Merry Pookster
September 28, 2013 at 10:24 am
Sure the scoreboard says 43-0….but is there any indicator of which is the home-team?
Looks like Westview is wearing their traveling uniform.

I had my post already written in my head when I read Pookster’s comment. I’d just assumed that Westview would be on the losing end of a 43-0 score. Today’s strip does nothing to answer the question of who won. Sunday-only readers would surely take this as a win for the Scapegoats.

Jarod has awarded himself the game ball, but has given Wedgeman (the number 12 whom he denied the ball in yesterday’s strip) even more reason to despise him. The rest of the team have all showered, dressed, and left Jarod alone at his locker. Well, not completely alone: Coach Bushka’s still hanging around, waiting for his “thank you”, which he causally, smirkingly accepts.


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24 responses to “43-7

  1. I hope the “thanks” is for the final bit of incentive Jarod needed to pipe-bomb the school.


    Jesus, both of these guys are going to break their arms trying to pat themselves on their respective backs!!

  3. J.R. Clark

    When I first read the “comic strip”, I misread Panel 3 as, “You Still Here, Tard?”

  4. Honestly, I’m really rooting for the kid. How often does it happen that someone is given a chance at something positive like this?

    I should know better than this. I really should. But now I care about what happens to the kid. For the first time in ages, I actually care about a Funky character. But, looking at the status quo…I guess now’s the time to start placing bets on what happens. Mad bombing? School shooting? Suicide because nobody accepts him?

    I should know better than to get invested in the story again. Dammit…

  5. merrypookster

    I just sent in my $29.95 + S/H for a gallery print of this strip.

  6. Rusty

    Pretty safe bet we never see Jarod and this season’s football team again. TB rewarded Bull for his “good deed” and time to move on to the further adventures of Les Moore.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    That’s Westview for you…doing well and actually scoring a touchdown to avoid yet another humiliating shutout defeat is “showboating”. Just roll over, die and accept your fate there, Jarod, there’s a tradition to uphold here. Seriously though, those WHS sportos sure are a bunch of jerks. I guess “Bull saves hooligan from himself” was the whole point here. I knew he’d find a way to end this arc on the lamest note possible.

  8. flappy

    so bathack wants us readers of his crappy strip to know that behind the smirks Les,Bull,fishstick anny,an all the others have big hearts ??

  9. I think we need a new definition of “terribleness.” What I thought the word meant, it obviously no longer means.

    Tom Batiuk: hey, okay, you really hate sports and athletes. I think we’ve got that. What do you like? Even if it’s comic books, well, that’s something we can view with….well, a different kind of cringing.

  10. Sgt. Saunders

    That…look on Bull’s canned ham of a mug is by far the strangest smirk ever. It’s like a Derp-Smirk – he’s trying to smirk, but he’s being twisted and molded by some inner frenzy. If he opens his chow hole, will butterflies fly out? Ponys? A whiskey-spew?

  11. Rusty

    Instead of self-satisfied smirk, think of Bull letting one rip in response to Jarod’s thanks. It makes more sense that way.

  12. If I tell you I am confused by today’s offering from TB, then I’m not telling you anything new. If Westview was the visiting team, then the team showers up and gets a bus and goes back HOME to their school where they are dismissed by the coach. If Westview is the home team, Bull will be the last one out, not the student because Bull is still responsible for dismissing his team.

    So I don’t know who really won, but sadly I don’t care either. I guess I can thank TB for that.

  13. MKay

    Shouldn’t the final panel involve the words, “Hey, kid,” and the tossing of a comforting soda, candy or Montoni’s pizza?

  14. Orbiter

    Gawd, it all happened so fast! Zero to quarterback in what, one week? And it kinda ends on a note of after-sex letdown. “Coach? Huh? Thanks. Yeah. Wanna cigarette?”
    Next week: Becky catches Jarod blowing a really mean trombone while cutting auto shop class. Becky replaces the entire trombone section and Jarod leads Westview to victory in the Battle of the Bands.

  15. DOlz

    @Bill, my apologies for the down vote. I was going to up vote your insightful comment when my cat decided she wasn’t getting enough attention and hit my hand.

  16. Sgt. Saunders

    @Orbiter – Je’ Rod does have that raincoat, so he’s at least that much ready for the Battle of The Bands.

  17. I think I know what that tragedy that Batiuk will exploit: revenge gang rape.

  18. Howard and Nester

    Before Carrie gets downvoted into oblivion, let me play Devil’s Advocate and go over the previous Batiuk-handled tragedies:
    * Domestic terrorism
    * Racial violence
    * Gang violence
    * Alcoholism
    * Celebrity murders
    * Date rape
    * Suicide
    * Prisoner of war + Post-traumatic stress syndrome
    * Cancer, oh God the cancer

    So, by my count, the only tragedies he really has left to explore is that, euthanasia (though he crept up on it with Lisa), genocide, homelessness, and serial killing/mass murder.

    Since FB is at its best (worst) when pretending to be a Lifetime Original Movie of the Week, it’s honestly only a matter of time until gang rape is broached.

  19. I apologize for saying that, but given how Batiuk is not above exploiting things and stepping on his characters to prove how profound he is, I worry he could go there if he could get away with it.

    He’s also had had characters lose limbs (thus destroying their dreams), teachers not having a problem risking student’s health (making the band kids perform in a heavy monsoon on several occasions), insanity that destroyed two sisters’ lives (Crankshaft) and that Wally was considering suicide.

  20. Professor Fate

    FOR WHAT? I don’t understand this one little bit.

  21. I think it’s for not getting upset at him for his little ball-steal in the previous strip.

  22. Charles

    Way late, so probably no one’s going to see this, but it peeves me to see how Bull’s smug smirk in the final panel suggests that he did all of this as a favor for the wayward Jarod. He’s shown him the light and a better way.

    Bullshit. He put Jarod at quarterback because he was the desperate coach of a team that sucked. He didn’t care about Jarod. He only cared about Jarod making him less of a laughingstock, which had been specifically established in the preceding weeks’ strips.

    So Batiuk trying to make Bull a hero post hoc disgusts me.

  23. What I don’t get is how Jarod managed to make a touchdown that counted for seven points. Maybe high school football is different, but I thought a TD was only worth six.

    Also, I am convinced that Jarod’s “Thanks” is dripping with sarcasm.

  24. Beckoning, I’m not sure about high school rules but, even if time’s expired, the team that scored the TD gets to attempt an extra point (or two).