How Now, Blue Cowl?

We spent five days following Flash, Dale, and Pete “across the boundless depths of space” to the Lord of the Late’s lair, only to have the actual confrontation take place sight unseen: when we rejoin the “action” today, Pete’s already got LotL flat on his back, and the dragons “Tempus” and “Fugit” offer no resistance whatsoever. Great pacing.


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22 responses to “How Now, Blue Cowl?

  1. It’s Pete himself–oops! Didn’t mean to spoil this shocking twist to anybody who hasn’t seen The Empire Strikes Back or a single episode of The Twilight Zone.

  2. Rusty

    Dead Lisa is everywhere.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Pete’s reaction is the same as mine when I first see Monday’s new FW strip each week. NO!! Way to spin a compelling yarn there, Pulitzer (nomineee) Boy. Some “supervillain”…LOTL is a winless loser with ineffectual dragons who can’t even best a pasty, listless Westviewian on his home turf.

    It’d be pretty hilarious if LOTL was actually Lisa, but he’d never violate the sanctity of her character by using her in anything funny like that. Hell, that was pretty much a complete summary of her entire character right there. Can’t wait for the big Lisa date-rape retcon arc, sounds like a real hoot. A real wry one, as they say in Westview.

    It’d be equally hilarious if LOTL was Batom himself and it’d probably make more sense than whoever it’ll actually be, but at this point I think the general consensus is that we all just want this Pete guy to go away so who really cares? I really hope he’s planning to wrap this LOTL thing up by Sunday because another week of this is going to be tough to get through.

  4. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    Oh, wow this is exciting…kind of like when in the Scoobie Doo mysteries where the gang would unmask the swamp gas monster to reveal him to be some completely ineffectual twat that they should of already fucking guessed would be the monster.. This being Funky Winkerbean, the possibilities are endless in which ineffectual twat this will turn out to be.

  5. sourbelly

    Wait, LOTL is basically just wearing a blue hoodie. Can’t Pete already see his face?

    And yeah, The Diva, it’s probably Pete staring back at himself. If not, well, whatever.

  6. O.B. Dan

    This being Funky Winkerbean, the possibilities are endless in which ineffectual twat this will turn out to be.

    Pizza Twat!

  7. BeckoningChasm

    Let’s have a contest. Who would be the lamest person unmasked as The Lord of The Late?

    This being Funky Winkerbean, the possibilities are endless.

    Funky? Frankie? Fred? Montoni? Pizza? Hatred? Chien? Doctor Octopus?

    I’m afraid to guess, myself…which I guess means I’ve been Funky Winkerbeaned.

  8. Helskor

    It’s the sentient computer from Act I.

  9. Beanie Wanker

    I really can’t force myself to care who it is. But consider this: LOTL wears a hoodie. Summer wears a hoodie. Anyone seen Summer since she went off to K*nt state? Draw your own conclusions.

    Nah. Summer would have kicked his ass.

  10. saturnino

    “This being Funky Winkerbean, the possibilities are endless in which ineffectual twat this will turn out to be.”

    Ed Crankshaft.

    After saving the tree, he did a Lazarus type operation at the Westview cemetery and then became LotL.

  11. It’s Colonel Mustard in the library with a hammer or the head of DC Comics. Both would be better than the George Lucas rip-off we’re about to get.

  12. Señor Tortilla

    It would probably be Pete, which makes no sense but it’s a lame way out (“it was me all along!”). Then again, it only makes sense at this point.

  13. billytheskink

    Odds on tLOTL’s “true identity”:

    Pete 1-10 (Luke Skywalker at 3-1, Durwood at 1-1, Mooch at smart enough to not appear)
    Lisa 3-1
    TB himself 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000-1
    Funky 5-1
    Frankie 15-1 (Frankie’s van 7-1)
    Fred 117/78
    Montoni 75-1
    Pizza 25-1 (Toxic Tacos at 20-1)
    Hatred 1-Absolutely
    Chien 4-1 (Alex 8-1)
    Doctor Octopus 35-1 (2-1 if the reveal happens on Sunday)
    Sentient Computer -20 -30 years-1
    Summer 4-1 (Summer’s hoodie alone 3-1)
    Crankshaft -10 years-1
    Col. Mustard 284-1

  14. jackson53d

    Come On Guys – It has to be “Evil” “Obama” from the “Bible”…Bat man is so infront of us when it comes to this…Man is he on top of his game – I can’t wait, when will it ever end! St0p! Please Stop!

  15. bad wolf

    I’ll take… Durwood at 1:1. “That’s weird, why am I dreaming about holding down my high school friend in such a homoerotic manner?”

    I suspect that part of the problem is Batiuk’s work methods. From his interview, he said that he is so far ahead that he can work leisurely, and draw out an idea completely while writing, then spend several weeks drawing, inking etc etc. Basically his own schedule kills his sense of how slow the pacing is and how little the payoff is after such a tedious slog.

  16. Jimmy

    You’re all wrong. It’s Stan Lee, defending quality comics everywhere from the likes of Pete and Tommy.

  17. BeckoningChasm

    I think I’ll go with Dead Comic Book John.

    Pete: Dead Comic Book John! But why?

    DCBJohn (weakly): Well Pete…I love masturbating…to your comics…so much, that I…want to savor each one. So…I had to…slow your output…somehow.

    Pete: Why are you talking as if you’re dying?

    DCBJohn: Dying…? No, just…masturbating.

  18. Señor Tortilla

    Wait, here’s another one that’s stupid yet so plausible–another totally not public domain superhero.

    I’m going with Aquaman.

  19. A HREF

    I am going with Pete as the guy in the hoodie.

    Also I take back what I said about this arc being like a golf joke. It is not like someone recounting their golf game. It is like someone recounting their dream about a golf game.

  20. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$

    Surprised nobody has brought up Ming the Merciless as a possibility.

  21. George in Indiana

    I’m going with, “Who gives a rat’s a$$” for mystery guest.

    Also, skimmed through the interview at Comic Book Resources. Looks like there’s at least another year in the crapper.

  22. Beanie Wanker

    Beckoning Chasm — THANK YOU. 480 foot homerun. 100 likes. I stand in line. I stand in TWO lines.

    BatSuck, F minus for skipping to LOL already defeated. What, not even one POW!, BIFF!!, or SOCK!? Boy, did you puss out on this one.

    And maybe I’m overthinking this, but what’s the rule in comic books? If your adversary pins you, you have to stop doing whatever evil thing you’ve been doing? I mean, why can’t LOL go back to whatever the Hell it is he does (which is still unclear) after these three schlubs leave his house? This whole exercise seems even more pointless, if that’s even remotely possible.