When Harry Met Silly

SosfDavidO here, with yet another example of Tombat’s affinity for cinema revivals of films spilling into his characters yet again in today’s strip. I guess Tombat better crank this gag out soon, as a lot of movie theaters are going to systems that allow you to purchase tickets (and pick your seats) ahead of time.

Eh, this is Westview. Harry probably had to throw down a Morgan dollar for two tickets and there’s probably a curtain that has to be drawn before the start of each show.


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18 responses to “When Harry Met Silly

  1. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Of all the movie theaters in all the towns in all the world, this asshole walks into mine.”

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Why is everyone in this strip always so nostalgic over pop culture artifacts from way before they were born? What is with his fascination over old-timey movie houses? Why does BanTom always have to wildly hopscotch from arc to arc like this? Looks like it’s gonna be a long week…and year.

  3. billytheskink

    Is that supposed to be Max Murdoch (Crankshaft’s grandson) in the box office?

    Dude, you own a second-run cinema in a dying rust belt town… Do you really care that Crazy and Donna are two hours early? Does it really matter if Crazy walks in on the middle of the empty 4:45 showing of The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati to get his perfect seat? These people are attempting to pay to see a film in your rat-trap theater. Shut up and take their money.

  4. If it took a week for one man to hand a videotape to another, it’s going to take all of January for Harry to choose his seat. And there’ll probably be a flash-back to what it was like “back in the day” when comic book artists had to choose a seat in a theatre.

  5. ComicTrek

    That last line is basically our thoughts in a nutshell!

  6. Well, we finally know what he means by young adult: himself. Sooner or later, the monomaniac in all cartoonists goes on a boring rampage that drives away readers.

  7. Chyron HR

    Buying a ticket to something in advance? Neuroatypical Harry, you so crazy!

    ME: I’d like a first class ticket to Las Vegas in the morning on April 30, 2017 with a return trip in the afternoon on May 3.
    EXPEDIA: Foolish human that is not for four months. Ha ha ha.

  8. Rusty Shackleford


    I don’t mind the nostalgia so much, it’s just that he never does anything interesting with the story. Then he claims that his strip deals with contemporary issues, which it never does.

  9. Gerard Plourde

    So is this week’s strip about Crazy Harry’s Obssessive Compulsive Disorder? This strip is beginning to look like a tour of the DSM-V.

  10. The Merry Pookster

    Harry might be buying a ticket 2 hours before showtime…. but the ticket guy is sitting in the booth 2 hours before showtime so they are both Bozo’s

  11. I wouldn’t think Crazy Harry would be the type to go for classic cinema, but hey, we needed an “obsessed fanboy” character and he eas the only one available.

  12. Jimmy

    The projecttor is connected to one of those huge 1970s VCRs. I can’t wait until they see the “TCM” logo in the screen corner.

  13. Rusty

    If anyone cared about the personal interests and hobbies of a 68 year-old man from Medina, Ohio, his strip seems to chronicle all of them. I’m really surprised we haven’t had a story arc about the time the water pump in his Ford Taurus needed replacing and he had to drive a loaner car for a day.

  14. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    At first, I was ready to get on the phone with Funky to tell him Beardboy was taking his fat blonde wife Holleeee to a movie. Then I realized, oh, ALL 50-something women in this comic strip are fat blondes. Except for Cyndi, who still looks 20 anyway.

    So here’s this run down movie theater, where they’re lucky to sell ANY tickets at all, and Ticket Window Boy is basically telling a customer that he shouldn’t be buying a ticket right now. Makes sense.

    I think I’ll give Batty a pass on this one. If I lived in my Mom’s attic, and spent all day reading Komix, I also wouldn’t know that some people buy tickets, go away and do something else, then come back for the show.

    I won’t even take into account that the reason for the early purchase was so Beardo can obsess over his seat choice because, frankly, I don’t care. Still, we’ll probably get 3 or 4 days of Hairdye McGraybeard bloviating about how to properly select a seat in a beat up old movie house. I still won’t care.

  15. Charles

    Why is everyone in this strip always so nostalgic over pop culture artifacts from way before they were born?

    Bad writing, really! It’s one of the hallmarks of a bad story that all of the characters are interested in the same things in exactly the same fashion. He attempts to change it up a little by Funky occasionally having contempt for comic books, but Funky always comes back to the fold. Everyone always feels the same way about everything. There’s no one who refuses to go to the damn concert at the gazebo because it’s boring and crappy. There’s no one who has unbridled contempt for Crazy because he behaves like a 9 year-old boy; they all find him charming. And the women! He could substitute any of them for Donna here and it’d be the same script.


    Jeez, even Travis Bickle wouldn’t take a date to this theater.

  17. Hitorque

    Secure his favorite seat?? Like “Casablanca” on a weeknight is going to be standing room only or something…

    Please don’t tell me his wife is going to dutifully sit in a dark, empty movie theater for two hours while hubby drones on and on about the old days… Who am I kidding? She’s a Funkyverse Stepford wife, so of course she’ll put up with it! And this is probably their anniversary, based on their attire, too…

  18. Jimmy

    I got a look ahead.

    Tuesday: Harry picks his popcorn and cookies.
    Wednesday: Harry chooses his Ovaltine flavor.
    Thursday: Harry opens the theater door.
    Friday: Harry chooses his seat.
    Saturday: Movie is cancelled for lack of interest.
    Sunday: Starbuck Jones!

    Where is Holly this whole time? Silly female, who cares?