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Weally Wonky

Like Willie Wonka? Get it– oh never mind..

My predictions for today’s strip came true, though my grandmother saw it coming from a mile away and she’s been dead for three decades.

My tenure here snarking is almost up. Thank heavens! We’ve all seen Les go through airport security 30 times, do we really have to watch Dinkle fumble his way through too?!


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Letter Rip

SosfDavidO here, and let’s do this! Let’s use today’s strip kick off another improbable, as far-from-reality as possible comic arc involving Harry and some eccentric overseas chocolatier! What will it be? An invitation to spend a week in his haunted castle? A request Harry and his wife adopt his orphaned 3-year old great grandson? A certificate giving Harry 25% of the company? Who knows!


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DeCompse Already

So we lost Harry Chapin but this insufferable prick is still with us!? I know he’s helping with fundraisers but man, Harry, move the hell on. Just because you drive your wife crazy doesn’t mean you can’t play music at a retirement village or something. You’d think the higher ups would be more concerned; he’s not paid faculty. Does he have to get a visitor pass every time?

I’m less thinking he’s creepy and more thinking if I were a kid he’d be the kind of adult that annoyed the living shit out of me.


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Dead Feeb

SosfdavidO here, and we’re back with “What hearing loss?” Harry Dinkle in today’s strip. Tombat really wrote himself into a corner with this charcter– it’s hard to kill off someone based on a real life person you know. So Dinkle is a spry 70 year old forever while the rest of the Funky Bunch slowly catches up to him, eventually likely even passing him in age.

“Dead Feeb” is as good of a password as I could muster from the variety of options available from musical notes but I’m sure someone can do better!


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Funky Town

today’s strip
Here’s a quick entry for you night owls!


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Gorilla Marketing

Hi all! SosfDavidO here with a pain in my neck from trying to read today’s strip sideways.

Hey, hey, it’s a monkey! A gorilla to be more accurate, drawn by a man who ape-parently only has a basic understanding of what a gorilla looks like.

It’s true, though, gorilla covers on comics sold a lot of issues back in the day. TomBat isn’t the first to notice the phenomenon of course, but I have to wonder, Tom, if you’re going to do a throw-back gorilla cover, why not the simian golden age equivalent of Freebird by revamping the infamous Jimmy Olson marries a gorilla” cover?


This is what Gramps was reading, kids.



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SosfDavidO here, and I had to throw in a classic MST3K reference for today’s strip, which makes me want to hate alter-Pete and alter-Darrin even more. Really? You want a little kid to fail? Is that what we’re supposed to take away from that smirk? Is that a smirk or are they laughing about the situation and it’s a genuine smile? Who knows!


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