Link to today’s strip.

Monday’s strip was not available for preview.  Now I know what you’re thinking–oh God he’s going to go on and on about something really stupid–but fear not, gentle reader.

For instead, I give you: bees.

That’s right–Bees!



Behold – BEES!!



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28 responses to “Bees!

  1. I would face the most possibly aggressive, viciously defensive Japanese giant hornets or Africanized honey bees over being swarmed by Les bees.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    Almost makes colony collapse seem like a good thing.

  3. Nathan Obral

    Did someone say BEES???

    At least we now know why St. Les the Righteous Smirker always wears that yellow shirt.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Geez BC, you gotta warn a person before inflicting that sort of terror upon them. I hear these Westviewinized bees can become aggressively smug after being separated from their queen. Seems they never really get over it fully either.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    It’s only a matter of time before someone makes a lesbian comment.

  6. DOlz

    That will teach me to look at this blog before I go to sleep … if I ever sleep again.

  7. ^^^ Fear not, SpacemanSpiff, that person has been banned.

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    Ugh, “The Last Leaf”. It’s got to be one of the most mind-boggling things in this strip. “You know that guy from that book where his wife died of cancer? Well, he married a black woman later on. Wouldn’t that make a heck of a graphic novel, surely better than Watchmen or Maus?”. Although the fact that he’s probably gotten Darrin to draw it for free, and probably had that woman who ran the Chinese restaurant next to Montoni’s print it for him in a Chinese sweatshop for free explains a lot.

  9. Nathan Obral

    Oh, joy. Back to the “Last Leaf Train to Wackiness” with St. Les the Righteous Smirker gushing over St. Darin the Fair Good’s artwork.

    Bring on those damned bees.

  10. Then why not throw the thing away? And how did it not make the other papers sticky/hard and brittle?

    (*On a side note, those Les bees are super funny!*)

  11. Epicus Doomus

    That panel one hatchet face is possibly the worst Boy Lisa drawing ever. It’s laughably terrible, I mean it isn’t even close. It’s like he can only draw one nose now and everyone gets it regardless of what they looked like before.

    Oh yeah, Boy Lisa’s leaf doodles that Les offered to caption instead of buying his wife a real gift. I remember that now. Blech. I hate it when you forget an especially nauseating FW story arc then it re-appears out of nowhere like that. I’m guessing that based on that stupid milk gag this is shaping up to be a week’s worth of “fatherhood is hard” jokes featuring a lot of (sigh) smirking. “The Last Leaf”…LOL, I mean come on.

  12. We complained that TB drops arcs in the middle. We should have been more careful what we wished for. There’s one thing that puzzles me, though—why is Mason Jarr playing the role of Durrhey the MBA comic artist?

  13. And this, sadly, will lead to another self-indulgent sequence in which Les smirks, whines and puns his way into setting back Sino-American relations to the 1960s.

  14. A HREF

    The best artwork is when an unseen character who is the grandson of the dead Lisa spills milk. Anyhoo…
    Wanna bet Cayla dies before the graphic novel goes to press? And is then the graphic novel is auctioned? And then it is optioned to a movie? A movie that is never made? But has more plot holes than King Kong? Or should I say Moore plot holes than King Kong and then SMIRK.

    Where’s my Pulitzer nomination?

  15. Les is happiest with the part where Cayla gradually becomes white.

  16. So, when did Durwood magically become a comic book artist with enough talent to produce a graphic novel? I only know him as an unemployed MBA who is eking out a living developing pizza apps and raising a family in an upstairs apartment with a hazardous entrance. Had we ever seen him drawing anything before? Did he acquire the skills by osmosis from Mopey Pete?

    And nice work with the BEES, though I was personally hoping it would be Les Moore covered in bees a’la Little Nicky. The bee swarm with Les-heads is the stuff that night terrors are made of.

  17. bad wolf

    @oddnoc and bobanero–it was before my time but i think Durwood and Mopey Pete did a comic strip for the Westview High student paper. (The ‘examples’ of the comic-within-a-comic were not artistically… impressive.) Since Mopey is now a ‘big shot comic writer‘ for DC or Marvel or Batom Inc that would imply that Darin was the artist; however in last year’s SJ arc Holly traded an original drawing by Pete to the big-shot comic collector, which leads us to conclusion that both Pete and Darin were artists or that TB can’t remember either.

    As others point out above, Darin has an MBA, not an MFA

  18. Nathan Obral

    See, if St. Darin the Fair Good wanted to do a professional job on this piece of self-absorption masquerading as a graphic novel, he would have had his line work scanned and colored through Photoshop.

    Take my new avatar, for instance. It took some time but the result was worth it.

    As the punchline indicates, St. Darin the Fair Good’s work, like the whole concept of “The Last Leaf,” will make you want to heave milk in response.

  19. billytheskink

    bobanero, back in Act II Durwood and Creepy Pete collaborated on a comic called “Sophomoric Sightings” that appeared in the Westview High school newspaper (Pete’s sister Ally, and later, his not-quite squeeze Chien were the editors). I think they shared writing and drawing duties off and on, except for the last half of their senior year where Pete did it solo because Durwood was busy dating Jessica. I’m not really sure how that made him too busy to work on the comic, since it makes the weeks where “Billy Age: 7” takes over drawing Family Circus look good.

    -See and example-

    I really, really hope Les’ graphic novel is drawn like a Sophomoric Sightings comic. That would be tops.

  20. Jim in Wisc.

    Wait a sec!?!? Durwood is still drawing pages for the ridiculous piece of crap? I thought the Glorious Leslie Moore had already sent it to that Chinese sweatshop vanity press? Aw, hell, these asinine stories Batty comes up with a pain in the arsch to follow.


    “Bees!….My God!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    I would love for Linkara to do a Funky Winkerbean strip collection.

  22. The bees, by the way—oh, God! the bees!—change everything. No longer will Les waddle off; now, Les waggles off.

  23. Jimmy

    It looks like the readers here did more research than Batiuk, but I’m still confused by this plot. If people who regular follow FW don’t know what’s going on, how can anyone expect the casual reader to follow?

    RE Les Bees: That’s some MOMA worthy art right there. I mean that.

  24. captaincab

    Shows how horribly inconsistent Batiuk’s drawing is these days that I totally thought Darin was Donna I first looked at panel one.

  25. captaincab

    “….*when* I first looked at panel one.”

    Darn typos.

  26. After looking at the Sophomoric Sightings link, my question still stands – “So, when did Durwood magically become a comic book artist with enough talent to produce a graphic novel?”
    Unless, of course, the entire “Last Leaf” production has the same artistic and literary quality that “Sophomoric Sightings” had, in which case I expect Cayla to run away as fast as she can, and never look back.

  27. Epicus Doomus

    Les told Cayla about his stupid “Leaf” pamphlet back in October and remember, he already had the publishing lined up back then as well. So WTF have they been doing for all this time? Boy Lisa couldn’t get a moment away from the office to finish up his childish doodles? “A few pages”…what an ass.