Oh Lord, Not Again

Look at the bright side: hopefully this week will serve as Pete’s swan song. Once again he’s faced with a deadline, and once again he is utterly and totally seized with writer’s block. Meet the guy entrusted with the world’s most iconic and beloved superhero…

Hopefully too, perhaps after this week TB will retire the creepy “Lord of the Late”. Not only is TB plagiarizing this earlier arc, he’s recycling the art as well: compare today’s panel with this Sunday strip from 2008 (or just see below).


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  1. flappy

    so funny i’ll do it twice,come on batty,bring on yhe wedding

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh. He did this the last time Pete appeared and announced he was moving too, if I’m not mistaken. I HATE the “Lord Of The Late”. More like “Snore Of The Grate”. Every time we see this guy he’s battling a deadline and whining about it. Move already, dammit, this strip is crowded enough as it is.

  3. Beanie Wanker

    So where does Tommeh White Bread and Mayonnaise get “verklempt?” He appears to be from a part of Ahia where nobody has ever so much as SEEN a Jew, let alone learn any Yiddishisms. Other than the “silly name people,” all his characters are Williams, Smith, Roberts, and other pretty generic names. Has BatButt even attempted a Jewish character?

    His idol, Lynn Johnston, drew a Jewish landlady and she was 100% stereotype. I’d expect the same from Talentless Tom.

  4. bad wolf

    Okay, leaving aside the recycled art and storyline, Pete is again writing Superman (TM) for ostensibly DC Comics (TM), while only two weeks ago dropping insider info for Metropolis Comics (1/4″ from reality, as the saying goes). The only thing weirder than the inconsistency is the consistency–he is still using a “Pineapple” computer.

  5. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    The .gif reminds me of how thankful I am that Funky Winkerbean hasn’t been animated yet.

  6. John

    For a guy with buddies in the industry, Tom continues to show a marked ignorance for something he purports to love so very much.

    IRL, Pete would just tell the Superman group editor that they need a fill-in for that issue.

    Of course, IRL Pete was fired for multiple Eisner award-winning comics megastar Grant Morrison a year and half ago!

    I myself have friends who do indie comics. I know writing them is hard. Just as hard as any form of prose. Possibly harder, as the direct comic market is thinner and much more competitive than it’s ever been.

    But guess what? They do it anyway, because they genuinely love writing for comics.

    Has Pete ever shown any emotion OTHER than panic, disgust, screaming shock, and dull surprise for this job he obviously loathes?

  7. BeckoningChasm

    I propose a cast swap, with Mopey Pete leaving and being replaced by Nice Pete from Achewood. Not only would the strip retain an “Adjective Pete,” it would open up all kinds of delicious possibilities for Pete to torture the various Funkies.

  8. Looks like Mopey Pete isn’t the only one behind schedule. It’s just so hard meeting that year-in-advance deadline sometimes, isn’t it?

  9. Rusty

    Stupid question: couldn’t this dope just live across the river in Jersey and commute to any meetings he absolutely has to go to? No way some comic writer affords an apartment in Manhattan on his own, unless it’s a broom closet with a communal bathroom down the hall.

  10. Rembrandt36

    Why is Summer worrying over a computer?

  11. S.P. Charles

    Why doesn’t Pete handle writer’s block the same way TB does? Just write the first sh*t that comes to mind and go have lunch.

  12. davidorth

    So we’ll likely be treated to a month-long farewell to Pete before he heads off to New York, only to have him suddenly appear without explanation at Montoni’s, oogling at the 15 year old wait staff.

  13. BeckoningChasm

    Yes, the “Lord of the Late” is a remarkably lame villain, but he’s a perfect Batiukian one: he has no powers, he can’t actually CREATE writer’s block, all he does is sit in his chair, smirk, and make sarcastic comments. I bet if Scooby and the Gang pulled off his cowl, they’d find Old Man Moore underneath. “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if some children weren’t left behind!”

    But then, they’d have to let him go, since he hasn’t actually done anything. He’s like the guy who doesn’t like his neighbor and looks out the window and sees the neighbor’s garbage has been dumped over. Only in a world this sad would the guy then put on a hoodie, slouch in a chair and snicker for hours.

  14. Merry Pookster

    This “lordship” is TB’s view of himself as aloof and casting judgement above all others

  15. Señor Tortilla

    Remember, Pete, it’s called writing.

  16. Sgt. Saunders

    This Lord of the Late shit is the absolute worst “supervillain” in the history of illustrated bullshit. Gag me with a backhoe, it makes me cringe with embarrassment, even reading it alone. That siad, it does illustrate the fine line between a worthless Sunday one-panel comic book based strip and a worthless one-panel inter-week strip. Very litte, amiright?
    OK, now wait till Pete gets that apartment in “New York City” (Manhattan? Queens? Flushing?) and finds out he’s paying half the rent he was to Funkster. He might even show a little emotion, come back to Westview and murder him. Les could write a book about it.

  17. Helskor

    It’s strips like this one that make me miss the older, funnier Funky Winkerbean. Like back in February when Darrin and Tony were arguing about paper vs. electronic calendars.

  18. Chyron HR

    If Pete/Batiuk has another psychic vision that leads him to write “Superman vs the Missile Mullah”, we’d better put NORAD on high alert.

  19. billytheskink

    I guess no one else gleaned a helpful hint from today’s comic.
    I, for one, plan to take a marker and write “Deadline” on a sheet of paper. I’ll hang it one the wall whenever I’m faced with a deadline… How could I have no thought of this before?

  20. Jeffcoat Wayne

    If this tripe is indicative of what gets published in comic books, then it’s no wonder it’s a nerd’s medium.

  21. That animated gif proves that, when it cares to, the Batominc can be absolutely consistent in how it renders characters. Not even the Blessed Muffin Summer, not even the Avatar Les Moore, nay, not even these are so precisely drawn as the lord of the late.

    Either that or it’s called “tracing.”

  22. Flummoxicated

    I wish the Silver Age of Comics could issue a cease-and-desist against Batom Inc.

  23. TFHackett

    Found on Twitter, a funny mashup of Sunday’s strip and Wally’s video game demise from 2007:

  24. billytheskink

    I find it funnier than I should that that mashup creator’s Twitter handle is Captain Novolin, a type-1 diabetic superhero created by an insulin manufacturer for a terrible SNES game.
    Amazing that this is more creative than any of the superheroes or villians that we’ve seen Pete come up with in these deadline story arcs.

  25. Professor Fate

    you know you can make Writer’s block funny but I supose that was too much work.
    and did a quick google check – cheap stuido in the east village – $1,900 a month – if mopey pete was making that kind of bucks – he could have bought a house in Westview yes?

  26. Epicus Doomus

    Professor Fate: Based on what I’ve seen, he could have bought ALL of Westview.

  27. Jimmy

    That mashup was great. Is this going to be a week of Mopey Pete, or is this one of those clearinghouse weeks where he started an arc that went nowhere and is now dumping it as a “gag a day” week? (please don’t tell me. I love the surprise, kind of like biting into an apple and knocking out a tooth.)

  28. Don

    So the term “Superman” is probably used enough by now to be considered in the public domain (the way, say, “Monopoly” is), but “DC Comics” isn’t?