That’s Note Funny

What are you doing, Harry? Didn’t you retire sometime during Act II? Perhaps Harriet, exhausted by her husband’s ceaseless conjugal demands, has finally kicked him out of the house. Luckily, he keeps a desk in the wing of Westview High that bears his name. Or maybe he just sneaks in and parks his ass at Becky’s desk while she’s one-armedly conducting the band.



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25 responses to “That’s Note Funny

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    Ahahahaha, hahahaha. Batom is so funny.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Let’s say you could kill off any Act III FW character you liked, Les excluded. Who would you choose? Me, I’d go with Dinkle. The endless cackling, the idiotic music-centric puns, the sepia-toned memories of yesteryear, the enormous can-opener-like schnozz…I just can’t stand anything about him. What a senseless waste of a Sunday strip, too, just awful. “NOTE-book” my ass. I know eight year olds who’d be too embarrassed to claim responsibility for a gag that shitty.

  3. Spacemanspiff85

    I have a feeling any actual band director would be too embarrassed to think that was funny. Does Batiuk think if “note book” wasn’t in bold we couldn’t tell it was supposed to be funny? That’s probably true.
    And does Dinkle actually have an office in the school? Did Batiuk forget he’s retired? He remembers to always showcase that stupid pinned-up sleeve, but forgets the basic, easy things.

  4. JerrytheMacGuy

    Rat from Pearls Before Swine really needs to whack Batiuk with a baseball bat.

  5. Is Batiuk stealing punchlines from children’s joke books now?

  6. A HREF

    Yeah I’d say kill Dinkle but Batuik will forget he’s dead just like he forgot he’s deaf. And where is the ghost of Saint Lisa?

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Spacemanspiff85: IMO when he did his stupid Act III time leap he was so consumed with thoughts of Lisa that he failed to realize what the ramifications would be regarding some of his favorite beloved bits, specifically his band and music gags. BanTom loves his goofy marching band gags and his terrible music jokes and puns, yet he replaced Dinkle (a satirical character built entirely around said goofiness) with a dull, miserable and completely humorless one-armed woman with no capacity for goofiness whatsoever.

    So Dinkle, who never really went away, suddenly began appearing more and more, just popping up in Becky’s office like it was always standard operating procedure, like huge gigantic swaths of the strip’s history never even happened. And presto, dopey band gags, terrible music wordplay AND the ability to instantly do retcons of Harry’s glory days. Plus he’s an “adorable old coot” now which makes it all that much more hilarious.

  8. @Epicus – I’d agree, Harry Dinkle needs to die–painfully, I hope. Of all the Tom Batiuk Stand-Ins (again excluding Les) he is easily the most obnoxious.

  9. Spacemanspiff85

    I think there was one storyline about Dinkle retired, and then his wife couldn’t take him being around anymore and pestered Becky into letting him hang around at the school all the time. Which is fine, but when you have strips like this, where the epically underfunded Westview High apparently provides a spacious office for a retired band director, it’s ridiculous.

  10. Howard and Nester

    Hrm. If I could kill off a character that couldn’t be Les… it’d be Corey.

    I hate the saccharine character derailment of the BIG BRAVE MILITARY BOY. I hate how maudlin and pandering the character has become, especially with how big of a dick Corey was before and how he portrayed Wally. I’d love it if Corey was beaten to death with tins of shoe polish placed in socks and the platoon unconvincingly but legally covered it up. Or if Corey was stabbed to death by Rocky’s jealous lover. Or if his jeep flipped while out on patrol and he slowly roasted to death over two days.

  11. Epicus Doomus

    Spacemanspiff85: I mean I suppose it’s not entirely implausible or anything but yeah, one wonders how this perpetually-underfunded (from the faculty perspective at least) school manages to provide digs for someone who doesn’t appear to be educating anyone. I just never cared for his “new” Act III personality at all, with the folksy cackling and the “kindly old coot” demeanor. The old Dinkle never would have stood for Becky’s wishy-washy antics either, I’ll tell you that.

    He’s definitely shoved Becky aside over the last several years, though, as she only appears these days as Dinkle’s sidekick (aka “The Cody Syndrome”). She used to get an arc here and there but not so much anymore. Her mother was totally right about her.

  12. Greetings from Central Northern Jersey, snarkers. Your genial (and presently tipsy) host has finally devised a contest idea to wrap up SoSF’s 5th anniversary! Stay tuned for your chance to win a copy of Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe autographed by Tom Batiuk, or an even less cool 2nd prize!

  13. Nathan Obral

    What has five panels, zero jokes, and ends on a major sour note? Today’s strip.

  14. What really confuses me is that she’s always surprised to see him haunting the place despite his never really having accepted being retired. The old coot simply can’t let go of being band director any more than Batiuk can let go of being a high school student.

  15. …goddamn this is lame. Like, lame on the level of something really horrible and heinous kind of lame. Laaaaaame

  16. Chyron HR

    “What are you doing, Harry?”
    “I hate everything my life has become and desperately want to turn back time.”

  17. Saturnino

    “Yeah I’d say kill Dinkle but Batuik will forget he’s dead just like he forgot he’s deaf.”

    It would just be fodder for more useless arcs ala Dead Lisa.

    Of course instead of VCR tapes to provide life guidance, Dead Dinkle would provide Becky guidance via sheet music notes, or perhaps music that nobody else could hear and that she could decipher.

    Free guidance, or guidance on the arm if you please.

  18. Nathan Obral

    Let’s say you could kill off any Act III FW character you liked, Les excluded. Who would you choose?

    Just ONE character? :/

  19. Becky: Get The Fuck Out!

    Dinkle: Yes, I admit that was a pretty terrible pun.

    Becky: No, seriously. Get The Fuck Out of my office!!

  20. DOlz

    I was reading the Wikipedia entry on FW. We weren’t mentioned in the controversy section, so I added the following entry:

    “The strip has also inspired a blog, [Son of Stuck Funky], which provides a daily commentary.”

    I know TB will sleep easier tonight knowing we’re on the FW Wikipedia page. Seriously TB waste another Sunday strip on a (and I use the term very loosely) gag that would have been a waste of a daily strip and I’ll expand the entry about us. You have been warned!

  21. bayoustu

    Becky appears in 5 panels (Or possibly less- that could very well be Mopey Pete Reichelderfer in panel 3) with 4 different noses. That’s not very economical! Fer cryin’ out loud, Ban Tom®, how hard is to just draw an “L” and be done with it?!

    PS- “Let’s say you could kill off any Act III FW character you liked, Les excluded.” Problem is, I don’t like ANY of these characters!

  22. Nathan Obral

    Stay tuned for your chance to win a copy of Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe” autographed by Tom Batiuk, or an even less cool 2nd prize!

  23. Epicus Doomus

    I’m just waiting for “Lisa’s Story Part II” so I can have both shoes at once. Imagine that, something exists that’s LESS cool than “LS”.

  24. John

    Becky: “What are you doing, Harry?”

    Dinkle: “Oh, just drawing some furry porn.”

    Becky: “Saw that one coming down the hallway all the way from Winni-….WHAT?!?”

    Dinkle: “Furry porn! Turns out there’s a bunch of weirdos online who’ll pay up to half a grand for pictures of cartoon animals doing the nasty!”

    Becky: “….oh my gosh. Suddenly I realize why John hides that note book with the big picture of a smiling skunk on front whenever I’m around!”

    Dinkle: “He’s my most loyal customer! Whenever I need the idea for a new perversion to draw, I just ask him right away what’s the sexiest thing he ever wanted to do to a big-breasted mouse and write notes down in my….NOTE BOOK!”

    Becky: “….*….g-gonna toss my cookies….”

    Dinkle: “Ooooh! Emetophilia! And untapped niche! Thanks, Becky!”

    Becky: *HORK*

  25. Professor Fate

    The only way this strip could have been even close to funny would be if the last panel showed him being tossed out of the office. Or cut to a doctor’s office where we see the doctor asking ‘just how did the baton get there?”
    otherwise no hope.