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“Unnatural hand gestures” ahoy!  I don’t recommend looking very closely at panel two, because you’ll probably end up like me:  wondering what the hell those body parts are supposed to be, and how they got there.

Panel three is pretty good nightmare fuel as well; those of you with small children might want to cut it out and paste it on cardboard, to see if you can use it to make the kids eat their peas.  Tell them she’s hiding under the bed, and only vegetables keep her away.

I do have to admire the way she’s all prepped and ready to…watch the progress of an online auction.  Not to actually do anything (strictly forbidden in the Funkyverse anyway)…but just sit there and watch, and hope no one outbids her.  The excitement just never ends, does it?  Well, that’s because it never begins either but you can’t have everything.  You should have learned that by now.


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15 responses to “The Gamesman

  1. Epicus Doomus

    The really sad part is that despite all her knuckle-cracking bravado she’ll undoubtedly just screw it all up somehow. It’s what Winkerbeans do. The only question is what tired trope will Batom use here? “Hapless mom eaten alive in cutthroat world of comic collecting”? Or “comic books on the house for army moms”? Or some deeply boring variation of those two tropes or maybe even a new even more boring resolution no one even considered because it was too dull for regular people to imagine? My guess: probably.

  2. Wow, Holly means business. Usually that kind of contemptuous sneer is reserved for killers, evil reality show producers, and Crankshaft.

  3. Guest Page Turner Author

    At this point, I am just watching. It’s all so boring. I am going to just hit random keys: heuristic Polk Jff shuts fabulous .

    Awesome! I love how Jff was so programmed in the iPad!

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Bring… what, exactly? If Holly’s gonna try her hand at sniping, I hope she understands that she needs to type numbers and not the words “Mysonisinafghanistanistanistan.” Anyway, didn’t she already bid her wad on Monday? How much more in default does she want her home mortgage to fall? (Only a problem if she actually wins the auction or isn’t miraculously given the issue for free)

  5. Wouldn’t it be easier to ram a car into Funky so that he can go back in time again and tell himself to keep his whole SJ collection, boarded & bagged, plus a few extra copies of #1? You know, for retirement.

  6. Watch this. The ‘cruel’ person who ‘selfishly’ outbids Incompetent-by-nature-because-she’s-a-gross-smelly-old-GIRL!!!!! at the last second because computers are EVIL is either Rocky or Corey.

  7. Well, being handed the issue for free because her son is in Iraqistan is the most likely outcome. This way, she can think that she’s a computer expert the same way she thought she was a savvy trader after that vet just plain shoved the issue in her hand at a loss because it’s for the troops.

  8. Epicus Doomus: The really sad part is that despite all her knuckle-cracking bravado she’ll undoubtedly just screw it all up somehow. It’s what Winkerbeans do.

    It’s what Moores do too!

  9. Professor Fate

    Maybe while she’s waiting she can bid on a used copy of Lisa’s Story or Fallen Star the book about Jess’s father John Darling, who was murdered.

  10. Merry Pooskster

    Last minute bidding wars on E-bay can be fun and certainly challenging. Yes there is a “strategy” ….what does not work is trying to just counter other bids by the minimal increment.Just a 3-7 second processing delay with your computer can lose out….especially with auto-matic bidding.
    Yes on occasion I do the e-bay thing…..So I’;; be keen to see how Tom spins this.

  11. Ebay auto-updates the bid statuses now so there isn’t even the thrill of the manual refresh.

  12. Subtitle of today’s strip – Damn, I’ve got three more days to kill for this week’s arc.

  13. Smirks 'R Us

    Holly gets that look like in p3 at other times too. Like when the dessert cooler at Montoni’s is down to the last piece of pie. Then she implores Funky to join a gym.

  14. Saturnino

    “It’s what Moores do too!”

    Look at the right hands in both of those, and the arms. They both have the same deformities!

    Is it the Westview gene pool?? Maybe Westview is the inspiration for that show about the domed town????

  15. batgirl

    I guess it wouldn’t work with the time jump disjunct, but I really wish Holly would turn out to be the one who outbid Jeff and stole the comic he wanted.