Cinco de mayo pizza special overshadowed by band box’s día de muertos

In today’s strip, we learn that Funky’s inept efforts to maintain the band box at Montoni’s have killed it. That’ll put a damper on the Cinco de Mayo festivities surrounding the pizza special advertised in Montoni’s window. You know, Cinco de Mayo, the world’s most pizza-oriented holiday.

My research into the band box a couple years ago revealed that the real band box at Akron’s Luigi’s has similarly deteriorated.

Bonus: See Tom Batiuk’s sole second IMDb role (complete episode): Cardinal Adventures #6: Terror in the Pines. Things to look for:

  • Early on: one of the characters name-drops Les, Cayla, Summer, and Keisha.
  • Mr. Batiuk is one of the better actors in the production
  • Everyone—I mean everyone—including the 19-year-old protagonist, gets their news from newspapers. Printed ones, on actual paper.
  • Whenever you see a newspaper, you see the comics page.
  • Astonishing video-editing.


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25 responses to “Cinco de mayo pizza special overshadowed by band box’s día de muertos

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So what the hell ever happened to that revolving beer sign thing Funky sent out for repairs a few years ago? Resolution, Tom…look into it. The hand-lettered sign tells me it’s Cinco de Mayo in Westview, which means it’s time for the semi-annual band box arc. Some of you may remember the old Act I band box, a sarcastic devil-may-care band box who always had something hilariously observational to say about everyone. Then in Act II it turned out that the band box had an abusive upbringing and behind its quick-witted facade there was a sad, depressed and broken band box that always felt like some unseen force was working against it somehow. Plus there was the band box’s terrible heroin problem as well as the marital problems, dark dark stuff. Then in Act III a kinder, gentler band box was revealed, an older and crankier band box that was always breaking down and falling apart and making wry repetitive self-deprecating remarks about itself.

    Of course, the band box will be best remembered for its role in the super-mega “Lisa Dies” arc, where it was revealed that Lisa was the band box’s original owner but was forced to sell it off when she realized she wouldn’t be able to properly take care of it. Others may recall the Thanksgiving strip where the band box kicked the game-winning field goal in WHS’ first victory in two hundred years. And who could forget the band box’s brief but torrid affair with Susan Smith? The band box figures so prominently in FW’s history that it’s just impossible to imagine the strip without it.

    Let’s all hope that the band box recovers, because if the band box dies off only the green pitcher will remain (unless the beer sign returns, of course). And I just simply don’t want to live in a world where the green pitcher is the only surviving Montoni’s artifact (Funky excluded).

  2. My attention is caught by what appears to be an enormous spider on Funky’s neck in panel two.

  3. I was curious about the “” link on the strip margin, so I went there. You can use your mouse to slide the books left or right. There are only a few images of the books, but if you keep sliding them in either direction, the book images become vanishingly small and you can see titles of other books (no images of the covers, though; presumably they’re long out of print).

    Unlike the comic strip, it was actually kind of fun. Whee!

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    Has the band box ever played? Every time it’s mentioned it’s someone wondering why it’s not working.

  5. I suspect every May 5th, Funky throws the contents of the salad bar on a pizza (the only time the salad bar ever gets used), says it’s “taco pizza,” and calls it good.

  6. Guest Page Turner Author

    I’m still Lewis-and-Claring, trying to figure out why the fish is from the Bermuda Triangle, and why anyone not anywheree near born yet in the 1970s would even make such a reference!

    Then it’s suddenly switched to some sort of OOMPAH band, cuckoo clock, juke box reference and I don’t know what to say!?!

    Is Cindy safely landed in Culver City? Will Pete be able to author the SpongeBob SquarePants movie? Does Les have a grip on how many Montonis pizzas to order for the upcoming reunion?

    This crappy strip is my favorite escape.

  7. Rembrandt36

    It’s another great day of Funky’s fluctuating hairline and weight!

  8. Epicus Doomus

    Coming later this week: The band box saves Barry Balderman after his latest suicide attempt, bursting into the reunion chairman’s office just in time to GET HIM TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!! Barry then develops a crush on the band box, a crush that is finally resolved when a WHS student uploads a video of Barry sexually harassing the band box to Youtube, leading Barry to leave town in shame.

    Then the band box climbs Kilimanjaro and leaves a picture of the revolving beer sign at the summit. Never forget.

  9. billytheskink

    I suspect that the Cinco De Mayo pizza special happens any time Funky notices a nearly-expired jar of Pace in the back of the Montoni’s refrigerator. The Corona and pepperoni is only available on May 5th, though.

  10. Ray

    Oddnoc…nice piece about Luigi’s. I live about 5 minutes from there, and the pizza isn’t all its cracked up to be. And IMHO, better pasta can be found further down Main Street at Spaghetti Warehouse. Luigi’s has survived this far on two things, it’s legacy, and the fact that on the weekends it has really late hours for the bar-goers. There is a great bar next to it called “Jilly’s” which has a vibrant band scene, and Luigi’s makes for the perfect place after last call when you’re trying to close the deal…or so I’ve been told.

  11. And of course, we’re about to be told what a horrible place the world has become because either the beloved gizmo will be impossible to fix because no one makes the parts any longer OR it’s going to be really expensive to fix it. Worse, we’re going on an odyssey that is extended by the punchable one’s refusal to google anything.

  12. @Ray thanks for the local report!

  13. Rusty Shackleford


    Totally true about Luigi’s. It only tastes good because it’s late and all the other restaurants are closed.

    Luigi’s and FW prove that you don’t have to be really good at what you do to make a lot of money!

  14. Nathan Obral

    Funky also seems to have conceded on the ability to properly hang up a sign. You’ll notice that he didn’t tape up the handwritten “Cinco de Mayo Pizza Special” sign in the haphazard, crappy way every other FW character does (with or without two functional arms) but simply propped it up alongside the windowsill.

  15. Nathan Obral

    I visited the adjacent Jilly’s Music Room back in December to see internationally renowned musician Colin John. It is shocking as to how long the line was to get into Luigi’s. It also made it really hard to find a parking space.

    I usually frequent the Akron area as it is (mainly for Saturday morning bicycle riding with the Akron Bike Club) and I may be more apt to try out Swenson’s first.

  16. Rusty Shackleford

    I’m with you Nathan. Another good place is the Akron Office, further up on Main St. They have a nice Sunday brunch too.

  17. Bonus: See Tom Batiuk’s sole IMDb role (complete episode): Cardinal Adventures #6: Terror in the Pines.

    Folks, oddnoc’s not even kidding. I sat through the entire 23 minutes and change. Filmmaking bordering on outsider art. Click here to jump to Batiuk’s appearance at 4:45 in.

  18. Professor Fate

    Do the lights go out every time someone says death? seems an odd touch.


    I’m highly disappointed that Toxic Tacos get’s nary a mention on Cinco De Mayo.

  20. Epicus Doomus

    Coming next week: Joe over at Joe’s Band Box & Revolving Beer Sign Repair suffers a heart attack and dies after Funky (his first customer since the early 1960s) startles him. Funky, in tune with FW’s punny atmosphere, hangs up a cardboard box full of rubber bands and refers to it as his new “band box”. Everyone smirks in disgust.

  21. I’ve updated the post to reflect that Tom Batiuk actually has two IMDB credits, and the linked video is his second appearance.

  22. John

    Harry: “Dammit! Now I’ll never remember the lyrics to ‘Lets’ Talk About Sex’.”

    Funky: “….I never figured you for a Salt-n-Pepa fan.”

    Harry: “Are you kidding? Those are only my fifth and fourth favorite seasonings!”

    Funky: “….LEAVE.”

  23. Nathan Obral

    Apparently “The Cardinal” is a long-running Christian-oriented comic strip (that I never knew about nor heard of until today).

    Which makes it all the more bizarre that the people behind the TV show based on that comic would have someone who is most famous for his obvious agnostic-centered creations as a special guest star… not once… but TWICE.

    Then again, it’s bizarre that Batom® has two acting credits to his name.

  24. Epicus Doomus

    Watching that video was EXACTLY like sitting down and reading nothing but FW for twenty minutes. Jeepers.