Harry Tinkle

For all his jerkish behavior upon learning of Crazy Harry’s unemployment, give Funky credit for at least checking in on his friend. Maybe Harry’s strategy of selling off his library (instead of, I dunno, looking for another job) is not as idiotic as we think. Keep in mind that in the Funkiverse, a single issue of an obscure comic, pulled from a safe, can generate enough revenue to rescue not one but two businesses.


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23 responses to “Harry Tinkle

  1. S. P. Charles

    …and Batiuk continues to tinkle all over his readers…

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Just last week Harry openly admitted that he’ll only consider a job he can do slowly and poorly, so it’s kind of ironic that today he’s taking a (weak) swing at “The Man”. Also ironic how a guy with a vast comic book collection AND an “inside” connection at Montoni’s could possibly be struggling to make ends meet in Westview. You’d figure he’d be a major player there with those attributes.

    And apparently Harry is ineligible for unemployment, so poverty has set in instantly. Incredible how this strip can take weeks to do a simple conversation then just skip days, weeks and even years at a time just like that.

  3. sourbelly

    Tinkle. Yes. That was the go-to funny word back in Match Game ’77!

    Or maybe this is a bald-faced pun on the “Trickle Down” economics of the 1980s.

    Or, I dunno, maybe Harry is just a typical Westview resident: full to bursting with self-pity, while utterly devoid of any ideas for making himself useful. Bit of advice, Harry: Look for another Goddamned job!

  4. BeckoningChasm

    We’re getting a second week of this, aren’t we. Oh God, please send us a massive meteor.

  5. Inkwell

    BeckoningChasm sums up every Monday in Westview.

  6. Don’t worry Harry. You and Donna will be dead from cancer within a year anyway. So what if the USPS didn’t offer you a transfer to another open branch, didn’t offer you a retirement buyout, didn’t let you take an early retirement or file for disability to draw your FERS or Social Security. Your copy of Action Comics #1 will pay your funeral expenses. Yup, 1/4 mile from reality.

  7. Helskor

    Remember the old days, when story lines used to peter out after a week, never to be referenced again? Good times, good times…

  8. Beanie Wanker

    What the hell is he saying in that PUNchline panel?? Well, good luck selling comic books that have been urinated on.

    Oh, and it’s too late to blame today’s economy on Ronald Reagan. Great 80’s humor, BatSuck. What next? Nixon jokes?

  9. Rembrandt36

    “It’s called Writing!” something Tom knows nothing about.

  10. bad wolf

    Yeah, you can ask for not-politics, but making fun of ‘trickle-down’ has been a go-to cheap shot for folks of one political party since, as you say, the 80’s. Looks like it’s time for a Quayle reference!

  11. Señor Tortilla

    Does Westview even have an economy? I mean, there’s still a nice union factory job in Westview, right, right?

  12. Jeffcoat Wayne

    I love how the inhabitants of Westview never seem to give a fuck about the future until they actually become fucked by that decision. Apparently, everyone, like Harry, is just living from paycheck to paycheck until they lose their jobs and the funds suddenly disappear. I can’t even imagine under what level of reality a person can be unemployed for three days and is immediately forced to sell off their worldly goods in order to make ends meet. Look for a new job? No. Apply for unemployment? No. Temporarily dip into your savings? No, that’s something that doesn’t exist. Sell off your comic book collection? That’s the ticket! The guaranty here is that Harry will feel more in the dumps about losing his comic book collection than about losing his job, and that’s just the way Batiuk likes it.

  13. I don’t know what Crankshaft has, but we’d better call the CDC because it’s turning into an epidemic.

  14. billytheskink

    The post office closure is just the beginning of what I expect will be an increasing isolation of Westview from the rest of the United States. Those few who can find non-food service work will begin to leave town. The remaining residents, most being such big fans and collectors of adventure novels and comics, will take to using books as currency. A large one-topping at Montoni’s will soon cost one Silver-Age issue of Starbuck Jones in good condition.

    Crazy is actually quite well-prepared for the new Westview economy.

  15. Duane

    I was wrong. Westview isn’t purgatory, it’s Hell.

  16. Is there some of unwritten law that comic strip writers have to leave plotholes big enough to drive a tank through? TB wants to be thought of as A Serious Artist. But he doesn’t take his craft seriously! Cripes, most of the snarkers on this blog take FW more seriously than TB.

  17. Duane

    Perhaps he’s try to make the story as painful as possible so that when the smirking goatee boy returns, he won’t seem as unlikable.

  18. Jimmy

    I read ahead, folks. Evil Hollywood finally comes through on the option for Les’ movie, giving him gobs of money and total creative control. He’s able to hire Harry as a producer and courier or something, I don’t know.

    Les will still be working at Montoni’s, though, for some inexplicable reason.

  19. Señor Tortilla

    Man, looking back at the Act II shot, why is it that DSH John gets gray sideburns, but 10 years have treated Funky, Donna, and Holly terribly? Even Crazy Harry has gone from “post-college hipster” to “scruffy homeless person”.

  20. John

    Oh no. The way that Christmas tree was made the focal point of its panel…we’re going to be focused on Harry’s woes all month long, aren’t we?

    And of course, one of his “friends” (could be anyone EXCEPT Les, because Les has had such a busy, difficult year, poor soul) will chip in with a Deus Ex Machina by Boxing Day. Probably to do with comics. Or Tarzan.

    Gee, I wonder how the STILL DEPENDENT CHILDREN are handling this situation? You’d almost think they no longer exist. <_<

  21. BeckoningChasm

    Man, looking back at the Act II shot, why is it that DSH John gets gray sideburns, but 10 years have treated Funky, Donna, and Holly terribly? Even Crazy Harry has gone from “post-college hipster” to “scruffy homeless person”.

    I wonder…maybe Crazy Harry really is crazy, as in “retarded,” thus when he graduated he was about fifteen years older than everyone else because he had to take each grade multiple times.

  22. Beanie Wanker

    Bull Bushka, coming home, excitedly: “Mom! Mom! I have the biggest dick in the 5th grade!”

    Ma Bushka: “That’s nice, but you ARE 24 years old.”

  23. Merry Pookster

    As CH is trying to survive by selling his “books/comics”…
    TB is trying to survive by selling his “books/comics”

    Losers on and all