Safety Dance

Yet another tip of the ol’ SoSF fedora to billytheskink for reminding us yesterday that this kind of wacky circumstance is by no means unheard of in the Funkiverse. Of course, the strip Billy shared harkens back to the “gag-a-day” days. It’s one of Batiuk’s “early, funny ones.”  The decision to take the strip in a thought-provoking, sensitive, “reality-based” direction meant that he could no longer get away with this kind of zaniness. Unless he framed it as the work of 40-year-old sophomores Pete and Darin. Does Batiuk ever miss that old strip of his? You bet.


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19 responses to “Safety Dance

  1. Batiuk is actually showing an event! Wow!

    As for the rest of the comic…imagine on either of end of Bull, Les and Cayla are sitting, and Bull is watching as Les loses an award. It’s extremely satisfying.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    So now there’s a “gag-a-day” fictional comic strip within the comic strip, a fictional comic strip being author by two guys who work for a fictional comic book company within the comic strip, which used to be a gag-a-day comic strip itself before it veered into territory that necessitated creating a fictional comic strip within a comic strip in the first place. This is why I rarely discuss FW in any sort of public setting. It makes sense to YOU people but no one else.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    If only Batiuk had quit when he was on top (relatively speaking), then people might actually ask that question about his strip.

  4. billytheskink

    Pete and Durwood have successfully wasted yet ANOTHER whole week procrastinating on the job. It’s a good thing the comic book industry isn’t deadline-driven, or these two would be in real trouble…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Be great if old man Hagglemore comes in, sees them drawing and then explodes with rage: “What is this, you are supposed to be working. Get the hell out, you’re both fired!”

  5. spacemanspiff85

    It’s weird how Batiuk went through all the trouble of having a random nobody character create his own company from his fabulous wealth and hire Pete and Darrin, and all they’ve really done is create two dumb characters that I can remember who consist of nothing but Sunday panels, Pete flirted with his girlfriend on the job and then they hired her, and then a ton of daydreaming. He really could’ve had them just sitting in a booth at Montoni’s working on comics for fun and accomplished the same thing.

  6. bobanero

    So, am I to understand that Bull only didn’t have his record broken in the Sophomoric Sightings universe, or is this Pete & Durwood creation actually telling the story the way it really happened, or what? The fact that the events depicted in this series of strips are totally implausible (a player being thrown for a 90 yard loss?), which is congruous with their lack of understanding of the game of football. Anyway, it’s still not nearly as implausible as having a mascot catch a pass for a winning touchdown.

  7. Rusty

    Without the little corner holders, I guess the strip is being imagined by Durrrwood here. I don’t remember many contemporaneous sophomoric sighting strips back in the day. Wasn’t there a bunch of poorly drawn strips featuring a Mr. Slug, or something like that? When I saw the b & W scribbles, I would just skip reading it that day.

  8. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Meanwhile, in a dark, dank, abandoned corner of Batty’s pointy little bald head, umpteen open story lines, and as many characters, sit neglected and forgotten while Batty tosses out another worthless one-off.

    “Hey, Darwood, my sweet darling, we’re about 30 years old. Batty has had us enjoy enormous success for the couple of brainless losers we actually are. I’ve worked in New York. We had a dream job together in Hollywood. Now, we’re cranking out our very own wildly successful Komix books. But let’s spend a week dwelling on some poorly written and even more poorly drawn dreck we once did together, BECAUSE IT WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Ah, yes! High school… The only time of life that really matters.”

    Is it possible that BatWit is considering shutting down Flunky Wankerbean and offering Sloppy Moronic Sightings in its place? Was this a one week trial to test its acceptance? If so, I’d say go with it. It’s dopey and stupid, but a refreshing change from the forced and contrived storylines, clunky dialogue, pompous preaching, and detestable characters we get now.

    • timbuys

      Agreed. None of what was presented this past week was funny but it was much fresher if only because it dispensed with the usual pretension to be ‘about’ something.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      And it is clear that Batty is tired and bored with the strip. He had a good run. Now go do something you enjoy. Watterson was right to leave when he did, and it seems like he is enjoying life. Batty could too. Or I guess he could end up like Johnston: bitter, old, and resentful.

      • Double Sided Scooby Snack

        Batty could pull a Lynnuck Johnston and reboot Flunky back to its beginning, but constantly make snide remarks about his critics. Johnston rebooted FooB so she could build in digs at her ex-husband, so apparently Spite Reboots are a thing!

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Panel 2 of Today’s Mary Worth was expertly crafted a la Batty to evoke emotion, and be a cut out classic taped to refrigerator doors across America. Think “roses in December” or a young Summer Moore telling us where her Mommy lives now.

    In reality, the past two weeks have been nothing but the same dialogue over and over again.

  10. Hitorque

    Just your daily reminder that these two mooks were hand picked to Make Comics Great Again while getting paid a jillion dollars for their trouble AND THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE TOO LAZY TO DO EVEN THAT!

  11. Hitorque

    It’s funny because after singlehandedly losing/throwing away a certain win against a blood rival, that kid and his family are gonna suffer endless trolling, harassment, vandalism and threats of violence… But hey — Bushka keeps his shitty-assed 43-yard record so it’s all good now, right??

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Today’s strip, 2nd panel. “Mexicayla” had been giving Bullsquat his daily Theraputic Hand Job (below the frame, of course). Success!

    Heeyeah, as if Bull cares about the goddam game…