Comic Con

They? Who in the world is John referring to as “they” in today’s strip ? Is Holly actually thinking of going out of Westview to find a comic to complete Cory’s collection?

Is this arc STILL going on?



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14 responses to “Comic Con

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but can we go back to Les and his screenplay?

  2. billytheskink

    I actually thought it was refreshing to have DSH admit that people in his line of work are generally dishonest and in need of medication.

  3. DOlz

    Hold on a minute … there’s another business in Westview?!?

  4. Rusty

    I thought trading in used comic books was the noblest pursuit of mankind.

  5. Saturnino

    “Hold on a minute … there’s another business in Westview?!?”

    No, no. It means that when they see the card, they know the person can travel outside the Westview ghetto, and KER-CHING!!!

  6. bobanero

    This week, Holly time-travels back to the 70s where she convinces a young Funky to sell her issue number 1 for a reasonable price. When she returns to modern times there’s a Papa John’s where Montoni’s used to be.

  7. I’ll have to admit, Tom Batiuk’s ability to make his stories more and more boring, and his characters more and more annoying, is actually kind of impressive.

  8. Professor Fate

    So we’ve gone from Dinkle to Les to comics – Batuiks Tinkers to Evers to Chance of phoning it in.

  9. “Drug City” is what they call the alley behind the Komix Korner.

    Thank to DavidO for filling the Monday gap for me! I’ll pick it up from here!

  10. Epicus Doomus

    I like how DSHJ is implying that his fellow comic book retailers are theiving scumbags just waiting to gouge the shit out of poor hapless Holly. He sure makes it out to be quite the noble profession, eh? Why doesn’t he try to locate the issues for her? It’s not like he doesn’t have the time or anything. These people are all so shiftless and lazy.

  11. bayoustu

    Looks like it’s time for Holly to use the fitness center membership Flunky has obviously abandoned.


    I love how Westviews pharmacy is called Drug City. Because really the why sugercoat things? Westviewers are only interested in numbing themselves from the horrors of their reality. And believe me, it takes a lot of Percoset to forget Les Moore.

  13. John

    John: “When you go looking for the rest of those ‘Starbuck Jones’ issues, which is a comical book that exists, for your son Cory, who’s sweeping mines overseas-”

    Holly: “Actually, Cory already downloaded the digital versions of the issues he was missing online. And when I -go-?!? eBay. It’s been around forever now, John.”

    John: “Quiet, WOMAN. The MAN is educating you about comical books! Now, when you go IN PERSON to every direct market comic book store in the state, please try to ignore your feminine tendency to be stupid and easily tricked. Women. You’re just so naive and clueless when it comes to money!”

    Holly: “…*….bite me, John. It’s fun.”


    John: “….”

    (8 hours pass)

    John: “…I can’t, I don’t bite WOMEN. Yeah, -that’s- what I should have said!”


    Considering there are so many informed, savvy, and intensely devoted women in both the industry and the fandom and have been for years, Tom’s choice to depict this arc as being conducted by a clueless Holly under John’s not so secretly insulting instruction is -really- hard to bear.

    Somebody get Friends of Lulu, Sequential Tart, or Gail Simone on Tom’s case ASAP!