Head linesman for the county


Today’s strip

Awkward dialogue
Makes this look like a drug deal
At a Foot Locker

Where are Bull’s players?
Empty sideline, cardboard crowd
Bull got game time wrong


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30 responses to “Head linesman for the county

  1. Epicus Doomus

    This one isn’t too bad by this week’s standards. No puns, no wordplay, nothing to do with weather or Les, no one doing or saying anything especially idiotic and a joke that fits the premise too. Sure, it’s total filler, does nothing to advance the (guffaw) “story” and it isn’t really particularly funny or anything, but still.

    Now that’s it’s already Friday you have to wonder how and when the actual game gets wrapped up. Does he finish that up on Sunday or are we in for another week? Remember, this is a comic strip that once needed three or four days to show Summer making a free throw.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I’m guessing the reason they’re inexplicably close in the second panel is because Bull is giving the ref a bribe. Right in front of the stadium. Which would fit nicely with my theory of the team winning the championship, but being disqualified afterwards.

  3. Rusty

    It’s called writing.

  4. Awkward dialogue
    Makes this look like a drug deal
    At a Foot Locker

    HOTW (Haiku of the Week)

  5. Jeffcoat Wayne

    So anyway, it stopped raining.

  6. The ref immediately wonders how many calls he can turn against the Scapegoats without making it too obvious.

  7. Another fine example of the Westview poster-taper-upper’s craft.

  8. ComicTrek

    Why does EVERY strip seem like the characters are at a funeral or something?

  9. Epicus Doomus

    TFHackett: Awesome catch. The eternal struggle between Westviewians and adhesive tape is definitely my favorite-ever long-running FW gag. You’d think that the odds would suggest that eventually someone in Westview would hang a hand-lettered banner or sign with straight, symmetrical pieces of tape, but it never happens. It’s literally every single time, too. I know TB does that because he thinks it looks “folksy” in a cornball sort of way but it just makes everyone look stupid and uncoordinated if you ask me. My guess is that there’s an awful lot of lead paint in that town.

  10. Apropos of nothing…

    That’s it.

  11. It’s the little touches like their complete helplessness with adhesive tape and the accompanying refusal to buy a tape roller like regular people that reminds us how much of their misery they bring on themselves. There’s an easy way to do it they’re too proud to go about doing.

  12. billytheskink

    Is that a light pole in front of the stands in panel 1? Stadium builders figured out not to do that they day after the first stadium was lighted.

  13. I honestly don’t understand what the joke is supposed to be. Is Bull actually offering a bribe to the official for preferential treatment? Is the joke that not only is Bull an incompetent coach, but he has no concept of ethics either?


    I would suggest that Bull is trying to bribe the referee, but what could Bull possible have to use as a bribe? Buy 1 get one free coupons from Montoni’s?

  15. Jim in Wisc.

    Dear God, this just keeps getting dumber by the day. Batiuk needs to stop writing. Period. It should be pretty obvious by now that he’s just marking time until the strip hits the 50 year mark in a few more years.

  16. I predict this apparent bribery arc will go exactly nowhere. This scene will become a throwaway, never to be mentioned again. A year ago, there was going to be a bribery arc, but then he changed his mind, like Funky at a bar with a vodka and orange. But there’s no way he’s going to the effort to replace this now senseless installment. That’s just how they roll at Batom, Inc.

  17. captaincab

    Wow, I’m having a Lewis Black kind of, “Is this real?? Am I really seeing this??” kind of moment. Seriously, this is just bizzare. Like bad student film levels of weirdness going on here.

  18. captaincab

    BTW, has anyone ever been able to confirm if “RedRonin” or another user on Comics Kingdom really is Tom Batiuk posting there?

  19. captaincab

    Sorry for the triple post, here is a choice post from RedRonin from 11/3, I hope this isn’t really Batiuk because if it is he is sad, crank of a man and deserves all the ire directed at both he and the strip:

    “RedRonin • 4 days ago

    Suspension of disbelief reigns with the jobless today. Once again they expect a three panel strip to rigidly conform the their narrow views and timelines, each one different based on the sock puppet complaining at the time. Nevertheless, they whine as one with their displeasure. Keep kicking that straw many boys. It’s about to cry “uncle”.”

  20. captaincab

    Skimming through his comments, basically 99% of RedRonin’s posts call critics of the strip “jobless losers.” So if it’s not Batiuk, it’s a really over the top conservative who for some reason is using criticism of FW as an odd conduit to grind his political axe.

  21. captaincab

    “RedRonin • 16 days ago

    The jobless are up in arms because the characters aren’t doing anything for the guy on the bench. Of course, its rather plain to see that neither of them have a stash of blankets, food or cash on them. They aren’t standard compliments for morning runs. That takes a functioning brain cell and the motivation to use it, though. Way too much work for this bunch.”

    “RedRonin • 22 days ago

    What a great surprise! And the forthcoming arc about the trip will have the jobless in an upper-register level of shrill because it’s taking too long…..unless they complain about it being too short. It really isn’t relevant, anyway. They’ll whine for the sake of itself.”

    Only someone who either really IS the artist in a perpetually bad and arrogant mind state or a psychotic hardcore fan would post this way. Sorry again for the additional comments in here, but yeah, these posts are something else.

  22. captaincab

    Last example, I promoise:

    “RedRonin • a month ago

    Another nice strip. Giving praise for those that contribute is always appreciated by the recipients. The annual “Let’s dump on the Lisa’s Legacy Run” event has now come to a close for the habitual complainers. Autumn is upon us, so the harping about leaves will take its place. Actually, the subject matter is irrelevant. They’ll have their whine and cheese party regardless.”

    Best prime evidence so far that it could very well be him. Who else but Batiuk (or like I said, a really crazed fan) would specifically gripe about how incensed they are that readers would *dare be tired of hearing about maters involving Lisa?*

  23. captaincab

    Promise, ha. Sorry for the typo.

  24. captaincab

    And matters obviously, not “mater.” Ugh, anyways, wow:

    “RedRonin • a month ago

    Easy going arc this week about the run. Same complaints by the same whiners.

    An interesting note below is that the author of the strip is doing a talk next week. It will be interesting to read the notes from the armchair quarterbacks that attend and set him straight on all the things they find deficient about the strip. Yeah, like that would happen. No stones face-to-face.”

    Oh really? Apparently Batiuk thinks all Stuck Funky readers are “jobless” cowards who would be too scared to criticise him over the strip in person. Hmmm. I think there are plenty of SoSF readers who would be more than up to this very personal challenge.

    I also think it’s funny that Batiuk/this person pretends to not realize that the “jobless losers” he lambasts who actually have the time to bother to reading and riffing on his strips are obviously in an office or workplace somewhere. This guy is apparently is deluded enough to think that constant pizza and comic book references and lame school jokes = “Most of the readership are new young readers and anyone ele is an unemployed malcontent or a homeless person using a library computer!”


    — I think there are plenty of SoSF readers who would be more than up to this very personal challenge. —

    I would. Just name the time and place Batiuk, I would be more than happy to join in with the other posters in going to a conference panel in Ohio.

    Course I would need to take some off from my job 🙂

  26. Epicus Doomus

    IMO I seriously doubt it’s him. He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself unless it’s fawning praise for “tackling an issue”. Otherwise he likes to keep FW nicely under the radar, obscure, anonymous, unknown. Too much attention might cause someone somewhere at CK to actually read the thing regularly and if that ever happens the jig is up.

  27. And the forthcoming arc about the trip will have the jobless in an upper-register level of shrill because it’s taking too long…..unless they complain about it being too short.

    I don’t think I have ever complained about a FW story being “too short.” They’re all drawn out to a painful degree. A suitable length for most of them would be zero panels.

  28. Epicus Doomus

    “Too short”…LOL, that’s a good one. I generally avoid the CK comments, there’s some funny stuff going on there but way too much aimless back & forth with the personal attacks and etc. My guess would be that any “pro FW” commenter is almost definitely just trolling. Until I meet someone, somewhere who professes to be a big FW fan, I refuse to believe any exist.

  29. @captaincab — My sense, for what it’s worth, is that, if anything, the real Tom Batiuk leans slightly left of center, so the RedRonin crank doesn’t sound like the real guy. By all accounts, the real TB is a decent enough guy. He’s… he’s just not very good at his job. Though I don’t forgive him for his portrayal of women or gay kids.

  30. captaincab

    Interesting, thanks guys. So this RedRonin is probably just your textbook internet nutjob. Still floored someone would take such personal offense at criticism of Funky Winkerbean and use *that* as their axe to grind a specific hateful agenda? Wow, only on the internet.