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Banks for the Memories

Ah, comic strips about young people! SoSfdavidO here just loves them. Does anyone know of any they can point me to? Because from the looks of today’s strip we’re veering dangerously back into Crankshaft’s turf again.

In any case, so someone can get *some* pleasure out of today’s strip, here’s the song in question. It’s actually a rather enjoyable jaunty number.

Memphis Blues


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The One Without Summer

Hi all! SoSfDavidO here, and actually I’m not sure what this week’s story arc is going to be about but I can almost say for certain that Link to today’s strip won’t be featuring Summer, the only true blood-heir of Lisa and Les, once the focus of the strip, now relegated to only appearing when someone needs help moving into the dump above Montoni’s or to show that Les knows how to use his Pinapple’s MyFaceTime app.


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Tales of Westspew

SosfdavidO here with nary a clue about what Sunday’s strip will be about! Your guess is as good as mine. I’ll swing back for a snark when there’s something to tear into!

Update; Tombat phoned this one in. You can tell because Les and Funky are jogging, his shorthand for “ah, damn it, whatever, let me crap something out.” as today’s sunday strip shows.

Of course, it’s all about Les. Les-Lisa. Lesa? Her head is floating in the masthead to bless the whole damn thing, but it’d be so much better if her head had been reduced to a skull.


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SosfdavidO here! As the week progresses Bull devolves into a vacant man-child barely capable of forming coherent thoughts, as today’s strip shows. Linda and Buck look like they’re about to ditch this freakshow and drive out of town to the nearest motel.

No, Bull, it’s not going to be okay. Not even close. You’re weaving into a Very Spechul Storyline and trust me, you don’t want to be there. Just ask Saint Lisa!


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Proba-Bull Brain Damage

SosfdavidO here, and it looks like more-handsome-than-90%-of-Westview-Men Buck feels a bit bad in today’s snoozer because he might be behind some of the football related injuries that Bull experiences whenever Tombat remembers he’s supposed to have them. Don’t worry, Buck, much like Dinkle’s hearing loss, the traumatic brain injury seems to come and go on a whim.


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Sonofdavido here with no preview available for tonight but here’s a placeholder for you night owls!


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Bull Run

Wow, the ol’ man didn’t lay it too easy on Bull in today’s harsh-a-thon, letting Bull know he had an obvious “tell” before running a play. Speaking of tells, this guy just TOLD Bull he’s an idiot and that the Scapegoats losses are squarely on his shoulders.

Whelp, enjoy the rest of your retirement Bull!


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Oh no he DIDnt

Finally, after wasting a week of everyone’s time, we finally find out in today’s strip an inkling of what Buck’s Guilt over winning games no one remembers but these two losers from over 30 years ago. Linda, in the meantime has made herself useful by bringing him some sort of unidentifiable artifact that I assume is cyanide-laced coffee.


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Buck Mild

Sosfdavido here, and whaddya know, what looked like a pudgy, older white guy finally turns around to reveal a pudgy, older white guy! Now even Tombat’s most rabid fans are scratching their heads and checking the archives to see if the guy rendered fairly lifelike in today’s panel 3 was actually a character or someone pulled out of thin air.

Given the level of detail compared to most of the melting-dough faced citizens of Westview I’m betting it’s yet another character based on an actual person. Whether said person is thrilled to be depicted in such a bleak comic is a whole other matter.

Linda, in panel 2, meanwhile, looks like she just got interrupted in the middle of a 2 day nitrous oxide binge. He could have introduced himself as Mr. Ed the Talking Horse and she’d probably be just as non-plussed.


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Weekend Buzzkill

There’s no preview available for Sunday’s Strip so who knows what it’ll be about. I’m putting my money on a “Les and Funky jogging” strip.

Update: Nope! The story line, which is moving at a glacier pace, has Mysterious Stranger getting up off his rump to make his way to the parking lot to find his car, which will probably eat up most of next week’s storyline.


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