Doofus ex Machina


I’d been of the opinion that these “Funky and Fitness Girl” arcs are all about how Funky is made to suffer at the hands of his personal trainer. But the torture is reciprocal…how does she put up with his idiocy? She’s been working with him for nine months and he still doesn’t know how to use the pulldown machine? I wish Fitness Girl would “grab the bar” and beat Funky “overhead” with it!


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    And I thought FW was a “comic” strip. Seriously, how long has this thing been dragging on? Feels like months. Note to TB: “gag-a-day” doesn’t mean a variation of the SAME gag each day, FYI.

  2. Rembrandt36

    Aaand Funky is back to being a little thinner and a little more hair on his head. Good job Mr. Batiuk!

  3. sgtsaunders

    The part of Funky Winkerbean is now being played by Zippy the Pinhead.

  4. You know, personal trainers don’t come free…does Funky enjoy paying this woman for the sole purpose of passive-aggressively resisting her attempts to help him? Is this how he gets his kicks?

  5. Mason Jarr

    I am seriously upset about how brainless and awful this strip has become. Is Battic trying to be funny? He’s not. Is Battic trying to be clever? He’s not. Is Battic trying to express how difficult it is for senior citizens to exercise and stay healthy? He’s not.

    Is Battic being a total condescending prick toward folks trying to keep and maintain their health? He is.

    Is any of this interesting or amusing? It is not.

  6. Mason – it’s quite simple, really. The only people who read Funky Winkerbean are those who say it has been terrible for well over a decade, and that Les Moore is the worst character of all time.

    Rather than view this criticism as a means to construct something worthwhile, Tom Batiuk has decided instead that he will stop the criticism by making the strip so utterly, completely boring and lifeless that people eventually stop reading it.

    Once all the critics are gone, Tom Batiuk will then be free to…well, I haven’t actually figured that part out. I feel pretty sure it’ll be boring, though.

  7. What really bothers me is that back when he cared, he didn’t linger lazily like this. We’d have had Funky not get the point of things one day and move on to something else the next….but then he lost interest in being funny and simply cared about reaching the fifty year mark.

  8. DOlz

    @Paul Jones, sort of like how Strom Thurmond was determined to be the first Senator to reach a 100 years old while still in the Senate. Of course this meant that every night they trucked over to Walter Reed Hospital and then back to the Senate during the day. Those last years he did nothing except breath. It was pointless, a waste of time, and taxpayer money. Say what you will about TB, but he’s not wasting taxpayer money in his pursuit of a milestone for a millstone’s sake.

  9. DOlz

    Oops should have been “milestone for milestone’s sake. After all this strip is his milestone and our millstone.

  10. captaincab

    This strip is so lazy and unfunny it makes Garfield look like Pearls Before Swine levels of humor.

  11. billytheskink

    I would argue, DOlz, that TB is wasting taxpayer money every time the weight of his car wears on the public roads when he drives to buy art supplies.

  12. Orbiter

    Every variation of the “lat pulldown machine” requires the user to face into the machine. Funky is clearly using a machine just the opposite. It will require him to perform an abdominal crunch with heavy resistance from overhead. Thus causing him to spew forth pizza and die. Or maybe he is already in his own particular Hell. As are his readers.