At least they still have each other. Owen and Cody commiserate in the commissary, arriving at acceptance not only of their ineptitude with the opposite sex, but with sports jargon as well. So engrossed are they in discussion that they are oblivious to the presence of several girls who are not Summer Moore. Plenty of fish in the sea, nerds.

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  1. Smirks 'R Us

    Nah who wants those other girls?!? They have curves, and bumps and stuff. And they occasionally change their clothes!

  2. Jimmy

    Trust me, if Summer’s out of their league, those other girls are out of their solar system.

  3. TFHackett

    Here’s another prom plotline which might have fit the Westview milieu a bit more comfortably: Amanda Dougherty, Junior At Catholic High School, Banned From Prom For Having No Date

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Maybe I’m just looking too hard but those two girls appear WAY shapelier than Summer and they’re directly in front of these two dinguses. Then again, if Summer’s “out of their league”, then those two ladies are in a whole different sport. They even appear to be dressed as women, no less.

    It’s nearly the end of April: isn’t it time for Owen to retire (and hopefully wash) that f*cking stupid hat yet? How does he even eat with those dopey tassels or whatever they are dangling around his food like that? Blech. Until Owen ditches that thing the only “game” he’ll be “in” involves Rosey Palm and her five friends.

  5. sourbelly

    Boy, right after I say there are no cute chicks at Westview High, TB includes two young ladies that make Summer look like…well, Summer.

    Owen, don’t listen to Cory (ever). Those sports metaphors will serve you well in the corporate world. Executives love ’em!

    “…get our turn at bat.” Am I the only old fogey who now can’t get “The Jeffersons” theme song out of his head?

  6. Jason

    Will this storyline ever end? It’s so pointless, I’m actually starting to look forward to Les’ smug face and his crappy puns as he climbs Kilimanjaro.

  7. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Man, those girls in the background really put Summer to shame. Especially the one in the pink shirt who goes the extra mile by changing from a miniskirt to jeans in between panels. I don’t even think Summer changed clothes between Acts II and III. Yep, plenty of fish in the sea. It’s just too bad Owen and Cody’s bait is so worthless.

  8. Flummoxicated

    Does Cody have a problem with his spine? Oh wait, it’s just that TomBat can’t draw.

  9. billytheskink

    C’mon Cody, Owen was clearly transitioning to sitcom theme song lyrics in panel 2. You’ll listen to him quote the second verse of the theme to Alice and you’ll like it.

  10. Sgt. Saunders

    Don’t slip on the fishsticks!

  11. And the lesson: if at first you don’t succeed, give up and quietly despair. It’s the Westview way!

  12. David O

    This is Summer’s big year, she’s about to graduate and we’re hanging out with these losers!?

  13. Chyron HR

    OWEN: I asked a girl out once, but she said “Not until you take off that stupid hat.”
    CODY: What did you do?
    OWEN: I told her she was nuts. I wasn’t even wearing a stupid hat, just my beloved chullo!

  14. Beanie Wanker

    My prediction: This whole ludicrous, improbable “crush on Summer” arc is nothing more than an excuse to get Rock Nutcrusher into the strip so he can then be one of the gay prom boys. Once that transition happens, and this ridiculous setup had served its purpose, we’ll never again hear about Les and Funky Junior pining for Slum Bore.

  15. TFHackett

    Promageddon doesn’t start ’til next week but the negative feedback has already begun: Comic strip to feature homosexual ‘prom’ date

  16. TFHackett

    I should clarify “negative feedback” as being negative towards the subject matter (you know when the headline uses “homosexual” instead of “gay” that the writer disapproves), as opposed to negativity towards Batiuk’s expected hamfisted treatment of same.

  17. $$$Westville Oncologist$$$$$

    Sure there’s plenty of other fish in the sea, the problem is they’re all as badly drawn as Summer Moore.

  18. Dreamer

    I’ve figured it out! The gay couple going to the prom aren’t going to be gay at all, they are going to be Owen and Cody. They will decide to ‘date’ each other so they can go to the prom and oogle Summer in her prom dress.

  19. bad wolf

    TF-thanks for finding that article; it even manages to mention all the other strips–Archie, FBOFW–that have already trod this ground. I can’t remember this reference it makes though: “However, in December 2009, Batiuk featured six comic strips about the “bullying” of homosexual character Cody.”

  20. billytheskink

    The December 2009 strips referenced involve Cody being bullied for singing a showtune in the school hallways, which I guess equals homosexuality to someone. No word on the orientation of the bullies who totally knew the tune Cody was singing.

  21. TFHackett

    Yes! I laughed when that article“outed” Cody on the basis of his fondness for Rodgers and Hammerstein (and good point Billy about his bullies recognizing it as a showtune).

  22. Jeffcoat Wayne

    But Cody can’t be gay, because he has the hots for Summer… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… okay, maybe that won’t hold up in court.

  23. John

    Owen: “I warned you, Cody. Summer is way out of our league.”

    Cody: “So, you’re saying I was -right- to freak out and throw a hissy fit over Summer having a casual conversation with another student who just happened to be male?”

    Owen: “Well, yes.”

    Cody: “Pettiness is right and good. Wow. Somehow, I was expecting a different moral to this arc.”

    Owen: “Also, we should stop using her as masturbatory fuel.”

    Cody: “TMI! TMI!”

    Owen: “This from “the most fertile boy in Westview” who talks about Wedgeman’s butt.”

  24. Beanie Wanker

    I had already wondered about the guys who got in Les Junior’s face about singing “Oh what a beautiful morning.” They knew it was from Oklahoma. Could it be they were from the Drama Club, and we’re pressuring him into auditioning for the Spring musical?

    That article where BatPuke was quoted — Said he had taken on intolerance before. Must be referring to his snit against StuckFunky, and all the people who found Tommeh BatDick hard to tolerate.

  25. sourbelly

    TFH, that Lifesite link is a hoot! Aside from the “Won’t someone think of the children!” guff from the American Family Association and the assumption that Cody is gay, we get this gem: “Although Jewish, [Jon Goldwater] allowed the Archie characters to be used in Christian-themed comic books for a fee.” Hoo-boy. I’m getting a Stormfront-Lite vibe from that article.