Y Bother

SosfDavidO here, Guest Hosting for the week!

Hoo-boy. Two middle-aged clone women prattling on about comic books, what’s not to like about today’s strip?

And just to save people the trouble… The Y Chromosome on Wikipedia.

From the entry:

“The Y chromosome is one of two sex chromosomes (allosomes) in mammals, including humans, and many other animals.”

I can see why TomBat couldn’t pass up a comedy goldmine like this! The strip practically writes itself!


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19 responses to “Y Bother

  1. Rusty

    Looks like Batiuk wanted extra practice drawing “frumpy” this week.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Love the expository dialog, otherwise no one would remember who the hell Donna is supposed to be. You can bet your last dollar that the artwork is going to be mighty…uh…”interesting” this week too, as Holly and Donna are nearly indistinguishable even to the most hardened and jaded of FW readers. Looks like we’re in for a week of Holly talking about her idiotic SJ comics quest…again…as Batiuk attempts to shatter his own record for dragging out a premise. At this pace, Cory will be in the Old Soldier’s Rest Home by the time she finally finishes tracking down those missing issues. Maybe he’ll have dementia by that time too, just to add to the overall hilarity of it all.

  3. Yes, because comic books are an inherently masculine medium that no woman could ever possibly be interested in…

    (Sadly, there is a portion of comics fandom, and even among comics professionals, that seems intent on driving women away from “the boys’ clubhouse,” making that a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

  4. Good God, comic books again. It almost, almost makes me wish he’d use Lisa’s ghost again. No, not really. But c’mon, Tom Batiuk, a little variety never hurt anyone.

    The crust on the Funky Winkerbean pizza is getting mighty stale.

  5. Aunt Fritzi

    This is foreplay.They’re hot for each other.

  6. bayoustu

    Boy, how many total chins are visible in today’s strip?

  7. Gyre

    Help me out here internet. Who’s this Donna?

  8. Merry Pookster

    I had to think for a minute, What cruel game is Batiuk playing with me…” Why that’s another dumpy white has been white chick married to another loser”

  9. I had hoped that with Aging Goth Girl, Batiuk was getting past the notion that geekdom was an exclusively male institution. No such luck.

  10. marcusaurelius1

    I thought Donna had dark hair? I know Bull’s wife does. Need more heavy eyelids though.


    Contest: Who’s in worse physical condition? Holly? or Donna?

  12. I think maybe we’re getting set up for another Crankshaft cross-over this week.

  13. Helskor

    @Gyre, Donna used to be Donald, a kid who played arcade games at Montoni’s while wearing a motorcycle helmet in the Act I gag-strip days. Batiuk hamfistedly changed his/her gender so Crazy Harry could marry him/her in Act II.

  14. billytheskink

    Holly’s tone-deafness is amazing, and Donna’s irritated expression in panel 3 is totally appropriate.

    “Hello Donna, character whose only notable characteristic is being assumed to have been male in Acts I and II due to an interest in video games, computer hacking, and comic books. Boy, collecting comic books sure is a male-like thing to do, isn’t it? Next thing you know I’ll be wearing motorcycle gear and a helmet everywhere and calling myself ‘The Elimin…’ uh, make that ‘The Eradicator’. Yeah, that’s it.”

  15. bad wolf

    Wow, Holly and Donna. Let’s see if there’s any way to tell them apart on each day this week (eg., daily references to “my husband fatso” and “my main man semi-employable drug casualty”).

    Meanwhile, Batiuk continues to run Ayres into the ground with Jeff’s search for comics (and possible crossover). At least Jeff, like a person who exists in the early 21st century, looks for his desired issues on eBay.

    Crankshaft is supposed to be 10 years behind Funky.


    —-@Gyre, Donna used to be Donald, a kid who played arcade games at Montoni’s while wearing a motorcycle helmet in the Act I gag-strip days. Batiuk hamfistedly changed his/her gender so Crazy Harry could marry him/her in Act II.—-

    Hold a sec. You mean Batty had a chance to introduce a transexual person and he dropped the BALL???!!………………..

    Now c’mon. That’s funny guys. You have to admit it!!!

  17. What this week should be about: Donna and Crazy trying to survive on less money since Crazy lost his postal job and is now working part time at Komix Korner–not to mention what happened to Maddie, who’s been seen in ONE strip since her graduation.
    What this week probably will be about: Comic books.

  18. This is proof that Batiuk is the comic geek other comic geeks avoid.

  19. And—let’s add biology to the list of things Batiuk knows nothing about. Not only do women not have a Y chromosome, but human cloning is not yet a thing, yet here we have 2 middle-aged women who are obviously clones having a conversation.

    “Perfect!” cried Tom Batiuk as he sent this strip out a year ago, channeling the spirit of Ed Wood. “Print it!”