Killer Of Joy

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Nope, it’s not TFH, not yet. Your old buddy Epicus is back for another week of snark and Batiukian torture! Our reward for riding out the ponderous and highly annoying Frankie Mega Arc? You guessed it: brutal, anachronistic Les Moore wordplay! I miss Frankie already. An entire week of these two nitwits jogging around exchanging awful jokes and terrible puns might just shove me right over the edge. Come back, TFH, all is forgiven!

“Killjoy was here”? Took me a few seconds but I eventually realized he was referencing “Kilroy was here”, which, in case you’re unaware, was a pre-internet “meme” from the WWII era. Which means that the target audience for that gag lies comfortably within the “over 75” age bracket. Sigh. Too bad Funky didn’t drink the beer, it might have made this interesting. But then again, probably not.


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28 responses to “Killer Of Joy

  1. beckoningchasm

    Good grief, look at Les’ stance in panel one. He looks like he’s about to burst into song. If we’re lucky, he’ll burst into flame.

  2. All Funky needs is a beat-up trucker’s cap, and his transformation into Crankshaft will be complete.

  3. flappy

    guess the epic recon is done ,what i will remember is how Lisa got preggers in van parked in lovers lane that just happened to be in alley behind pmm an jeffffs an Fairgoods apt, looks like stroke dad might did more than help with delivery ?!?

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Oh, goody — An entire week of weak puns, smirky smirks and lumpy face asses. Who could ask for anything Moore? I suppose if Lisa gets mentioned at all this week, it’ll be in relation to the Running From Cancer Fun Run, and not to the 42-week mega-arc that just concluded yesterday. But, Wait — the last week thing we saw yesterday was Frankie climbing into his car and staring at just about the very spot Les and Funky are now standing. It’s not too late for Frankie to initiate Operation: Hit N’ Run. Double But, Wait: Do I spy a van in Panel 2? Come on, Batiuk, take a chance and do something semi-interesting for a change.

  5. S.P. Charles

    Which means that the target audience for that gag lies comfortably within the “over 75″ age bracket

    But you’re not over 75 and you got it…

  6. J.R. Clark

    What the fuck? Funky looks like Broderick Crawford.

  7. John

    Funky: “Wow. I can’t believe how easy it is to become a trainer in this town.”

    Les: “What do you mean, Funky?”

    Funky: “Well, I mean, we all know that unless someone is a NATIONALLY SYNDICATED CARTOONIST, they have no right to judge a comic strip, right?”

    Les: “Right.”

    Funky: “So how can you, a total wimp who can’t play ball with his family without bruising himself to death end up as MY physical trainer?”

    Les: “Don’t be stupid, Funky! Being a cartoonist is the hardest, most difficult and sacred job in the world. Because a cartoonist is a WRITER who DRAWS! Hmmph. Physical stuff? That’s easy! After all, didn’t Summer get half her genes from me? Didn’t I summit Kilimanjaro? Didn’t I-”


    Funky: “….egads. Les just got hit and run by that guy who was hanging around Montoni’s all week! …well, only one thing I can do. Go through his pockets for loose change!”

  8. Epicus Doomus

    S.P. : You are correct, but it did take me a few minutes. I remembered it from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.

  9. Jimmy

    The first panel should read: “Audience, are you ready for fun in Funky Winkerbean?”
    “No. Fun is anathema to this strip.”
    I also imagine this panel being read by Soviet era aparatchiks.

    Incidentally, I used to draw Kilroy in my books during high school in the late 1980s (simple design). It’s not THAT out of date.

  10. Bill McNeal

    “Yep, Killjoy was here”…drawing this strip.

    Not that I’d wanna promote alcoholism, but I seem to remember Funky was at least somewhat funny when he drank. He was likeable which is light years away from his now depressing physically over 75 body (despite being in his fifties) and looks as if he would have known that phrase first hand from fighting in WW2. It sure would liven things up a bit.

  11. Helskor

    C’mon Funky, you live in Westview. There’s no joy to kill in the first place.

  12. bad wolf

    Well, to be fair “Kilroy” might be a reference to the Styx album from 1983, “Kilroy was here” featuring the single “Mr Roboto”. So the joke might only be 30 years past it’s sell-by date.

  13. billytheskink

    In a nice subtle touch, TB alters Funky’s nose to match the nose of the Killroy character.

    It’s little things like this that bring me back to this strip…

  14. Marie

    Killjoy. Ha. I got it, I got it. Maybe I am just anachronistic. The jokes from the 40s live on in the children of the children.

  15. Epicus Doomus

    bad wolf: Of course, how could I have forgotten that? I must be getting old…after all, I DID get the joke. Sigh.

    While this is certainly a welcome break from that last marathon arc, it features Les, which is always but always a huge, huge drawback. But you already knew that.

  16. The only killjoy for this strip is TB himself.

  17. How many years has Funky been running with Les? It’s pointless. He’s only getting heavier.

  18. beckoningchasm

    I think we’re all wrong about today’s strip. Les is not Funky’s physical trainer, and they’re not going on a run to get in shape.

    Les is Funky’s trainer in smirking, sneering and making terrible word-play. Les is asking if Funky is ready for a trial run going around town and practicing, and Funky wishes he had a beer because it will dull all the punches he will receive.

    EDIT (update): Aha, based on the SoSF masthead this week, I was right! Here we see Funky practicing Les’ UR Stupid Sneer.

  19. Les and Funky meet at Montoni’s to go jogging? Is Funky living at the pizzeria these days?

  20. John

    tfhackett: Who isn’t? Even Westview High school makes only token appearances these days. It’s either Montoni’s, the Komix Korner, the Taj-MOORE-Hal, and the greasetrap hole in the wall Darin and Jess live in as their “first real place after only a DECADE of marriage!”

  21. John

    Also…my GAWSH. The Darin/Jess/Frankie/Lenny mega-arc lasted from April until the beginning of effin’ JULY! I’m in awe that we survived.

  22. bad wolf

    Epicus: forgetting about Styx is nothing to be ashamed of.

    As for Funky, even with these two, all i can say is “at long last our nightmare is over.” Or something like that.


    —Les and Funky meet at Montoni’s to go jogging? Is Funky living at the pizzeria these days?—–

    Might as well. Every major event that happens in this strip seems to revolve around this wretched location. Montoni’s is to the Batiuk-verse what Wundagore is to the Marvel Universe.

  24. John

    No, in the Marvel Universe, everything revolves around Manhattan. Wundagore hadn’t appeared for years until Bendis and Hickman got all fascinated with it.

  25. Sgt. Saunders

    So Funky is ready for a beer? This is just so much bullshit. Everybody knows Funky’s a wino.

  26. Epicus Doomus

    bad wolf: If I had a quarter for every time I was forced to listen to that album in high school, I wouldn’t have needed to take out any student loans. It’s the main reason I shun high school reunions, in fact.

  27. Charles

    Oh, Les jokes about how he’s a killjoy, but let’s not overlook the real point of this stupid strip.

    He’s the hero who keeps his alcoholic friend in line. If it weren’t for him and his ability to remain steadfast and resolute, Funky would fall off the wagon today, and would have fallen off at least once in the past as well.

    Oh Les, he’s willing to be called an insulting name over this, because he’s just that heroic. Fire your arrows at him, he can take them, because he knows what is the right thing to do!

    Two other points. Funky was a wino, but he always made sure to drink his Blood of the Sanitary Napkin out of a sherry glass. Even when he was hitting it hard he would still make sure to pour his wine into that dainty little glass. There’s always time for class, after all!

    And second, in that original sequence Batiuk once again inexplicably altered a recognizable idiom in order to… well, I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish. Anyway, what any normal person would call a hit-and-run was changed for no reason at all to hit-and-skip. When I first read it I really didn’t know what he was talking about, because if he meant hit-and-run, surely he would have written “hit-and-run”.

  28. TFHackett

    Anyway, what any normal person would call a hit-and-run was changed for no reason at all to hit-and-skip.

    Ya know, I kinda remember that reference and went to Google to try and find the strip. When I Googled “funky winkerbean hit and skip” I found a bunch of links to an Ohio paper where “hit and skip” turns up repeatedly in the police blotter. Must be an Ohio thing.