I’ll Keep It with Mine

Aw! Little Skyler Fairgood’s only a week old, but he’s already talking and using a laptop! What? That giant-headed human is not baby Skyler but is in fact Our Cory? My bad.



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16 responses to “I’ll Keep It with Mine

  1. Rusty

    More exciting Starbuck Jones action on tap! And Corey is drawn like a pudgy 14-year old, so I guess the Army is really making a man out of him.

  2. Is that Cory, or did Batiuk have some leftover drawings of Lisa in chemo that he needed to unload?

  3. bayoustu

    Mine-clearing?! Ooooh, I smell fresh maiming and dismemberment in the offing! Perhaps even- dare I say it?!- death! THIS is the Funky Winkerbean I’ve come to know and loathe!

  4. Howard and Nester

    You know, there were a lot of ways to make this strip into (not very funny, but) actual jokes with minimal editing.

    * Funkmom laughs (not smirks) in the last panel so that it’s clear that the two are just joking.
    * Panels two and three are switched so that we see Funkmom’s dismay at Funkboy’s daredevil attitude.
    * Delete panel 1, compress and shift panels 2 and 3 to the left. Add two beat panels. Funkboy grins gormlessly in the fourth one.

    I don’t know, man, right now the strip seems more like laconic whining than gallows humor and/or light-hearted ribbing.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    A Winkerbean? Land mines?? Uh-oh. This can’t possibly end well. I hope he’s keeping those “Starbuck Jones” books triple-mylar bagged over there. Godspeed Cory, keep your slices low and your comics dry, bro.

    Coming tomorrow: Cory is horrified to learn that the x-ray spex he ordered from the back of a forty year old comic book do not actually work, which puts a damper on his land mine removal scheme.

  6. Rusty

    Is land-mine sweeping even done any more in our present engagements?
    I thought roadside IED’s are the name of the game.

  7. “Mom, you’ll be so proud of me! My death-wish is in FULL SWING! Oh, Les is sure to write a book about me now. Ooo, I wish this wasn’t taking so long!”

  8. merrypookster

    But that okay if I die Mom…. Rocky is pregnant

  9. Sgt. Saunders

    Today, Wally is being played by Porch Boy from Deliverance.

  10. billytheskink

    I thought roadside IED’s are the name of the game.

    I’m not sure if Roadside IEDs was the name of the game Wally played back in 2007, but knowing TB it’s not a bad guess.

  11. And there we have it! Either Rocky or Cory is dead before the spring. After all, TB hasn’t hurt/maimed anyone since Fred. He’s well overdue…


    All right, gents. Place your bets!

    I got Cory loses his left leg. Anyone got Cory loses both limbs?
    Anyone got complete paralysis from the neck down?
    You sir, do you have blindness with a touch of PTSD to boot.
    Oh, what is that I hear? Corey gets “Private Ryan”-ized?
    Anyone with nothing happens and Corey just sits around worrying about goddamn comic books?

  13. Professor Fate

    To quote Second City TV – someone’s gonna get “blowed up real good”.
    I’m rather giddy with anticpation on how horrible this plot arc will turn out.

  14. Chyron HR

    Cory makes it home, but he loses both his hands–“I CAN NEVER READ STARBUCK JONES AGAIN!”

  15. Chaos Clockwork

    I dunno, fellow snarkers. Are we all that sure that Rocky will ever be mentioned again?

  16. Don

    I wonder if the Army and/or our enemies (depending on whose field he is clearing) have switched to the Bouncing Betty mines that actually detonate when you hit them with a blunt object (i.e. the way they work in the real world), rather than the one that Wally stepped on (that lets you hit the explosive part with something and then waits a few seconds before exploding)