The Anti-Social Network

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TB’s flagrant abuse of registered trademarks continues unabated today, as do Funky’s witless insights into this newfangled “computers” thing everyone’s always talking about. “Holly and Cory”…remember that, kids, because it’s going to be relevant real soon! I wonder how long that “face to Facebook” gag was clanging around in that delightfully pointy little head of his?

Check out Rachel in panel one, I have no idea what that particular little sidewards glance is supposed to indicate, but whatever it is I don’t like the looks of it. And panel three is a Batominc masterpiece, with Funky’s wry nonchalance and Rachel’s bemused background tilty-headed smirk. I would imagine that’s how every Montoni’s conversation unfolds (and I bet the visual evidence would back me up on that, too).


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  1. The cult of stupidity is irresistible to teenagers in a certain mood. It’s a form of rebellion, maybe: If the real world is going to reject them, then they’ll simply refuse to get it. Using jargon and incomprehension as weapons, they’ll create their own alternate universe. ~Roger Ebert, from his review of Meet the Deedles

    Today’s strip proves the sort of pride in willful ignorance that Mr. Ebert described is not limited to the younger generations.


    I think this is one Skype session the NSA probably won’t listen in on. In fact, I’m pretty sure none of internet activity of Westview is of interest to the government.
    Believe me..the Illuminati, New World Order and the Lizard People have absolutely no fucking interest in taking over Westview!

  3. Well, credit to Batuik for consistency in this round. His hatred of all things digital didn’t cause him to forget that Holly has been seen using Skype. (That’s a compliment now? Cripes…) Also credit to Holly for being less of a technophobe than her temporally-displaced husband.

    I’ll admit that if I found a hate blog about me filled with catchy derogatory nicknames and general rage, I don’t know how soon I’d take their advice, but he’s got to notice that audiences are creeped out by the smirking. I hope I never continually fall back on the same face like that.

  4. Guest Page Turner Author

    Big Red looks like she is coming on tonFunky, with that “come hither” smirk

  5. flappy

    is this the start of Hollys great comicy book search arc ? battys so proud of

  6. Epicus Doomus


    Finally, someone says what we’re all thinking….

  7. Now hold on! Forty years ago, this strip featured a sentient computer that was a Trekkie. Now, the title character is a goddamned technopeasant. Please, Batominc! Cease! Desist!

  8. MKay

    Let that smiling witch handle customer relations and hang Funky on the wall to scare people.

  9. O.B. Dan

    Epicus, I absolutely love your Funkytown remakes!

  10. bobanero

    More like face-to-palmbook.

  11. No, it’s absolutely nothing like “face-to-Facebook” since Skype is a service and Facebook is a social media site. But nothing will stop Tom B. from expressing his disdain for technology in stupid pun form.

  12. The weak punchline is further hindered by the way it’s laid out in the balloon, without punctuation. It should read:

    “It’s like a

    As written, it really needs to be read a couple times (and even then it still sucks).

  13. Professor Fate

    i’ve rarely seen Funky look so angry and hateful…I also notice that he didn’t say HE talked to Cory. This kid is sooooo dead.

  14. billytheskink

    More like Surly Winkerbean, eh?
    Funky indicating that Holly, and only Holly, talks to Cory via Skype says quite a bit about their relationship. This, of course, will be ignored in the wake of Holly’s attempt to find a poly-bagged limited edition platinum-foil hologram cover mint reissue of Starbuck Jones #0 without using eBay.

    I always found it curious that TB never explored the Funky-Cory relationship (or lack thereof) more. Yes, it would have still been depressing and of course he would have found a way to make it insipid and entirely unrealistic… but wouldn’t a hostile stepfather-son relationship have been more interesting than Les insulting his fans on yet another book tour or Dinkle doing Dinkle things?
    Seriously, how did we go through at least a dozen “Cory misbehaves” week-arcs without a single knock-down/drag-out argument that ended with Cory screaming “YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER!” and storming off to spend the night in the alley behind Citizen Kahn’s?

  15. What is it with comic strips and the adults being total technophobes?

  16. John

    Funky: “I just don’t get why Holly keeps feeling the need to COMMUNICATE with her Groin Droppings, that’s all.”

    Rachel: “Um, Funky, I’m sensing a lot of bitterness and hostility towards your stepson.”

    Funky: “What?!? No, I hate the TECHNOLOGY! The evil, stupid technology that makes her so damn EAGER to share his thoughts and feelings, she just lights up every time she chats with him, as if he were a PERSON or something! Hmmph!”

    Rachel: “…uh….so, you really have problems with Cory and Holly chatting? Wh-”

    Funky: “I TOLD YOU, IT’S THE EVIL FACETECHNOSKYPE THINGY I HATE! ….*….she chats with him for HOURS and HOURS, while me, who’s sitting RIGHT THERE, is lucky if he gets one word from his own wife. Like I was nothing. Like nobody even needs me at a-…uh, evil computers. Hate him!”

    Rachel: “Him?”

    Funky: “GET BACK TO WORK, WOMAN! You and your FEELINGS and SKYPE! Hmmph.”

  17. Charles

    I know Cory’s not Funky’s kid because Funky presumably shoots blanks, if he can even get it up anymore after he porked out, but Jesus, this is cold. His stepson’s in Afghanistan and from Funky’s reaction, he couldn’t possibly give any less a shit about it. Even the fact that it means so much to his wife doesn’t in the slightest penetrate the I-don’t-give-a-shit shell he’s wearing.

    He should just get it over with and throw himself off tall building now. Otherwise he’s a dead ringer for Patton Oswalt’s Sad Boy when the apocalypse inevitably comes.

  18. It’s difficult to have anything to say about characters that are filled with such hatred for pretty much all aspects of their lives.

    At best, this strip comes across as psychologically unhealthy, and it makes me not want to read it.