Sweat Chullo O’ Mine

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Hey look, it’s Cody and Owen, who’ve been attending WHS for at least five or six years already, sweating their way through another horrible and joyless summer band camp just like we’re suffering through another horrible and joyless summer band camp arc! Mind blown. Much as with Becky, one has to wonder why they keep voluntarily participating in an activity that apparently gives them no enjoyment whatsoever. Again, kind of like us! Whoa. The fabled Westviewian masochism must be contagious.

One also has to wonder why Owen would elect to wear a wool cap with ear flaps in the middle of August, or why Cody doesn’t remember Becky losing her shit last year, or the year before that, or the year before that, or the year before that and so on. So in short, it doesn’t appear that either of these two dimwits will be graduating anytime soon. On the plus side, though, they’ll be able to legally buy their own alcohol soon, which should make the ride home from the prom a little more interesting provided that FW remains “true to form”. Owen really does have that “future FW fatality” look about him, doesn’t he? And Cody….yeah.

I have to believe that even the most easily amused band directors would think twice before clipping this strip and taping it to the band room door. Especially the ones battling any sort of mental illness which, based on the knowledge of band directors I’ve gleaned from reading FW, means all of them because teaching band is the most difficult and thankless job there is and everyone who does it is insane. Right?



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16 responses to “Sweat Chullo O’ Mine

  1. Well, no wonder Becky’s so unhappy. She has maybe a dozen kids in this band, half of whom have no instruments, and it seems they haven’t learned thing one about holding their trumpets at rest or dressing the line or even standing straight. (That’s probably her own fault, but since when have the teachers taken any responsibility for kids not learning anything in this strip?) This is the pride and joy of Westview High?

  2. The Dreamer

    weren’t cody and owen once in the same grade as Summer and Jinx and Cory? How is it they are still at Westview whereas the others would now be sophmores in college?

  3. A HREF

    @ the Dreamer:

    Continuity must be earned.

  4. billytheskink

    Scene from Act IV

    – Band Director Emeritus Becky Howard leaves in a huff after the 7 member Westview band struggles through a practice she inserted herself into –

    Cory (Winkerbean) Klinghorn Jr: So Ms. Howard was your band director when you were in school?
    Owen: Yeah.
    Cory Jr: Is that how you lost your arm?
    Owen: (recalls the car accident with Cody) No, that’s another story for another time…


    The Bataan Death Marchers looked happier than these kids.

  6. Chyron HR

    Why, Sherman, surely you’ve heard of the… Batom Death March?

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Hey? Where’d everybody go???

  8. bad wolf

    I guess even the most dedicated snarkers have limits. Slow hand clap, Batiuk.


    Weather outside where I am is gorgeous. It is literally too nice a day for snark.

  10. billytheskink

    The real reason there’s been so few comments today:
    Most of us snarkers are locked into a fierce bidding war on eBay

  11. Epicus Doomus

    Here too, WO. Plus this is one of the most listless, plodding band camp arcs ever.

    Billy: I’d buy it if they’d lower the price by twenty-eight bucks (w/free shipping).

  12. WaltM

    I like the way he has to add “cartoonist” to his signature to make sure everyone knows that’s what he is.

  13. Professor Fate

    even for depressing band arcs this is one depressing band arc.

    re the e-bay picture up for bid – why? In what universe is there a market for this?


    OT- Has anyone thought of creating a sister site for snarking on Crankshaft?

  15. John

    There’s just not anything to say, other than last year should have been C & O’s senior year.

    Why can’t we see how the younger characters are doing in their new lives? Why has Dinkle hogged every arc since the end of Evil Frankie is Evil? DINKLE, DINKLE, DINKLE. AAAARGH!

  16. Rusty

    bad wolf
    August 15, 2013 at 1:50 pm
    I guess even the most dedicated snarkers have limits. Slow hand clap, Batiuk.

    This week has just kept me at bay with its listlessness. So little effort goes into this strip snarking feels like throwing rocks in the ocean.