Miss All-Smart-Pad

Today’s strip

I’d hoped yesterday’s strip was a one-shot, but it looks as if this week we’re going to watch Cayla instruct Les in how to use his new tablet.  I predict one of the days, Les will show us his weary-face and say, “With paper and pencil, I never had to wait while ‘important updates’ were installed.”

Other than that, I don’t know what else to say about this strip.  Whenever Les appears, Tom Batiuk seems to have taken every effort to iron out any possible items of interest, so that criticism becomes meaningless.  Good luck to the rest of you!


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15 responses to “Miss All-Smart-Pad

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Coming tomorrow (fantasy version): The cheap Chinese knock-off “Appel” Cayla bought on Ebay for $39.99 (free shipping!) overheats and explodes, sending shards of glass into Les’ brain and hitting the part that stores his Lisa memories, erasing them forever. He never forgives Cayla (who eventually dies of loneliness) and re-invents himself as a hard-boozing, pill-popping womanizer who never has a good word to say about anyone.

    (Reality version): Les makes a sub-moronic “joke” about “needing a tablet” to “use one”. Or something equally (and probably even more) lame. F*ck Les Moore. F*ck him, his iPad and his big-headed ass-kissing wife, too. Look at him there in panel one and honestly tell me you’re not thinking about hitting him in the face with a shovel or worse. Yes, he’s annoying even when he’s just sitting there staring straight ahead blankly. Just remarkable. Then again he’s Les, so TomBat could draw him healing the sick and feeding the starving masses and fill his word balloons with hilarity and profoundity every day and I’d still find something to hate about him, so you can’t really go by me.

    I would think that in 2023 tablet computers will probably be commonplace if not totally obsolete, so it’s hard to understand why Les would appear so clueless about…oh yeah. We’re not doing the time leap thing anymore, I almost forgot. So it makes total sense that Les appears to have never seen a tablet computer before. Disregard.

  2. Oh goody, a full week of Les acting all snooty and butthurt because he might have to (gasp!) learn something new to get the most out of this new gift that has been bestowed on his Specialest Snowflake self. Cayla should have just gotten him a composition book–much less expensive and she wouldn’t have to spend all this time explaining it to him.

  3. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Cayla: Okay, forget the Presenters Program — If you press this icon over here, you can play vintage Space Invaders.

    Les: Um… “icon”…?

  4. I’m calling the overnight switch from brand-name dropping to brand-name substitution—Apple Smart-Pad indeed!—a failure of continuity, and not of nerve. To have a failure of nerve, one must begin with at least a little nerve.

    Also, dear auteur, thou former educator: that should be “presenter’s program”—you need to brush up on how to form the possessive in written English.

    @Epicus Doomus: Les makes a sub-moronic “joke” about “needing a tablet” to “use one”.

    I can think of one Medina-based writer who could use a prescription for smart tablets.

  5. Here 4 The Comments

    She got him the Smart Pad at Sprawl Mart.


    This is a bad move white Cayla! What little productivity Les had will be completely swallowed up once he gets into “Enraged Avians”!!

  7. billytheskink

    Smart-Pad©, now shipping with Presenters Program©
    All of the functionality of PowerPoint 97!

  8. @Westview Oncologist – apologies, I meant to give you a vote up and my finger slipped.

  9. Sgt. Saunders

    The only tablet Les needs is a Rorer 714, preferably several. Or maybe just a couple Immodium, considering his shit-yer-pants pose in P2.


    –@Westview Oncologist – apologies, I meant to give you a vote up and my finger slipped. —

    No apologies needed old chum. 🙂

    The person that needs to apologize is Tom Batiuk for years of crappy strips.

  11. Paul

    After you get past the first day gag of “Apple for the teacher”, as Cayla starts running down product details, I start thinking Batiuk has changed his comic strip into a commerical and he should start running a fee list for how much money he will take to advertise your product per the number of strips and panels.

  12. Sgt. Saunders

    OMG! In P2, Cayla’s jaw looks like it’s coming unhinged! Run for your very life Les, otherwise she will devour you.


    —OMG! In P2, Cayla’s jaw looks like it’s coming unhinged! Run for your very life Les, otherwise she will devour you.—-

    Les Moore would be a very bitter pill to swallow.

  14. @Sgt. S.—about Les in panel 2—oh my! Dunno if what Les is suffering from is treatable by anti-diarrheal meds. You can virtually see his manhood shriveling as Cayla emasculates his intellect. Maybe a blue tablet is what he needs.

  15. apauled

    She’s telling him that he can combine his lecture notes with his slides — what kind of slides does an English teacher show during his lectures?