Can't Leave Good Enough Alone

I hope Coach Bull has had his flu shots! He could catch something from hugging sweaty Summer. Leave it to the extremely anal retentive Les to quickly dispel the warmth of the moment with his grammar policing. Jealous much, “Dad”?

A tip of the SoSF beret to Tom Batiuk on his 65th birthday!

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  1. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Why is Summer hugging Funky in Panel 1 and calling him “Coach”? Oh, wait… full shot, Panel 2. That’s Bull. Holy cow, do my eyes deceive me, or did he just crush Summer to death? Les is obviously more worried about grammar than his own daughter, so this twist of events is not completely out of question.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Today’s poignant yet hilarious episode is a study in FW contrasts. On one hand, we see two generations of Westviewians touchingly bonding over their shared goals and past history: Bull, the bungling yet lovable reformed bully of Act I, and Summer, Act III’s model of empowered youthful femininity. The courage she displayed while overcoming her devastating illness surely brought tears of joy to her legions of fans. And longtime readers are likewise rejoicing over seeing the beloved Bull finally win the big one!

    Then, to remind us that FW is at its heart a comedy strip, we have Les: always irrepressible, unable to control his geeky instincts, always delivering a hearty guffaw…our hero. His sweater and beard go very well together today, don’t you think? A “Strip Of The Year” candidate and definitely a Pulitzer possibility.

    Happy birthday, Mr. Batiuk. He looks pretty good for 65 IMO.

  3. John

    Summer: “Pardon me, Coach…but why do you sometimes sound like Minnie Mouse, then switch over to sounding like Darth Vader?”

    Bull: “What?”

    Summer: “Your voice! It…it keeps changing pitch! So annoying! And will these DAMN EARTHQUAKES ever stop?!?”

    Bull: “Earthquakes?!? Summer, I’m starting to think forcing you to play while severely ill might have some consequences.”

    Summer: “Cracking…OMG, the sky is cracking open! Angels! Burning angels, raining from Heaven like fire! AAAAAIEEE!”

    (Summer faints, dead away)

    Bull: “Agh! This ain’t no simple flu! We need to get her to the hospital!”

    Les: “Ain’t” is not a word, you dimwit.” *sniff*

    Bull: “….Les, is this really the good time?”

    Les: “You mean the RIGHT time? Doof.”

  4. sourbelly

    Fuck you, Les. Seriously. Fuck you.

  5. TheDiva

    Wow, not even the triumph of his Specialest Snowflake daughter is enough to curtail Les’ assholery for even one second. There’s still time to run, Cayla….

  6. Jimmy

    sourbelly took the words right out of my mouth.

    And that “tip of the SOSF beret” comment was gold, pure gold. Seriously laughed out loud at that one.

  7. flappy


  8. Merry Pookster

    Fuck you, Butass. Seriously, fuck you.

  9. billytheskink

    Bull ought to tell Les to kiss his… I’m gonna go with rear end, here.
    If past strips are any indication, it might kiss back.

  10. S.P. Charles

    Without Les making some obnoxious, irrelevant remark, how could TB stretch the game’s aftermath to an entire week?

  11. O.B. Dan

    We can only hope that Moose has a flashback and clobbers Reggie Les like he did in their younger days…for though he may be The Grounded One, he is also The Obnoxious And Annoying One.

  12. Sgt. Saunders

    You’re scaring me, Epicus Doomus. Stop it. Just stop it. Actually, with Tomboy being 65 he can retire, right? Just put down the pen (crayon or whatever writing instrument he uses) and back away. So, now, imagine today as the last episode, and it works pretty good. Most everything is resolved, and Les attains a zenith of dickitude in the Final Panel.

  13. Helskor

    Les’s weird stance in panel two makes it look like he’s running in panic over to Bull and Summer. “Hey! Keep your hands off my daughter’s scrawny, androgynous body! Only I get to- um, uh, I mean, you said ‘good’ instead of ‘well’!”

  14. Louder

    Oh Les, you have to be Parent of the Year! Any normal person would say: “My daughter needs to get rehydrated, lets get a doctor to put an IV in her arm so some fluids can get back into her.” But no, always thinking of the “teachable moment,” instead sturdies our failing language skills. You really taught us something: You’re the biggest a**hole in the world…

  15. Jimmy

    @Sgt. Saunders: Just put down the pen (crayon or whatever writing instrument he uses) and back away.

    It’s a felt tip pen, judging by the Sunday tracing papers comic strips.

  16. Chyron HR

    Batiuk is 65? Golly, I’m shocked. He has his finger so firmly on the pulse of modern youth.

  17. Connie

    Nice to see that Les took the time to lose the Lady Scapegoats sweatshirt before storming out of the stands to take a big, grammar-teachery dump all over Bull and Summer’s moment of triumph.
    What a tool.

  18. Jimmy

    Back in the real world, a girls basketball championship ended in a 69-68 score.

    Nah, I’m joshing (though, truth be told, 70 points is not that uncommon in girls hoops). However, this thrilling 16-7 final actually happened in Oregon.

  19. Beanie Wanker

    It might have been somewhat touching and lighthearted (in a douchy way) if Goatee Boy were smiling as he corrected Bullsquat’s grammar. But there’s Leslie blowing a gasket over an acceptable colloquialism. Probably runs around the supermarket, butting into strangers’ conversations indignantly yelling “WHOM! It’s WHOM!!” What a detestable character.

    Slumber appears to be at death’s door in the last panel, but again, forget about any fallout or consequence — The whole flu episode was filler and a red herring, and had not bearing on the outcome, and will be forgotten by the end of this week.

    BatUpTheButt is 65? Gee, shocker. Like Lynn Johnston, another tone deaf, out of touch 60-something, he appears to be writing only for 60+ year old readers who find maudlin bullshit absolutely charming. And like Johnston, his younger characters speak and act like space aliens awkwardly trying to blend in with Earthlings.

    I’m absolutely convinced there should be a mandatory retirement age for cartoonists. Johnston, Johnny Hart, and now BatYuck totally lost any talent they one exhibited as they reached Old Folks Home age.

  20. @Sgt. Saunders: You forget that he drew this strip on his 64th birthday. So at least another year to go.

    Also: I had no idea a simple flu virus could transform a young woman into a Rhesus macaque.

  21. Jeffocat Wayne

    Beanie: Garry Trudeau is only 63, so maybe still a couple of years before he loses his funnybone to the Johnston/Batiuk black hole!

  22. Indiana George

    Just looked at the Ohio girls hoops tournament brackets from 2011, which have scores from the teams that made the final 16 in each division. In 60 games (15 in each division), a team hit at least 69 points in 5 games. In the state championship games, the winning team scored an average of 52.5 points.

    Of those four state finals teams, one had an assistant coach die and two others were diagnosed with serious, but treatable illnesses.