Tom B-Attic

Panel 2 means something to someone. Anyone wanna help a confused SoSfDavidO here with today’s strip?


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  1. crm114

    Isn’t that a young dirtball Ed Crankshaft? (Doubling the misery and pain for all of us with a crossover.)

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Now don’t YOU pitch any fits, Batom fans, because “Strike Four! The Crankshaft Baseball Book”, due on April 15, is available for pre-order on Amazon RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Get yours TODAY before it’s (chortle) too late!

    While this isn’t quite as shameless as the time he spent six months hawking that woeful cancer book, still, a pretty lame attempt at some sort of unholy “cross-promotion”, I guess. This couldn’t possibly have any less to do with comic book collecting either. And who the hell brings strangers into their father’s attic to poke around in their stuff like that? Ridiculous, pointless and of course really stupid too. But you already knew that going in.

  3. Guest Page Turner Author

    Author just seems to be bent on humiliating seniors.

    “The man in this photo was once a handsome,healthy baseball player, but now we just smirk about his frustration at getting old”

    Cindy Mindy and Holly Donna need some lessons in life. It’s not all about comic book collecting, eating pizza, or showing up the boys, ladies!

  4. Mr. B.Lumpkin

    Sure looks like Crankshaft to me, too.

  5. Wouldn’t the punchline be better as “He used to pitch fastballs, now he just pitches fits”? I know, I know…in one ear and out the other.

    Still, I don’t think I’ve heard the phrase “throws fits” before.

  6. Ha ha! Now he’s an old man who has seizures!

  7. Merry Pookster

    Is Lisa the only one who dies around here?
    Ed Crankshaft was a WWII vet and we’re 10 years in the future

  8. Chyron HR

    Better panel three joke: “But I’m sure YOU know what it’s like to get old.”

  9. Saturnino

    “Ed Crankshaft was a WWII vet and we’re 10 years in the future”

    Welcome to the new consolidated strip:

    Funked Crankerbean

  10. Cranked Funkshaft Beans

  11. So now that Crankshaft is too decrepit to bore everyone witg stories of his brief baseball career, his next of kin are doing it for him.


    This crossover would work a lot better if we actually liked Ed Crankshaft……Come to think if it we don’t like anyone in Funky Winkerbean, either. But it just goes to Batiuk’s complete obliviousness to his art. Ed Crankshaft is not Archie Bunker. Wwe don’t like him in spite of himself. We loathe him to the point that we can’t wait for the miserable SOB to take a dirt nap!!

  13. billytheskink

    I like Holly’s knowing smirk. “Funky throws fits too… *sigh* Nonagenarians…”

    “That woman can’t be Mindy Murdock. She’s off at Kent State with Maddie and Jinx!”
    Given John Darling’s appearance in the football field one, I don’t think the Kent State murals are Batiukverse canon… Though really, I’m not sure blonde Rachel in today’s Crankshaft is canon either. The idea of using Montoni’s pizza to poison squirrels makes sense, though.

  14. bad wolf

    Wait a second… isn’t today’s Crankshaft set in Montoni’s, with a (occasionally blonde) Rachel? At the same age she always is


  15. bad wolf

    Sorry billytheskink, just missed your catching it.

  16. Charles

    I love the obliviousness with which Batiuk sets up this strip. Yeah, you have a guest into your home, a portly woman who might be a friend of a friend but certainly isn’t someone you’re close to, looking for special comic books for her son, and you invite her into your house and take her up to your attic. And once you’re there, you start showing her random crap that she can’t possibly care any less about. Will Mindy take Holly on a tour of the house’s crawl spaces next? Surely there’s a sleeping bag or an article of clothing under there that’s worth a story!

  17. @Charles – ” you invite her into your house and take her up to your attic.”

    Where Frank kills her.

  18. O.B. Dan

    Just so we’re all on the same page – for those of you who don’t follow minor league baseball, or at least not the International League, Crankshaft’s Mudhens, the Toledo Mudhens, are the Detroit Tigers’ Triple A affiliate; though like almost all minor league teams, they have had a host of affiliations. Wikipedia’s history dates make this team the same Mudhens team M*A*S*H*’s Klinger followed.