SosfDavidO here, and Holly isn’t looking so jolly this Christmas season as something related to female human anatomy happens to her in today’s strip that, as a man, I can’t really comment on but it looks terrible.

It seems like an odd choice of topics to deal with when the rest of the Sunday funny pages are probably crowded with New Year’s Eve strips. Batiuk could have probably done a one-panel spread of the Funky crew setting up a balloon drop or something as a way to show most of the crew together again but no, Tombat went with a distressing visual of an older female experiencing hot flashes. Great choice!

In lieu of any well wishing from Funky and Co, here’s wishing everyone a Happy 2017 from the crew of SonofStuckFunky!


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18 responses to “Meno-Pause

  1. Gerard Plourde

    Calling hot flashes “power surges” is not new or original. No idea why he’s wasted a Sunday strip on this (other than a lack of ideas).

  2. billytheskink

    I’m rather surprised this isn’t a comic book cover tribute featuring TB’s favorite super hero. I guess the guy is interested in Flashes of all types.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Add “hot flashes” to the long list of topics I wish Batiuk hadn’t written about.

  4. Chyron HR

    Wouldn’t they be called “Hot Starbucks” in the Funkyverse?

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Uh yeah, it’s a bit of a bizarre choice for New Year’s Eve, even by FW standards. It’s almost like he came up one Sunday strip shy of fifty two and dug through the “reject” bin or something. Oh well, here’s to a Funktacular 2017 everyone!

  6. Rusty

    I guess he’s freezing the main characters in their 40’s instead of 50’s unless I’m mistaken.

  7. And here I thought that Lynn Johnston made the biggest mess of the topic.

  8. the Dreamer

    naturally it is holly having hot flashes and not Cindy, who is the same age but drawn younger

  9. Menopause is a subject ripe for humor-hell, there’s an entire musical about it. Given his general treatment of women (especially those “of a certain age”), Batiuk is not the person to capitalize on that potential.

  10. It does seem like he’s used this joke before. It’s particularly lame, and barely merits being used in a daily 3-panel strip, much less a Sunday strip, and especially not the first strip of a new year.

    I’m afraid he’s setting the tone for 2017 with this, and it means we can expect a continued downward spiral from here on out.

    Happy New Year everybody!

  11. Happy New Year to all!

    I assume that Tom Batiuk probably draws a lot of strips that just go into a drawer “in case they’re needed.” (That’s why Les showed up to comment on Funky’s car, despite the fact that he was climbing Kilimanjaro at the time.

    Today’s strip is probably one of those.

  12. @beckoningchasm That’s a fine hypothesis, but I fear that this strip couldn’t possibly be needed. Happy new year!

  13. Epicus Doomus

    BC: “Three hundred sixty-three, three hundred sixty-four…oh dammit. Let’s see…(opens drawer labeled “outtakes”)…no, no, ugh, WTF was I thinking…ahh, here we go, this will do.”

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Well Batty is off to a great start for 2017. It can only get worse from here.


    Hot flashes???!!! Was yeast infection too complex a topic for a Sunday morning strip?

  16. sgtsaunders

    When three panels will do, but hey, we need something for Sunday, so…

  17. Saturnino

    To update info on a previous action packed story:

  18. Hitorque

    1. Why the hell is Cindy immune from hot flashes??

    2. How is Funky still in business when there are never any fucking customers??