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Her Director

SosfdavidO here! It looks like Dinkle and Company have decided to stay another day, unless this blues band is jamming out at 9am. Is it one day later? A week? Did they go through a time jump again? Today’s strip doesn’t have a lot of clues.


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Harry and the Pacemakers

Here’s a post for you nightowls, as I have some heavy plans tonight! Unboxing heavy things.

I’m back! And this strip wins the Tombat awkward dialog award for “Most Shoehorned-in question” for a weird query that doesn’t even result in punplay.

Today’s strip is a perfect example of how I feel looking at these things sometimes. I’m out of ideas. I’m drained, but damnit, this dead horse needs flogging!

How would being able to smell a gun help at all? He’s Blind Willie, not Matt Murdock. If someone is about to serve up a lead sandwich I doubt there’s much he can do about it.


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Sunrise, Sunset?

SosfDavidO here, and after a long night recording, our gang packs it up and watches the… sunrise? Is that what that’s supposed to be in today’s strip?! They’re staring at it like it’s the mushroom cloud of an atom bomb. Don’t step off the sidewalk, because what should be a solid street below the curb looks more like a gateway to another dimension. Meanwhile, the 2001 Monolith looms sinisterly ahead.

What a weird daily.


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We Five

SosfDavidO here, and Tombat didn’t try very hard with In today’s strip so I’m not overly motivated myself. This story arc feels like it’s been going on since the Clinton administration. There’s no mention of the wackiness of a blind music producer helping a deaf band director make an album but I assume the guy with the oxygen tube probably has no sense of smell to boot.


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SosfDavidO here, and whoa, we’re still in Memphis, likely for the rest of the week as In today’s strip shows the recording session get underway.

My only question is, is all of this going to become meta and give birth to an actual music video or album, like Luann did?*

*I take no responsibility for the horrible earworm that is Luann’s “Hey Boy”.


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