Eye on the Ball

The count is oh-and-one; Muppet-mouthed Les is looking for a hit…here’s the pitch…Les swings and POW! right in the kisser! “Calamity Cayla” has struck again! If this was an animated cartoon, I’d loop that second panel and watch it again and again and…


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  1. MKay

    I don’t know squat about sports, but wouldn’t Les have had to rush forward and meet that soft pitch halfway, to do that much damage? Do it again! Do it again!

  2. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Ooh, that’s gotta hurt! Hopefully, Saturday’s strip sees Les joining Lisa in Heaven, and by Sunday the Funky Winkerbean strip will be history altogether. It’s been a good, snark-filled run. Farewell, Batiuk!

  3. John

    Les: “I am going to bat the HELL out of this ball!”



    Boy: “Well, you must have had a higher Hell-level than the ball does.”

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne


  5. I could watch that alllllll day.

  6. TheDiva

    Not that I’m complaining about the results, but I’m not sure how this is physically possible, unless:

    1) Les is so spectacularly and suicidally incompetent that he was swinging the bat up towards his own head, or
    2) Creation itself abhors Les and has suspended the laws of motion in order to cause him pain.

    I consider both of these options perfectly acceptable, by the way.

  7. davidorth

    Ahhh, that made my week!

  8. Epicus Doomus

    Epic work, Jeffcoat, possibly your best yet! I want that as my cell phone wallpaper.

    As of right now, yesterday’s strip is the second funniest of the year because we clearly have a new champion today. Please let there be glass shards, please let there be glass shards! Fouling a pitch (a soft, patronizing meatball lob from his fiancée, no less) off his own face, awesome. Look at the catcher, he is in utter disbelief. I only wish they’d have played lawn darts, archery, rodeo or skeet shooting instead. Thank you, Tom, you’ve warmed a few snarkers hearts this week.

  9. sourbelly

    Best. Strip. Ever.

  10. Confuzzled by Funky

    P2 Background noise…
    The look on the teen’s face is priceless!

  11. Zane

    Oh Batiuk you have answered our prayers and no smug “I’m alright” smirk at the end! Beautiful! Plus I can’t help but imagine that bat clobbering him on the head as he drops it down.

  12. Miskatonic Sophomore

    What a fantastic way to start the long weekend!

  13. @ Jeffcoat Wayne – Thank you for making my day.
    For TB – Please don’t miss this opportunity to give Les brain cancer. You took advantage of it with Lisa, don’t let this chance get away.

  14. dollyllama

    Jeffcoat Wayne, I bow to you.

  15. Flummoxicated

    I’m sure TomBat thinks this is another way to depict the Exceptionalism of Les Moore. “Look! He’s a klutz of Herculean proportions! Just like he’s a literary genius!” No matter; it’s such a treat to see Les in pain.

  16. Louder

    What I love about the first panel is that the second-base woman looks like she’s five feet behind Cayla, expecting a line drive by our hero, Les. Sorry honey, it’s not going to happen, though I hope you know CPR…

  17. Sgt. Saunders

    Res Ipsa Loquitur.

  18. Professor Fate

    While a) the ball really couldn’t do that and B) it’s not Les being savagely beaten at a biker rally after being mistaken for an uncercover Narcotics cop – i’ll take it.

  19. Sgt. Saunders

    Les could be savagely stomped at a biker rally for being overtly Les.

  20. Karmyn

    That made me very happy. I clapped like an idiot after seeing that.
    Good thing I’m alone.
    But that is a thing of beauty.

  21. Jimmy

    This could be my favorite all-time FW strip. Can softballs cause cancer?

  22. A HREF

    I can now figure out how many people actually read the comments to this blog–it will be one more than the number who “like” Jeffocat’s animation (that one being TB).

    How can you not like that?

  23. Chyron HR

    Oooh! Oooh! I bet Cayla will apologize, and Les will either:

    A) Not accept it.
    B) Accept it in the most whiny, petulant manner possible.

    Of course he will temporarily call off the engagement because of Cayla’s “bad attitude”, only to relent when Cayla grovels at his feet.

  24. Connie

    Jeffcoat Wayne, I stand in line.

  25. brilliant, Sarge and Jeffcoat!!!

    Best. Funky Winkerbean. Strip. Ever.

    This is the one to come back to whenever we get enraged.

  26. Great job Jeffcoat…that’s funny.
    Sorry but Lester Lives on….to represent TB a life through his Avatar.
    No prolonged agony or embarrassment.
    Takes Durwood a week to introduce a copy of an exquisite and per-exisitng menu item while today’s wham-o fades quickly