Am I My Mother-in-Law’s Keeper?

Yeah, Holly’s all smiles today, but all week she’s done nothing but kvetch about her mother leaving the house a mess and maxing out the DVR. Funky, meanwhile, is considering renovating the guest bathroom for the old gal. OK, he could have phrased it a little better, but Funky expresses genuine concern for Melinda. His attitude towards his mother-in-law has softened considerably in the year since Melinda decided to make her stay permanent, but it’s not enough to spare him the old side-eye from the missus.

Programming note: Saturday’s, Sunday’s, and Monday’s strips are all unavailable for preview. I’ll post placeholders, but you’ll have to hold your snark til midnight EST.


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9 responses to “Am I My Mother-in-Law’s Keeper?

  1. Epicus Doomus

    It’s definitely kind of weird how Funky, of all people, is probably the most “normal” and decent character in the strip. I mean not only does he supply the town with pizza, but he’s housed and/or employed half the cast as well. For example, he happily gave Adeela a job as Montoni’s official architect even tough there’s no earthly reason Montoni’s needed an architect, all because Wally grew sort of vaguely fond of her upon discovering how they both hate sirens. Funky has also rented out the upstairs apartment to just about every hard-luck and/or sad-sack case in town, including the perpetually annoying Boy Lisa. All that generosity must be why BatHead keeps kicking the guy while he’s down.

  2. William Thompson

    They’re going to leave Hagula alone for the weekend? That’s a disaster begging to happen, although Batiuk will reduce it to “she ordered a million dollar’s worth of furniture and clothing from Cramazon” or “the fire department had to come and get her down from a tree.” And Holly is cool with leaving her senile mother alone for a weekend? Cripes, lady, you’re likely to come home to a police investigation and charges of elder abuse.

  3. billytheskink

    I like how Holly is asking this as they walk out the door with suitcases. If she wasn’t ok, would they cancel their plans?

    • Well … if she said something like “I’m going to run out of my three-a-day blood pressure pills today and can’t drive to the pharmacy”, I mean … yeah, they probably would. Or at least divert to doing something about that first. If someone in the Funky universe wanted someone to live, anyway.

      Not to assert that Tom Batiuk does a great job depicting the tiny moments of life, but it is normal human behavior to do a last-minute check that you haven’t overlooked something essential before a trip, even if actually doing something about it by then would be a great ungodly mess.

  4. So, young people are worthless, old people are horrible…is there anyone that Tom Batiuk likes, other than Les?

    Happy Holidays to everyone, by the way!

  5. Paul Jones

    Is it wrong that the first thought I had was “Pets tend to be alive when you return home after a weekend trip.”?