Rough Bark Roof

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Yeah, I can imagine Les Moore, super-athlete, dragging a typewriter, desk and chair up to Montoni’s roof.  Then, of course, I can easily imagine him hanging off the roof to run a long extension cord through a window to power the typewriter.  Then I imagine him pouring a cool lemonade, cracking his knuckles, poising his fingers over the keys, and being carried off by a Space Pterodactyl.  I made up the last part myself, and I hope I’ll be forgiven if I say it’s my favorite bit.

Do we really, truly need any more of Tom Batiuk writing love letters to himself?  Hasn’t it already been established that he thinks Les Moore is the greatest character in the history of literature?  You might say, “He has to help new readers understand this” but can you actually imagine a new reader who says “Hang on, this Les guy is pretty cool!  I think this is my favorite comic strip”?  I can’t, myself, but I think I’ve just thought of a great way to get out of jury duty!

Lastly, and most germane to today’s strip…groan.   Double secret groan.   Are there any puns in the world worse than those of Les Moore?  Yet look at those two chuckleheads, guffawing as if they’re listening to George Carlin or David Cross or even that dumb cousin of yours who tells those stupid knock-knock jokes.  Or maybe they’re laughing at a knife-wielding serial killer coming up behind Les, in which case this is the greatest Funky Winkerbean ever.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, that roaring din from those massive Montoni’s crowds must have been sheer hell to live above, you know? If Les had been blown off that roof by a sudden freak gust of wind, perhaps he could have written “Fallen Asshole” by the time he hit the ground. The complete Les Moore story in three short words: what a dick.

    I understand why Cayla is sucking up to Les by pretending his idiotic pun is so hilarious, there’s movie-option money in play here. But what’s the deal with Fatso? He must owe Les money or something. They really need to stop humoring and encouraging Les like that and you’d really think they’d have figured that out by now, you know?

    Look, there are other people sitting outside Montoni’s today! So naturally Funky ignores them and gives his full attention to Les as he drones on about himself yet again. Nice job there, tubby.

  2. PolarBear

    “…some of my book *Fallen Star*…” is as bad as “my father John Darling.” Seriously, when I’m talking to my wife and best friend, I don’t have to remind them that the title I’m about to mention is a book I wrote. Because I trust they remember that.

    I know…it’s called “writing.”

  3. Rusty

    Epic Les smug face as a fourth panel may be the way to go from now on. I assume Les has told these two hapless assclowns his story about writing his first book on the roof of Montoni’s countless times in the past. I can’t believe Cayla isn’t looking over his shoulder constantly, hoping somebody will take her away from this madness.

  4. What do Les Moore and Beaker the Muppet have in common? Everything they say amounts to “me, me, me, me….”


    —Look, there are other people sitting outside Montoni’s today! —

    Yeah, just noticed that.

    Cardboard cutouts?
    Out of work homeless people that Funky’s paid to sit in the seats?
    Potheads looking to kipe some free stale bread and flat Mr. Pibbs?
    Two disgruntled summer school students waiting to beat the ever living shit out of the one man that put them there?
    Frankie The Rapist’s hired assassins finally made it to Westview?
    Anonymous gay couple going to one place gayer than they are?

    The world may never know…

  6. Jimmy

    I’m done. Sorry, It’s just not fun anymore. It’s plain stupid. I’m going out in Hemingway style (virtually) on SOSF.

  7. John

    Les: *smug chuckle* “John Darling. Lisa, my wife who died of cancer. Things that happened twenty years ago. Things that happened thirty years ago. John Darling. I totally read an old book. John Darling. Things that happened forty years ago. John Darling. John Darling.” *smug chuckle*

    Cayla: “So, um, when Keisha was visiting earlier this summer, she told me th-”


    Cayla: “Oh. Sorry. Thought you were done.”

    Les: “Hmmph. I guess some children WERE left behind!”

    Funky: *smug chuckle*

  8. Guest Page Turner Author

    I really, really, really hate how the two are laughing uproariously at today’s pun. As much as I hate the usual smirks, the guffaws at his trite nonsense are so much more insufferable!

  9. O.B. Dan

    Josh Tcat: Funky’s penis smells like old gorgonzola cheese and rancid mustard.

    Thanks for the visual of you learning this…

  10. Chyron HR

    “It was the only place I could find any peace and quiet after my wife, Lisa, crapped out that squealing brat on me even though she SAID she was on the pill. Wait, can those people over there hear us?”

  11. bobanero

    John nailed it. We’ve got a comic strip with a number of interesting characters who are doing things in the present – Wally, Khan, Summer & Keisha, etc, but TB is spending a whole week with Les rehashing things that have already been rehashed multiple times after spending two weeks on Dinkleberry’s 50th anniversary non-party and way-too-many weeks on the evil Frankie retcon arc. Can’t something new happen to somebody?

  12. Congrats to Josh Tcat on becoming only the third commenter in the history of SoSF to get banned. I can abide some raunchy commentary but it has to have something to do with what’s going on in the strip.

  13. billytheskink

    The how to make any FW pun strip less unfunny starter kit:
    Add this panel 4

  14. A HREF

    I like the fourth panel.

    Another good fourth panel today would be Rat telling Stephan Pastis “we all hate you”.

  15. helveticavonampersand

    So what is the contemporary issue affecting young adults this week? Where is the thought-provoking and sensitive manner? When was the last time we even saw a young adult in this damn strip?

  16. bsyoustu

    Thank you, TFH!

  17. If you look closely, you can see that Les is helpfully pointing out just where the “roof of Montoni’s” is located.

    You might think Funky would already know that…but then, it’s really easy to imagine Funky saying “The roof of Montoni’s? Where the heck is that? Is that here in town somewhere, or is it in Asia, or Florida?”

  18. billytheskink

    *Another good fourth panel today would be Rat telling Stephan Pastis “we all hate you”.*

    How about Rat meets TB?

  19. John

    Yes, thank you, TFH.

  20. John

    bobanero: You said it. Tom sends Cory off to join the army? Welp, the most we’re going to see of THAT very intriguing potential source of character development and new plot material is…*sigh*…I don’t even like thinking about it….is Holly going to the Komix Korner for the Big Back Issue Cover arc.

  21. Sgt. Saunders

    “Roof Draft” … at least its only one shingle pun…OLawdHepMe…Although the happiness of reading Josh Teat’s apparently filthy post has not been mine, it must have been nastier than the last Montoni’s pizza of a Saturday night.

  22. Professor Fate

    “I wrote some of my book Fallen Star on the roof” – the thing that gets me most about this all hail Les the Author gibberish is that he’s written two damn books – with a gap of what 15 20 years between them? Writers write, and I guess Posers smirk outside pizza joints.

  23. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Wait, wait, wait, wait… Is this supposed to be a pun on “rough draft”, or is he joking about actual wind factors two stories up? Because, honestly, the alleged joke sucks either way. No wonder it takes Les 15-20 years between books, if the quality of the books matches the quality of the jokes. It’s like he wants to be a professional comedian, but he needs something more pretentious to fall back on in case people get the wrong idea. “Hey everybody! Who’s ready to laugh? I mean, what’s the deal with cancer?”

  24. Sgt. Saunders

    It’s about time to revisit one of my favorite Les punch lines. (There should be a picture).


    —-Congrats to Josh Tcat on becoming only the third commenter in the history of SoSF to—–

    I’m guessing the other two are Tom Batiuk.

  26. For the record, the other two were:

    “Little Lulu”, whose first comment was “Christ, what an asshole” (and who posted the same comment the following six or seven days in a row)

    Reflex76, a troll who called the regulars here “bully jocks” for picking on DSH John.

  27. Charles

    “Reflex76“, a troll who called the regulars here “bully jocks” for picking on DSH John.

    That’s how people remember him here, but I remember the actual incident that led him getting the boot, which was a ludicrous ejaculation of spam posts that were virtually unreadable, where he was creating new posts to respond to each individual here, quoting in such a way that no one would know what was quoted material or what was his own comment.

    I only saw that because I was making a post at the time and saw them as they came in. TFH deleted them shortly thereafter and banned Antonio.

    It was absolutely deserved, but in some respect I feel that TFH should not have deleted those posts. By doing so, he not only fed into Antonio’s feeling of persecution by all us jerks, but he also made it much easier for Antonio to claim that he was treated unfairly in a way that may convince a disinterested third party that TFH was being an ass who hated dissent on his site.

    So I’ll just reinforce the point: TFH made the right decision. There’s no dispute.