Well Manored

The sight of a relaxed, grinning Funky instantly piques Holly’s curiosity. Funky’s got reason to smile: he’s managed to avoid having to deal with his cranky mother-in-law and with his formerly senile father. Hopefully the start of a new calendar year means that Mort can once again get “those little purple pills.” Said arrangements have been made “off camera.” so we don’t know what Elvis–uh, Melinda thinks about the whole thing. Neither do we know if, since he’s not technically Melinda’s next of kin, he’s even authorized to not only consign Melinda to Bedside Manor but also have her bunk with his old man.  Although in a nursing home where the receptionist is allowed to discuss sensitive information with family, I guess anything goes!


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15 responses to “Well Manored

  1. So, after spending a week or so last holiday season fretting intensely that Mort and Mom were going to go at it any moment…Funky’s now perfectly okay with it.

    I’d love to go up to Tom Batiuk at one of his signings and say the word “consistency.” I bet he’d hiss and snarl like a vampire confronted with a crucifix.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I suppose it was inevitable. Soon Batiuk’s army of old coots will begin to breed in earnest. flooding the strip with Cecilias and Violets and Archibalds and pop culture references from the 1920s.

    • comicbookharriet

      The way Bedside Manor reinvigorates everyone except for poor Cranky, you know they’ve been dipping into their weird neighbors’ pool for nightly swims. I can’t wait for the Antareans to fly everyone away!

      • Charles

        Well, Cranky’s about 140 years old in this timeline, so he’s a spry old guy for his age too!

  3. Paul Jones

    Actually, the real strip is up and it’s more of Crazy and Holly jabbering about the Flash museum. As one could expect, we’re dealing with Batiuk’s refusal to accept the ubiquity of comic book characters in today’s culture because we’re appreciating them wrong.

  4. Oh good. Mr. Lecherous Lothario gets a roomMate. It’s called boinking.

  5. comicbookharriet

    Happy April Fools! Crazy Harry has been fooled by thinking Darin spent gift shop money for his Flash shirt when, in reality, Darin bought it on clearance at Wal-Mart for 5 dollars.

  6. Neil

    Anyone else see a completely different 4/1 strip with some tortured “Flash” wordplay?

      • Charles

        Every year you do this and every year we fall for it. I noticed that the lettering was weird in the strip and Holly’s expression in the final panel was inappropriate, but you can’t discount either one of those things showing up in an actual strip.

        I think this time it’s, as ED says above, that Holly’s mom moving into the Bedside Manor and starting a relationship with Mort is all but inevitable now. It’s too easy to believe that that’s going to happen. But I suspect Funky wouldn’t be smiling about it no matter how it worked out.

  7. Neil – I suspect we’ve all been April Fool’d by TFH.

  8. sgtsaunders

    This could mean that both Fuky’s dad and mother-in-law are both moving into the Winker-manse spare bedroom where they may, if all goes to plan, coitus themselves to death. All the while, with Les peeping into the window and taking notes for the inevitable death-porn book.

  9. spacemanspiff85

    If we’re seriously about to get another arc about how awesome the Flash Museum is, and Batiuk stealing other people’s art, I think this strip has reached a new rock bottom.

  10. Professor Fate

    I’ll freely admit you got me – it’s just plausible enough. And a lot better than the discussion about the Flasher, sorry Flash Museum that shows up in the real strip.
    Well batted sir, well batted.