Band Busters

The hits keep on coming: yesterday Bull was suggesting his players might “die of embarrassment”; today he’s dissing the band, and this time, Bull isn’t even smiling. It’s unclear exactly what hazard the marching band presents to the football team, but at least in Becky they have a leader who shows some commitment and is slightly (just slightly) less condescending and dismissive.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    This one will probably be the highlight of the week, as you can’t see Les’ face at all. The back of his head is pretty annoying though, as are those obnoxious glasses of his. And you know he’s sneering in amusement even though you can’t see it. There is no doubt in my mind.

    I think that maybe Bull is referencing the band’s history of putting on really outrageous and dangerous performances. Of course to know that you’d have to remember back when that was a regular FW gag he used all the time when the two-armed guy was directing the band. Bear in mind that this is a comic strip that took over four decades to give Funky’s father a name, so it’s definitely plausible.

  2. Wait, I thought the band was the Pride and Joy of Westview (insofar as they have any of either) which needed a whole extra wing for the sheer number of trophies they won every year? Did they finally get sucked into the black hole of apathy and failure that has consumed everything else in this strip? Also, what does any of this have to do with the ambulance thing?

  3. I like to think that panel three is an “outtake,” where the guy playing Bull let his real weary, tired, bored expression come out, instead of the wry smirk he was supposed to make. You can just see it in his face: Week after week of this crap. I have got to get a better job.

  4. Rusty

    How do you segue from talking about an ambulance to whatever that mantra is supposed to be? WTF?

  5. HAnzMFG

    What’s with the guys’ skin tone here? I was gonna say they were turning into zombies from Thriller but then I realized that the word ‘thrill’ belongs nowhere near anything involving the Funkyverse. To be fair everybody turning into zombies would be the most interesting and awesome story this strip has ever had, even though it would still be told in the most boring and tragic way possible.

  6. There is not a single young person anywhere near this scene. Why is perennially broke Westview High hiring an ambulance when there is no practice going on at all? In fact, none of the things for which the ambulance is standing by are at hand: not thunder, not lightning, not football players, and not the band.

    So, what are Les and Bull doing there? Ponderous!

  7. Epicus Doomus

    If I’m wrong and Bull is actually mocking the band’s ineptitude, all I can say is huh? Since when is the marching band a laughingstock too? What is so funny about these educators doing a piss-poor job? It makes no sense at all and it’s an especially shitty and pointless gag.

    But I really do believe he’s trying to reference the spectacular Dinkle halftime shows of yore here, with the flaming batons and band majorette explosions and what not. I mean yes, it’s really weak and really obscure but it’s the only way this alleged gag even comes close to making sense. Even though he hasn’t done one of those arcs in ages, he thinks it’s “common knowledge” that the WHS band is downright dangerous thus to him this joke makes complete sense.

  8. While it is sort of nice that he remembers the band is a wrecking crew, Batiuk loses sight of the fact that since no one has seen them do that since Holly stopped setting her hair on fire, no one associates the band with massive destruction.

  9. billytheskink

    Bull’s heavy-lidded band “joke” seems fairly detached from the ambulance’s presence. I inferred from it that Lefty takes those “football fields are for BAND PRACTICE!” posters as seriously as Dinkle did and, like Dinkle, has the power to kick the football team off of the field whenever she feels like holding band practice.

    Why is perennially broke Westview High hiring an ambulance when there is no practice going on at all?

    The ambulance operator probably saw Bull walking out of Montoni’s, got $$ in his eyes, and just started following him around. The whole “state requirement” deal is just a cover story.

  10. So we have Chekhov’s ambulance at the football field. Are we gearing up for the “Bull has a massive coronary” arc?

  11. Flummoxicated

    Stupid non-sequitur, crappy writing and artwork, I would be very surprised if Mr. One Quarter Inch From Reality didn’t pull “oh, it’s a state law that an ambulance has to be here for practice” from his butt.

  12. carriekube1

    What makes this easier to go through is the thought that in real life, Bull would’ve been fired years ago.

  13. Epicus Doomus

    It’s just weird, because to get the joke you have to recall jokes that took place long, long ago when all the characters looked completely different. When was the last “epic catastrophe during halftime show” gag? There have been a few retcon jobs/flashbacks but that joke goes all the way back to when Dinkle could still hear. But I guess to Author Guy it’s still fresh and (chortle) funny.