Deck the Malls

It “seems like” that, Rachel, because you were putting up the Halloween decorations only seven weeks ago (and only three days before Halloween). Now your boss has waited until mid-December to drag out the Christmas decor. I’m no fan myself of Christmas creep, but decking the halls a week and a half before Santa arrives seems kind of lazy.


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10 responses to “Deck the Malls

  1. Well, let’s face it. When you live in Westview, what’s the point in celebrating a season of love, joy, and happiness, anyway?

  2. Merry Pookster

    If Wally wasn’t so busy doing the dishes he would be helping. Poor shit, back from the war 3 years and still washing dishes for his cousin/Uncle.
    Even the Funky universe Congress/President is dissing their veterans.
    Art imitate life.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Sigh, Christmas. Seems like it comes a little earlier every year. Well, not really, it only seems that way because we’re old and slowly dying. Ha ha ha. Seriously though, if he’s already using this hackneyed old trope on Monday the rest of this arc will be a real graveyard, you can bet on that.

    Perhaps Funky could just leave the holiday crap up all year so he’ll be ready for 2014 without having to lift a finger. After all, who’s gonna notice?

  4. Aged and Creamy, but Sounding Delicious

    I am still recovering from hearing about the aged and creamy comic books, now I gotta listen to them gripe about putting up Christmas decorations too?!

  5. Jeffcoat Wayne

    It’s Christmas, which means Darin has an exciting marketing idea: Candy cane pizza. If that doesn’t work, then he’ll make the sausage pieces look like little reindeer terds all over the pizzas. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

  6. I stared at this for a looooong time, convinced that I had seen this exact strip somewhere before. Like, I was very worried for myself. Haha, no, it’s just close to identical to the comic on J. Fruh’s here:


  7. billytheskink

    If Funky had put up the Christmas decorations back in August, Mark Tatulli would have complained about it in Heart of the City. Opportunity missed.

  8. They should just decorate Montoni’s with funeral-related stuff, and leave it up all year. They could change the menu, too–pizza would be called a “slab,” you could get a “casket” of onion rings, and the salad bar could be called an “autopsy table.”

  9. John

    Rachel: “I can’t believe we’re putting up Christmas decorations a little over a week before Christmas!”

    Funky: “I can’t believe that you’ve been groping Frosty’s package for three whole panels now. Does anybody edit this thing?!?”

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Coming next week: Les and Summer have the best Christmas EVER after Cayla discovers sixteen years worth of previously-unnoticed gifts Lisa bought for everyone moments before she died. And the gifts are, of course, perfect in every way.

    BC: I like it. Instead of stockings hung by the fireplace there’d be a shelf for everyone’s cremation urns. And instead of Christmas morning they’d have Christmas MOURNING.