We need Owen & Cody like a fish needs a bicycle

In today’s strip, 27-year-old high-school juniors Owen and Cody complain about the—fish? Is that wedge-shaped thing fish? Owen says it’s fish, but—I’ve got nothing. Les Jr. Cody disgorges a Bermuda Triangle joke from the 1970s. Heigh-ho.

The good news is, this is a throwaway strip. Tomorrow, things get—oh—never mind that “good news” bit—tomorrow, things get worse, as we embark on a Les/Funky road trip.



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18 responses to “We need Owen & Cody like a fish needs a bicycle

  1. Nathan Obral

    It says a lot when Cody, Owen and Alex – all of which are utter wastes of space – somehow became the lone “young people” left in a comic strip that claims to be “a reality-based comic strip that depicts contemporary issues affecting young adults in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner”.

    What does Batom® see in those losers? And why won’t he either let them graduate, or drop out to “work” for Dead Skunk Head?

  2. Nathan Obral

    Oh, and this “gag” of substandard lunch food (and Cody and Owen’s salty reactions) has been recycled multiple times by Batom®. I have yet to laugh.

  3. bad wolf

    Nathan–that’s maybe the saddest aspect of the current strip to me. He forced through a real-time element that was unnecessary, graduated a bunch of characters he’d spent at least the bare minimum time developing (model sheets! there’s no model sheet for Cody or Owen i guarantee you), found himself with only these 1-dimensional losers, but at this point has gotten so out of touch with high school (i doubt if he still roams the halls looking for “inspiration”) he’s not going to create new ones, and now we’re stuck.

    Stay tuned for the reunion–i’m still betting that he’s stopped the clock at 35th. No future. No Future!

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Uh-oh, I smell a “garbage dump” arc on the horizon. Oh well, it’s not as if the strip is currently featuring around twenty unresolved story arcs or anything, so why not raise the white flag for a few weeks? It’s nice to see Cody getting a speaking line, he even gets to deliver the, uh…”punch line” today no less! Somewhere Boy Lisa is seething with jealousy and wondering how it all went so, so wrong.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    As much as they complain about their school, they’re serving each item of food on a separate plate on top of the tray. None of my schools ever did that.

  6. Nathan Obral


    As much as they complain about their school, they’re serving each item of food on a separate plate on top of the tray. None of my schools ever did that.

    Given Cody and Owen’s history of unfunny, repulsive antics…

    …the cafeteria staff probably treats those two as radioactive waste. Deservedly so.

  7. “What school kids eat for lunch: Westview edition. Looks like a slice of cookie bar…pie. Oh wait, apparently it’s fish. Horribly drawn fish, cut into triangles. And that’s all they get, folks, no lima beans, no milk, and no spork. Next up, we’ll show what they’re feeding kids and belligerent bus drivers over in Centerville.”

  8. I have seen fish fillets in triangular shapes, although they’re usually narrower than whatever that is on Owen’s plate. But it’s not like I expect much effort in “cafeteria food, amirite?” gags, so we’ll let that slide.

  9. The real waste is that I’m starting to think that they won’t be the viewpoint characters in the looming anti-bullying arc. I expect that to be drowning in sepia , having effed-up panel borders like old photos and telling the tragic tale of Les the Punchable.

  10. ComicTrek

    What? Those “school lunch” strips were actually…sort of enjoyable, compared to the last few weeks. 🙂

    Sorry, everybody. The suckiness and boredom of this strip just got waaayyy too bad for me to even bother to comment. You shall not break my will, Tom Batiuk! We know your tricks!

    I guess as long as it’s not Cindy, Pete, Darin, Cayla, frickin’ LES, Harry, Holly, or Linda, and Owen isn’t jabbering on about nonsense, then I’m glad of this change in scenery. But who knows what the rest of the week may bring? (*Dun, dun, dunnnn!*)

  11. Rusty

    Haven’t we already had the anti-bullying story arc? It failed to make an impression if so.

  12. Nathan Obral


    Haven’t we already had the anti-bullying story arc? It failed to make an impression if so.

    It’s hard to tell when said arc took place. Especially when Batom® has been spending most of the time bullying FW’s own readership with his endless fake comic book fantasies.

  13. billytheskink

    Alternative punchlines:

    I wonder where this fish was from.
    Wherever they catch minced fish, I guess.

    I wonder where this fish was from.
    The isoscel-seas.

    I wonder where this fish was from.
    Mary Worth, it looks like…

  14. They could eat worse:

    A social media post surfaced Tuesday showing kids making remarks about their school’s lunch. The pictures showed burned burritos with melted plastic still on the food when kids were served lunch at Philippi Middle School.

  15. bad wolf

    @Rusty–the bullying PRESTIGE(TM) arc should start this fall, with Dimbulb and Chullo as seniors. There was a link to a story around here somewhere. If they’re seniors then Wedgeman would have to be graduating by now, right?

    By the way, Marvel and DC’s tradition of spoiling their own upcoming plot developments by planting a story in the media to spark interest, only to have to wait three months for the issue to come out, has been a continuing source of frustration for comic book shop owners. (“You want the issue with Spider-Man dying? Come back in the fall.”) That Batiuk repeats the error, but compounds it by trolling for interest in stories that won’t come out for a whole year amazes me.

  16. Saturnino

    “when kids were served lunch at Philippi”

    Nothing good ever happens at Philippi.

  17. John

    Owen: “I wonder where these tater tots came from?”

    Cody: “Experiments left by the Greys?”

    Owen: “I wonder where this cherry crisp came from?”

    Cody: “Fruit harvested from the garden of the Beast of Bray Road?”

    Owen: “I wonder where this milk came from?”

    Cody: “La Chupacabra?”

    Owen: “….dude, seriously, what’s up with you today? You need help.”

    Cody: “Hmmph! I knew I should never have confided my Abduction experience with you!”


    Q: “I wonder where this lame strip came from?”

    A: “Straight from Batiuk’s ass?”