cryptic statement by Linda be considered an extortion attempt? Cause that’s what I am reading into this strip. Student commits a serious violation, but teacher is oddly lenient. Hopefully for long-head here Linda is requesting money and not something else.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    I’m getting the impression that part of the deal when the new artist came on board was variety. As in, he refused to draw six straight panels of Funky on a treadmill.

  9. I think the image of Linda in the third panel is even scarier. She looks like, as soon as the dimwit turned away, she started to revert to her true form–some kind of soul-devouring demon-creature that can slip under doors to catch victims.

  10. Charles

    I’d say the appalling frequency of plagiarism in Westview High would be bad enough, but what’s worse is how it seems as if none of the students get punished for it. It’s almost as if Batiuk just knows that that’s something students do that’s bad but doesn’t understand just how serious an issue it is.

    I mean, if you were a student at this school (and God help you), why wouldn’t you cheat? It’s undoubtedly a stupid assignment given by an ass who doesn’t care about your education, who isn’t actually interested in what you might have to say about whatever the assignment covers. And if you get caught, well, you’ll just have to do the assignment as it was given, so nothing more than what you were supposed to do in the first place.

    Also, I thought Linda was the algebra teacher. What the hell kind of term paper would she be assigning?

  11. Re: Charles

    When I taught mathematics classes, granted at college level, I’d include some essays. There are a lot of topics that are worth describing as narratives, because they have interesting histories or because it’s worth thinking what we mean by different concepts or just because being able to follow an algorithm or do that stupid t-form proof doesn’t take as much thinking as explaining why something should be so.

    These are frustrating assignments to give because students don’t know how to write about mathematics and they will plagiarize. Not knowing how to write about mathematics is forgivable, since they get so little practice even thinking of it, and I’m understanding that the essays are poorly structured. Plagiarism is less forgivable.