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It’s Superband!

It is very true! From akronlife.com:

[Luigi’s Restaurant owner Tony Ciriello] was just a kid in the ‘70s when his uncle Mickey Ciriello rescued the broken-down band from storage…The restaurant’s electrician, Butch Pastik, did the rewiring and a repairman at an old jukebox warehouse in Cleveland got the mechanical parts working again. Then Mickey and some friends began looking for characters to replace the old foam band members – brittle and crumbling from dry rot.

After discovering that Ken dolls and GI Joes didn’t work in the bandbox, Mickey settled on some 8-inch action figure Superman dolls. They were just the right size, and their arms were flexible enough to be posed with the musical instruments. Then he decided to swap out the male lead singer for a more glamorous blond Barbie…Mickey hired a local seamstress to create tuxedos for the band and created mop-top wigs for their heads…

For now, a new Barbie doll has replaced the ‘70s lead singer, but the male band members from the first restoration live on. One has been wearing a Superman suit under his tuxedo for all these years. In the tradition of protecting Clark Kent’s real identity, Tony won’t say which one is the true Man of Steel.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and blessed Easter! TFH



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SosfDavidO here, and Holly isn’t looking so jolly this Christmas season as something related to female human anatomy happens to her in today’s strip that, as a man, I can’t really comment on but it looks terrible.

It seems like an odd choice of topics to deal with when the rest of the Sunday funny pages are probably crowded with New Year’s Eve strips. Batiuk could have probably done a one-panel spread of the Funky crew setting up a balloon drop or something as a way to show most of the crew together again but no, Tombat went with a distressing visual of an older female experiencing hot flashes. Great choice!

In lieu of any well wishing from Funky and Co, here’s wishing everyone a Happy 2017 from the crew of SonofStuckFunky!


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Give Him Props

SosfDavidO here, still stuck in the sweltering hellhole known as Montoni’s Pizza, where even Funky’s sweatstains have sweatstains.

Does anyone remember? Where was Wally living before he decided to jump on the offer to live in the catbox above Montoni’s? Because judging from his more-cheerful-than-usual expression as the prospect it must have been underneath a freeway overpass. Thankfully he’s brought some stand-in cardboard cutouts of veterans in today’s strip to help out, though Tombat seems to be clumsily indicating the one man is in fact a cashier.


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What a Jukeoff

TFH here, starting things off with a hat tip to SoSfDavidO and the rest of the guest author rotation for bringing you the daily snark!

Guest Page Turner Author
June 27, 2015 at 1:50 am
So Funky had the band box repaired…[b]ut he repaired the Bandbox specifically to watch these individuals dance…[i]nstead, they are jamming to the music from the jukebox. Which didn’t need fixing…[a]nd probably worked all along.

I’ll bet Les’ friends cringe anytime he starts a sentence with “I don’t know if you guys know this, but…” With Westview’s cultural totem refurbished and restored to its place of honor, Montoni’s is once again “alive with music”, if not with paying customers. Naturally Les, the walking Wikipedia, cannot resist using the occasion to school his lessers on the history and etymology of the jukebox, and is chastened by Funky—Funky!—for being a buzzkill.


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SoSofDavidO here, hoping from the looks of today’s strip that the Alzheimer’s storyline is kept to Crankshaft and not bleeding over into Westview as Crazy Harry seems to have forgotten his phone. But hey, at least they made it back before things got too crazy with Holly and Darin alone in that sweltering pizza shop.


Meanwhile, Keith Repairguy doesn’t have enough space above his character for a word balloon so we’re left wondering what the hell he’s still doing there. Is Funky supposed to drive him home? Is he waiting for a tip?


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Box of Pain

SosfDavidO here, and Oh boy… it looks like Monday’s Band Box strip wasn’t a one-off, we’re going to be here all week! In today’s strip we’re introduced to the band box repairman, a smirking, middle-aged, overweight bald guy. Great. That won’t be confusing at all to readers, considering that’s half the cast of FW.


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Nick of Time

SoSfDavidO Here, and don’t even try and figure out today’s title, as it’s not punny at all, unlike In today’s strip. It’s the title to a Twilight Zone episode that freaked me out as a kid and I think is fairly appropriate of a comparison to Montoni’s. In it, a young William Shatner is held hostage by the idea he can never leave a little diner because of a tiny mechanical fortune teller that seems to have hold over him.

And here is Darin, almost seemingly stuck in a small diner he can’t escape from either! The mechanical band just seals the deal as far as reminding me of the Twilight Zone episode.

Can anyone ever truly leave Westview?


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