Ambulance Blues

It looks like that visit from a college coach didn’t lead to a job offer for Bull. And that’s too bad. Not for Bull, but for the hapless Scapegoats, who can look forward to another season of futility, playing for a dimwitted, incompetent coach who badmouths rather than encourages them.


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17 responses to “Ambulance Blues

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Get a load of Dickface, smirking away as the school’s “athletic director” openly mocks his own incompetence. Les, the great paragon of virtue himself, thinks it’s funny how Bull essentially steals his salary year after year while screwing over a bunch of kids who just wanted to play football. Grinning like a moron because someone’s getting paid for doing nothing…there’s that author/avatar thing again, eh? What a despicable dick. Why the f*ck is Les even involved here? I hate it when TB punish-trolls us like that.

  2. CRM114

    Again with the “art” work. What is panel 2 lower left side supposed to be showing?? A player behind and offset of center facing the wrong way? Or maybe a helmet sitting on some pillows? This strip gives me nightmares awake AND sleeping.

  3. bad wolf

    Is that quarterback bad boy made good, Jarod? Or worse boy back for his tenth year, Wedgeman?

    Who cares? The author doesn’t.

  4. Tom Batiuk is slipping badly in panel one. Les’ question makes him look unobservant and imperceptive–traits we’re surely not supposed to associate with Les Moore. Better would have been “Are you going to have an ambulance at every practice this year, Bull?” Ten points off, Mr. Batiuk, ten points off.

  5. Rick Brooks

    Great Neil Young reference, TFH!

  6. Charles

    So a struggling sports department in a school with a constantly shrinking budget somehow manages to find the money to equip its entire team with Riddell Revolution helmets. For a team that is a yearly laughingstock.

    And that’s probably not their most egregious waste of money, since they apparently hired a head coach who doesn’t actually coach. Instead, he slouches out of earshot like some disinterested dad, having snide discussions with an English teacher who just wandered by and doesn’t care about football, who can’t possibly have anything less important to do himself.

    Just watch as Batiuk runs the “Westview cuts the school budget” storyline yet again while remaining oblivious to how that might actually affect the school’s employees and how they perform.

  7. You know, I get why Les and Bull are friends now. They have so much in common–like their absolute contempt for their students and their complete obliviousness as to how this affects said students’ performance.

  8. In case you missed it, these teachers are dicks.

  9. bigd1992

    Les as punchable as ever

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Charles: Oh yeah, the annual levy arc, where the WHS faculty pretends to give a shit before they go right back to sneering at and mocking the students in that half-assed way of theirs. It’s difficult to believe that any parent would allow their child to play football under the watch of that fat moron who’s spent the last twenty years cracking wise about how much he sucks. These people are all awful, awful characters, created by a madman with a very peculiar agenda of some sort, one that makes less sense the more you try to figure it out.

  11. And yet none of these smirking incompetents can connect their arrogant, sneering disregard for the well-being of their charges with the parents of said children trying to get the place shut down so that there’ll be only one high school in the area. It’s like how Ed Crankshaft is too stupid to connect HIS arrogant disregard to the property of others with the rage directed at HIM.

  12. Flummoxicated

    Mean spirited douchebags – welcome to Funky Winkerbean, everyone!

  13. sgtsaunders

    Once again, TB demonstrates his visceral hatred of men’s athletics. I suspect we’ll be in for a weeks of Coach Dumbass trying to run a “hurry-up offense” with a “don’t give a shit” team while Les smirks and giggles on the sideline. Gil needs to let Mr. Standish know there’s a real chump coach at Westview that will let any hood off the street play quarterback and Truman would be a shoe-in. Bull would probably strip the number 7 right off a player’s back for Tru, while Les smirks and giggles on the sideline.

  14. billytheskink

    Is there anything more appropriately Westview than an ambulance with a black cross painted on the side?

  15. To be fair, Bull just wants to put in the minimum time and effort necessary for his job, so he can get back to his true passion–collecting old comic books.


    Um, doesn’t he have a star QB now in J-Rod? What happened to him? Did he turn out not to be as good a QB? Did he decide that football is not his thing and went back to smoking in the bathroom? Did he decide to finally become Darkman? Did he got swallowed up by the continuity void?? Plotlines, Batiuk!!! Finish them!!