Days of Whine and Roses

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So, in paragraph one, Bull outlines Westview’s number one fear:  My life will change.  Ghastly, ghastly thought!  No, no, no, life should be spent forever in one’s high school, in one’s birth town, among the only people you’ve known in your existence!  Argh, away with you, change!

Bull then goes on in panel two to detail all the things he hates, wrapping up in the last panel with the fact that people will expect results from him in his new position.  Linda thinks it’s just grand that more people will expect better results from Bull–after all, it means a better life for her and who cares if it stresses out Bull?  He’s just a dumb jock!

It sure sounds to me like Bull is trying extra hard to talk himself out of taking the job.  You can tell this is serious–they’re eating in a restaurant that is obviously not Montoni’s, a restaurant that has some half-seen pictures on the wall instead of inexplicable stains.  Seriously, where is this place?  Is it in Westview or–gasp–somewhere outside?  Yikes!  Obviously you’d only dine here if you were expecting some really bad news, or you knew you were going to die shortly.

Look at the poor old man in panel two, squinting to read the menu, hoping that the Act II Les Moore-shaped tumor sprouting from his head won’t kill him before he has a chance to eat something other than pizza.  Quick, quick, he thinks.  What’s something I’ve always wanted to try but was never able to until this moment of release?  Uh…seafood?  What’s that?  Oh. My.  God.  My ticket is going to be punched at last!


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13 responses to “Days of Whine and Roses

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Linda didn’t want to have sex with Bull, but instead just wanted him to change for dinner.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Again we see Batom portraying his non-Lisa female characters as nothing more than one-dimensional shrews. Linda spends 90% of her time rolling her eyes and making snide comments about her idiotic husband. But when he achieves some personal and/or financial success, she’s all over him. Then today, she ignores his legitimate concerns about the DUI job and harps on him about the “bigger house” they’re in line for if and when Bull takes his new job. What a piece of work, to put it politely.

  3. Hey, as long as it means she’ll see less of her husband and the stress might hasten his demise, Linda’s all for it!

  4. Nathan Obral

    A dinner date between Linda and Bull? Aw man. I was looking forward to starting a petition calling for a name change of the strip to Willy Wakker.

    Of course, leave it for Bull to risk blowing a DUI gig.

  5. Rusty

    That is absolutely an Applebees or Dennys. Bull and Linda are pluggers.
    Life in a fishbowl? DUI isn’t Ohio State, it’s probably the equivalent of some Division 2 directional state college branch.

  6. Gyre

    I’d like to say thanks for having the strip still visible because, as of 12:12 AM Eastern time, even going to still doesn’t get me the current page.

    Well, on topic, a few days ago we got to see Bull dancing and tossing papers into the air. Even as late as yesterday he still looked happy. He sure came down from that exuberance fast, didn’t he? And I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of this up till Friday at least.

    TFH sez: I appreciate your readership, but the updates on your travails with Comics Kingdom are getting to be tiresome. Here’s a link to CK’s help page, please take it up with them. Thanks.

  7. What I like about it is it’s all about how it affects him because he’s got a penis. The idea of her life being negatively affected can’t occur to him because he’s the creation of a jackass with an effed-up view of women.

  8. MJ

    I find it telling that he says “my life” will change, not “our lives” will change.

  9. billytheskink

    “Pardon me, waitress? There’s hair all over the backs of our seats… and this tastes like Cheerwine in the stemware.”

    “I’m terribly sorry sir, I’ll get my manager.”

    “Sorry? No, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. This is just like home, right down to the small jar of leeks on the dinner table.”

  10. Flummoxicated

    Set the annoyance factor to 11, y’all! We all know the Bushkas are destined to stay in Westview, so this is just filler. And Diversity University Irontown is the absolutely most stupid name for a fake university ever


    I feel so sorry for that poor guy in the glasses squinting to read the menu in panel 2. I can sympathize. These diners and restaurants keep printing their menu items in smaller an smaller fonts to accommodate more items on even less paper. It really is a sign of the times. Maybe the character needs a better presciption. Is he far-sighted. Maybe his insurance doesn’t pay for good vision. Sad……… What? Oh,…yeah. The plotline about Bull. Sorry about. Blah, blah, blah, another Funky Winkerbean character is complaining about the pressures of an opportunity few people ever get in life. *yawn*

  12. captaincab

    Linda has got to have one of, if not THE most hideous hair dos of any modern female comic strip character. Her part completely exposes her scalp and extends all the way to the back of her head causing it to look like she’s either wearing a laughably awful wig or a combination of a clam and the smoke monster from Lost are devouring her cranium.

    And Bull has the expression of someone who just had a lobotomy in panel one.

  13. ComicTrek

    So the real Les has been hiding out all these years, eh? Can’t say I blame him.