Auld Les Syne


December 29, 2010 at 3:42 pm
We’re obviously being set up for some stroke-of-midnight showdown or non-showdown here.

Wouldn’t we love to see that long-awaited showdown? A fierce, champagne-soaked catfight between the two (living and breathing) rivals for Les’ affection? Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

Epicus Doomus
December 27, 2010 at 8:25 pm
At the stroke of midnight Les will no doubt be talking to Lisa again, while the other (remaining) guests will be rolling their eyes. “Uh, what’s Les doing over there?” “Oh, just talking to his dead wife again, he does that all the time.”

Yup, no doubt.

S. P. Charles
December 28, 2010 at 12:13 am
You can pretty much see where this is going: at the stroke of midnight, as Kayla and Susan look on, Les kisses Zombie Lisa.

You peeked, Charles! Nah, we all saw this coming, didn’t we? But c’mon, let’s give poor Les a break. After all, it’s only been how long since…

Epicus Doomus
December 29, 2010 at 7:15 pm
…Lester’s weird obsessiveness would be creepy even if it was only three or four years since Lisa died, but 13? That is pretty messed-up…

Ten years for the jump plus three real-time years since equals 13 years of moping. And while grieving is perfectly normal, particularly for one who died such a lingering death at a young age…comes a time when you accept the way things are. Even in the comics.

Happy New Year, folks!


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  1. Happy Screw Year everyone! dear LORD I really really really want this year to be better than last. I know I’m not alone in that, among my circle.

    Yes, Charles, I don’t know if you peeked, but yours was the correct guess. And before *I* peeked, I snickered at your snarkful prediction, half knowing in my brain that could be a real possibility, but thinking TomBat would probably do something just as lame but not so obvious.

    Boy was I wrong. Parody is dead to me now.

    Fuck you, Batiuk. Just.. fuck you.

  2. Oh, and also, while I was searching through the Act II SWS toons, I found one that actually did make me laugh. And the other cartoons around them were perfectly fine reading material, a la Fox Trot. No desperation or Very Important Issues.

    All I can say is Act II Sadie Summers is awesome, right down to her ‘do.

  3. Sgt Saunders


  4. Sgt Saunders

    Succubus Lisa, I presume.

    Big shout out to Riff Chick who has come on strong this fall and winter. *raises Flintstone glass of champagne*

  5. ryokomayuka

    The only question I have is what is wrong with TB? I am okay with Les missing Lisa but this. It’s just bizarre.

  6. S. P. Charles

    Just wondering: Lisa’s been dead for what, twice as long as she and Les were actually married?

  7. ryokomayuka

    I think they got married on Oct 31, 1996 and Lisa died on Oct 4 2007.

  8. la gata loca

    TB, your maudlin, self indulgent, sappy slip is showing. For an artiste who didn’t want to expose his readers to the messy, and unpleasant side of grief typical of reality, you sure do want to waste a lot of ink wallowing in sentimental, over wrought, melodramatic schlock. A quarter inch removed from reality? I think not.

  9. S. P. Charles

    RiffChick, I definitely did not peek (nor, in fact, do I know how): I just imagined the most mind-numbingly obvious thing I could thing of, and what I pictured in my head was virtually identical to today’s second panel, down to the camera angle and the relative position of the three (living) characters.

  10. John

    That’s right, Susan. You can stalk, you can make passes at him in front of his girlfriend, and you can even give into your repressed psychotic urges and boil a bunny…but you still rate well below a corpse.

    As for you, Cayla…run. Run now. And scream loudly.

  11. This? This is very, very sad. How can TB not see that his avatar, Les, is mentally ill? After today, the whole world (or at least those who read this strip or live in Westview) will know that Les has had a psychotic break of immense portions.

  12. Norman Bates comes to mind…but I’ll leave that final movie scene for you to recollect.
    Instead I will quote (w/edit)Alice Cooper from “Billion dollars Babies”:
    I love Lisa before & after she’s cold
    Her bluing flesh for me to hold
    Cadaver eyes upon me see nothing
    I love dead Lisa before she rises
    No farewells, no goodbyes
    I ‘ll always know her rotting face
    While friends and lovers mourn her grave
    I have other uses for you, Darling
    I love dead Lisa.

    Sick Sick Sick

  13. Monday morning it will be like nothing ever happened, and Susan and Cayla will be back to competing for Les’ attention.

  14. Miskatonic Sophomore

    Riff Chick’s post pretty much sums up my feelings on this thing. Parody is dead. Lisa is not, or at least not in any sense except the strictly metabolic.

    This whole thing is way, way beyond pathetic.

  15. Professor Fate

    My dad lost mom due to cancer about 10 years ago – after 47 years of marriage. And while the loss still hurts – he’s managed to accept it move on and make a life for himself. I mean really tis unmanly grief and frankly more than a bit of creep going on here.

  16. Miskatonic Sophomore

    Oh, yeah, and I think Bobanero’s right. TB will keep stringing out the competition for the sensitive genius until he gets tired of it. And maybe even longer than that.

  17. davidorth

    Thank heavens this storyline is over– nothing happened at all! I look forward to next week, when surely some event will unfold and some sort of conclusions will be reached. We need closure and soon!

  18. la gata loca

    It is all of those things and more. Even for TB, this arc is sophmoric, juvenile, immature melancholy b#*@+*$t. This is a teenager’s woe-is-me fantasy-funk put to ink and paper and I’ve had quite enough, thank you.

    I’ve peeked. Next week offers only those questions we’ve been asking for nearly a year now. Really, TB, could we move this along? TGF is long overdue and you should catch up on your golf game or whatever it is that you do that IS worth a damn.

  19. davidorth

    I think they got married on Oct 31, 1996 and Lisa died on Oct 4 2007.

    Ryo, that’s where things are as confusing as hell– technically, by newspaper dates in “our time” you’re right, but right after she did, maybe a week after, FW did a ten-year leap into the future, to 2017. All of the characters aged ten years (except for Funky, who aged about 30)
    Notice nowhere at the party does it say “2011”? I don’t think even TB knows what year it is now.

  20. Professor Fate, my condolences for your loss along with my thanks for providing some real-world (as opposed to “quarter-inch removed from reality”) perspective on the grieving process. I know this strip must have many real, actual fans (as opposed from “love-to-hate-it” snarkers like us) but I would imagine that even those folks are saying “TB, please” after reading today’s strip.

  21. Epicus Doomus

    Those amended strips are just awesome! Hopefully TB’s New Year’s resolution will be trying to complete just one Les-centric story arc without resorting to this ultra-creepy Lisa nonsense…but I don’t think he can do it.

  22. one thing that came to mind is the fact that Les didn’t even recognize Lisa’s own voice on the phone during that last arc. I mean, shit, the Ghost talks to him so damn much…you’d think he’d recognize the “real” lisa. Which brings to mind a few things.

    If Lisa’s Ghost can actually communicate with the real world, Les should be able to recognize her when she calls him – it’s the “real” Lisa. But he can’t. So then we she “talks” to him in apparitions like the one above, it must be his own mental state going berzerk.

    There have been several times where Les says things like “i feel her watching over me, just like she’s still alive!” and they “talk” to each other sometimes – like when he’s writing the book and says “where were we?” or when she accompanies him on his first date in 15 years or so.

    But maybe he IS interacting with the “real Lisa,” and if that’s the case, she’s gone from encouraging him to date (uh.. by following him around in the car..) to distracting him from making ANY kind of progress with ANY woman.

    Fucked up, TB.

  23. Sgt Saunders

    What t’ell is this “Funky Wikibean”? There’s nothing there yet, and I almost started off with a question regarding Les’ Bad Craziness and VooDoo, but I saw TB over in the corner and thought that it might be something for “real fans” as cited above.

  24. billytheskink

    This party is a real freaker’s ball, no?

    white freaks, black freaks, yellow and red ones.
    Les Moore, a lookin’ for dead ones…