Well, I Guess This Is It

Panel one, they’re all shy and demure. Then in panel two, Susan suddenly brightens at the prospect of future opportunities to stalk Les outside of Westview High. Les, meanwhile, having been thoroughly disabused of his big box-office notions, tries halfheartedly to dissuade her. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    A sad, awkward, nearly-normal moment, then a wild mood swing, then a cryptic, peculiar comment about the movie-launch-option-deal-whatever the hell it is. I doubt there’ll be much of a line if and when that morose piece of tripe hits the silver screen and I know damn well no one’s “camping out” for it either. Note how Sir Smugness perks right up as soon as his accomplishments are mentioned, though. He’s going to miss Susan and her (figurative) sucking up once she’s gone.

    Today I’m more concerned about what Les’ comment might mean. I’m reading it like he hasn’t yet decided what to do, which means we could be in for even more park bench Lisa drama, not to mention some Agent Annie, discussions with Summer, Cayla and whoever and etc. That’s like five or six weeks of Les, easily. It’s gonna be rough sledding.

  2. John

    Les: “Well, uh, yeah. So. Yup! Mmm-hmmm.”

    Susan: “You’ve forgotten why you came in here, haven’t you?”

    Les: “Oh, no….um…I totally know.” (Has completely forgotten.)

    Susan: “Well, hope your Book Launch Movie Option Deal with Hollywood gives you lots of money!”

    Les: (Ah. Finally, they’re talking about HIM again.) “I wouldn’t start camping in line just yet…oh, no. What I would do is go right down to Hollywood and tell them how stupid and evil they are, and how they better not change one word of my brilliance!” *happy sigh* “Well, um, nice talking to you. See you later, ya nut!” (waddles off, smirking a perfectly pleased smirk o’ self satisfied smugness)

    (Susan remains in the room, silent.)

    Susan: “I’ll try to take the Hollywood producer with me, when I end it all. Now if someone would just reveal WHO the producer is!”

  3. there’s no way anyone will be camping out for the movie like it’s some big blockbuster, but it isn’t because the movie will inevitably be terrible (no matter how desperately TomBat passes it off as a Piece of Cinema Verité). It’s because Tommy is so convinced of the Artfulness of his Creation that even his Creations’ Creations are too Profound for the pedestrian bourgeoisie. Her Boobs Were Really Lumpy: The Lisa Moore Story will be screened at “select theatres in Los Angeles and New York” before making its way into art house venues like Philly’s own “Ritz”s.

  4. sourbelly

    …and this pointless (at best) story arc ends with it being all about Les. Again. “Yeah, sure, I got a book published about my dead wife, and it got optioned for a movie for a good sum of cash, but there’s a decent chance it will never be made into an Oscar-winning movie! O! Shall my suffering never end? Anyway, good luck with being jobless and mentally ill and all that, um, Whatsyerface. Ciao!”

  5. bayoustu

    Judging by the look of shame, humiliation, degradation, and just plain awkwardness on Less’ face in panel 1, I’m guessing that he just left another puddle of “yellow liquid” on the floor.

  6. David O

    Where ya goin’, Les!? It’s almost September! School is about to start again!

  7. O.B. Dan

    Les, Les, Les…this poor deranged girl just threw herself under the bus, and you let her…maybe even pushed a bit…and you’re awkwardly letting her go, unrewarded? I think a clear-the-desktop goodbye boink is in order here…

  8. David

    Today is interesting. In a strange way.
    Panel 1: Les’s acting liking he is demure and contrite is actually creating a halo around him. So good and so pure is he. Or perhaps he really is just acting and it is a spotlight.
    Panel 2: Susan tries one last attempt to get Les, by checking for breast cancer right in front of him, sending that oh so subtle message that she may be future book material.
    Panel 3: Even his thickening mustache cannot hide his smirk as he leaves and shows her his rear end and disproportionately skinny arms one more time. Or maybe he is just going to start the book about her ultimate death from breast cancer, knowing he has injected her with it.

  9. “Les waddles out”….I love it because it fits so well.
    When it come to inter-personal relationships, Less is a Duck out of water.

  10. Miskatonic Sophomore

    I’m with Epicus on this one. Now that this awkward business with Susan has worked itself out, Les can go back to agonizing over whether he’s going to place the precious crystal of his artistic integrity in the clumsy lobster claws of Hollywood. And it’s about time that Susan stopped distracting him with all this kissing him and hugging him and sacrificing her career for him!

  11. billytheskink

    Les’ awkward dialogue and downtrodden expression in panel 1… could he be ashamed of the appaling insult he delivered to Susan in yesterday’s panel 3?

    I think it’s more likely that TB simply forgot the end of yesterday’s strip.

  12. @David “Panel 1: Les’s acting liking he is demure and contrite is actually creating a halo around him.” Ah yes, this entire strip is all about Les’s gloriole.

  13. redbird

    @Riff Chick: The “art house venue” here in the Western Reserve is the Cedar-Lee Theater in Cleveland Heights–unless TB is holding out for the Cleveland International Film Festival. Yeah–who knew?

    I’m beginning to suspect that we’ll have a FW/MW crossover, and SWS takes up a stellar career in sales, now that her utter hatred of the teaching profession has been exposed.

  14. TheDiva

    This is the way Susan’s story ends
    This is the way Susan’s story ends
    This is the way Susan’s story ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

  15. Jimmy

    I hope someone gives Les the John Darling treatment.

    @Withering Heights: I read that the first time as Les’ glory hole, which is much more interesting.

  16. Connie

    RiffChick – You’re mostly right, except that the movie won’t open in New York and L.A. It will most certainly make it’s grand premiere right in Westview, projected onto the wall at Montoni’s.

    Does anyone else think Les’s (read: Batiuk’s) attitude toward Hollywood probably has something to do with the fact that they’ve never shown any interest in making a Funky Winkerbean movie?

  17. O.B. Dan

    This is the way Susan’s story ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

    So…we’re back to the goodbye boink thing here…

    Station Wagon Susie will be back. She is the messenger of the beginning of The Grand Finale.

  18. I saw this article from the Onion and for some reason I thought of Funky Winkerbean.


  19. Epicus Doomus

    “Does anyone else think Les’s (read: Batiuk’s) attitude toward Hollywood probably has something to do with the fact that they’ve never shown any interest in making a Funky Winkerbean movie?”

    Just my two cents, but it’s long been my opinion that if he’d kept the “gag-a-day” format and continued to base the strip around the foibles of modern high school life, these would probably be “iconic” comic characters by now. If that had been the case, there probably would have been at least a chance at developing an animated series or something, especially given how popular animated shows have become during FW’s lifetime.

    But who’d want to create (or even watch) a series based around THESE morose, mopey, depressing characters? It is truly amazing how obscure FW remains after being a daily strip for so many years. Mention FW to 100 average people and 99 of them will have no idea what you’re talking about. (Aside: more than one person has thought I was talking about Zonker from “Doonesbury” when referring to FW). Sure, the rise of the internet and the death of daily printed newspapers has done a lot to render comic strips more and more archaic, but still, it’s incredible that something so long-lived could be so obscure.

  20. This is want to I want to see in tomorrow’s strip:

    Panel 1: Les is about to leave. Susan says, “Oh, and one more thing.”

    Panel 2: Les turns around and says, “What is it?”

    Panel 3. Susan pullout a Colt .45 and starts shooting, “Die m—–f—–! Die!”